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UK Forum Rules

Talk Wrestling Online will host a forum for any UK wrestling promotion that:

  • Is at least 1 year old.
  • Has a working and complete website.
  • Has done at least 3 shows in the last 6 months
  • Has a good reputation.

Having a forum hosted with Talk Wrestling Online we would expect it to be moderated by members appointed by the promotion. They must ensure that the posts/threads within the forum do not break any of Talk Wrestling Onlines Forum Rules or Policies and will be held responsible for the conduct and content within.

Gimmick Posting

We request promoters to encourage their wrestlers to refrain from gimmick posting (posting in wrestling character) as this can lead to a bad impression of UK wrestling to any fans reading the posts.

Talk Wrestling Online is all about promoting the UK Scene and feel that gimmick posting borders on spam. Talk Wrestling online should always be considered as FAN forums, wrestler forums should be private, so people don't see the in-fighting etc.

If you wish to have a wrestler only or private forum, please arrange one elsewhere.


Talk Wrestling Online reserves the right to remove forums without notice, however, as courtesy we will try to allow a goodwill period to allow you to transfer over to other forums if your forum is removed.

Talk Wrestling Online will automatically remove any forum involved in any promotion power struggles. We are here to help you promote yourself to the UK wrestling fans, NOT to get involved in any disputes within the company.

The UK Scene Team


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