Building an Online Wrestling Community

Talk Wrestling Online Timeline

2000 - 2001

Kam's logo designing skills are pushed to their limit

June 24th 2000 - Our beloved leader Kam gets bored one day... decides he likes to TALK about WRESTLING while he’s ONLINE.

June 25th 2000 - With an amazing foresight, he starts a website and calls it (TWO). Obviously too cheap to buy a .com address...

December 2000 - starts linking to the chatrooms. Chatrooms suffer an influx of Tommy Dreamer obsessed fools and drunken wife stealers as a result.

January 2001 - Kam decides is drab as it is. He splashes out on and decides on a stunning new colour scheme that is so radical it confuses many regular readers - black, white and grey.

March 2001 - The legendary Wrestlemania 17 chat and nearly 60 people join in. The free punch and pie still hasn’t materialised.

May 2001 - Kam takes a brainwave and decides to start the Fantasy Wrestling League. Like so many of Kam’s wonderful ideas, it takes off in a big way. Also, like so many of Kam's ideas, he stole it from someone else, namely Verby & KJ...

June 2001 - The TWO forums play host to the TWO Superstars e-fed, Skullmonkey, HBK, KJ and Latino Reheat take charge of this endeavour. Despite this, it lasts 2 months longer than many people predict.

June 24th 2001 - Silvervision take pity and supply 20 prizes for the King of the Ring PPV chat. After Kam takes his cut, we believe that one person did actually win a video, but this hasn’t been confirmed at the time of writing.

2001 - 2002

The TWO logo : The Goth years

August 2001 - The TWO Superstars experiment is over. HBK retreats to the country, never to be seen again: Skullmonkey becomes bitter beyond belief - Kam makes him a mod: KJ remains unaffected: Latino Reheat? Whatever happened to him?

October 2001 - Kam redesigns TWO again. One day, he hopes to get it right.

February 2002 - The TWO newsletter launches - hailed as a masterpiece by everyone who read it - Kam still speaks highly of it to this day.

June 25th 2002 - Happy Birthday to TWO - 2 years old... the saga continues

2002 - 2003

Kam re-discovers "blue" on MS Paint

July 2002 - Kam and Ross launch TWO Radio, a show that was so popular, so ground breaking, and just so damn entertaining... that it was a one off. KJ and Latino Reheat, despite having been involved with the first run of TWO Superstars, relaunch it. Pabster joins in for Version 2.0 of everyone's favourite game. We believe some people did actually play it, too.

August 2002 - TWO Superstars Status : WWE level. The TWO forums enter a brave new world as Pabster and SabbaWabbaChumbaWumbaSimba are appointed as moderators. It's a brave new world as the forum members have to be brave with those two on the prowl...

September 2002 - TWO Superstars Status: NWA-TNA level. The TWO Chatroom welcomes its newest moderators Hosgood and Simon with a warm embrace. Some people actually let go of their throats, too. The TWO forums undergo more changes as the UK; US; International; Video Games; Music; Movies & TV and Other Sports forums become self governing, under their new leaders.

Video Games immediately declared war on the US Scene forum, and many lives were lost before the Music forum intervened and thrashed out a peace deal. In other news, Chris2k starts the now infamous PPV Prediction League, despite his name being 2 years out of date. It is, and remains, a success.

October 2002 - TWO Superstars Status: WCW Level. 'Nuff said.

November 2002 - A Survivor Series Team Quiz instigated in the chatrooms, with over 30 people all arguing... erm, sorry, participating at one time.

December 2002 - Millions... maybe thousands... OK, hundreds... well, at least 27 people vote in the TWO Forum Awards 2002: highlights are Russ claiming the funniest member award with his repertoire of cunning MSN names; Draven perfecting techniques that would serve him well later with his Signature of the Year; and KJ going into the hall of fame - we told him there was free beer in there, and he went quite happily...

January 2003 - Kam convinces the Human Supping Machine to put down the bottle long enough to take over the TWO newsletter. The Crippler falls from his lofty position as Forum Member of the Year by accepting a spot as a Forum Moderator. The TWO Chatrooms receive an upgrade - the whine filter still fails to work, however. In the meantime, the TWO Wrestling Awards for 2002 are declared - despite SabbaChumbaWumba's attempts at fiddling the vote, Big Show fails to win Best Wrestler of the Year...

February 2003 - Husim's reign as Newsletter Editor ends in the same amount of time it took him type out the first edition, as he retires to further his hobby of collecting empty beer bottles - he insists on emptying them personally, for authenticity. Draven steps into Husim's shoes, as Newsletter Editor. The first thing he does is check his feet for verukas…

April 2003 - The Fantasy Wrestling League returns for a 7th season - this time, Kam has it automated. Suspicion surrounds TWO, as rumours fly that Kam may actually be automated as well. That rumour is dispelled by the fact that automation means that the newsboards would actually be up to date...

May 2003 - The TWO Forum Hall of Fame is created where all the best forum threads are kept. Chrisfrombirtley and Skullmonkey manage to sneak in regardless...

June 2003 - TWO hits the big three years old - Kam finally remembers the right date that TWO was launched, and all is right with the world once more. Kam marks the big day by announcing that big changes are afoot for TWO in the future. Rumours sweep the forum that Kam may actually be coming off the Prozac, but they are yet to be confirmed to this day.

2003 - 2004

The TWO logo... does exactly what it says on the tin

July 2003 - TWO names a Community Rep to help break people into the lovely world of TWO by being happy and positive – Pabster is nominated despite his dour reputation as the world’s most negative man ;)

On another forum related note, The Cool Off Period is introduced, or as it’s known around TWO, The Remlap Rule.

Hall-of-Famer KJ signs up with SabbaWabbaChumbaWumbaSimba as the Other Sports forum leader

August 2003 - Peter K replaces Chris2k as the forum leader for the Product and Rating Zone. Yes, folks, this was a slow news month.

September 2003 - Kam finally relents and allows TWO workers (and Colin) to enter site competitions. He never said that they were allowed to win, however…

October 2003 – You thought the brand split in the WWE was chaotic! TWO underwent The Big Split this month:

Talk Wrestling Online – Chatrooms, forums, and games are kept in one handy place, allowing Kam to return to Kam’s original vision of Talk Wrestling Online
Wrestling101 - All the content you know and love (and the Video Game section) goes here.
Wrestling Directory - Got a link? It’s probably here! Yes, it’s still online too! Go check it out!

November 2003 – Future Championship Wrestling host their official forum as a sub-forum in TWO’s UK Scene forum. Despite the strange odour emanating from the Staff forums, they seem quite happy to stay with us.

Kam goes on a Ribena induced membership cull, deleting over SIX HUNDRED (mostly) inactive accounts. Despite a multitude of pleas, Inno and Verb survive. The legend that is Ssur does not.

Husim steps down from his lofty post as Quizmaster. Chris2k continues his quest to hold every job on TWO by stepping up to the plate.

December 2003 The famous TWO Fantasy Wrestling League enters its 9th season, with Kam finally admitting to staff members that he now understands the rules.

Somehow, Russ is revealed as the Winner of the TWO Quiz League for 2003. Russ managed to win this without resorting to bribery and/or cheating. Allegedly.

The TWO Forum is bombarded by users from all over the Internet; all intent on spamming their way to 100 posts… why? Because for the first time, users can upload their own avatars! Draven has been in overdrive preparing a fresh set of avatars; only to discover this development… it probably explains why he looks so depressed in his picture on the forum.

January 2004 The TWO Awards (yet to be awarded a snazzy name like The Emmys or the Grammys – I suggested the Trannys, but was shot down) are announced for the second year – The Crippler retains his Best Forum Member award, and Russ retains his Funniest Member award.

Dan joins KJ in the Hall Of Fame, and KJ is overjoyed to finally have some company after being locked away on his own all this time. You can check out the full list of winners right here.

Also, the TWO/Wrestling101 awards for actual, proper wrestlers are announced. Kurt Angle picks up the Best Wrestler award, while Triple H walks away with the slightly less prestigious ‘Get Off My TV’ Award. Full winners are, of course, right here.

Weekly chats are announced – 9pm every week in the chat room (where else?) is the place to be to catch up with all the forum favourites…

March 2004
Wrestling Directory gets a snazzy new look, ditching the Wrestling101 co-design. Someone actually notices this too!

The forums undergo a face lift – vBulletin v2.9-ah is ditched in favour of the all singing, all dancing vBulletin v3.0 system – forum promotions and reputations all come into play now. It’s believed Jackbibby curses the day forum reputation was added…

Draven’s workload finally catches up with him, as he releases his final newsletter with the WrestleMania XX special edition. Waiting in the wings to stab him in the back... erm… take over in a bloodless coup, is... wait for it… Pabster!

May 2004 – The Music forum receives new Forum Leaders – Nicole and MillionLiraMan get the slots, and immediately promise to post only in rhyme. Not really, but wouldn’t it be COOL??? ; Meteora and Walshy step in as Movies and TV forum leaders… finally, they have an excuse to be couch potatoes! I salute you! ; AlanJP joins KJ as the Other Sports Forum leader, just in time to help with the inevitable battles that will be caused by Euro2004…

FWL returns for Season 10 – with new features like usergroups, and the ability to change your picks, it promises to be the most confusing yet!

Colin finally gets a job he might be able to keep, as he shares Quizmaster duties with Chris2k. Russ chuckles at the thought of Chris having to deal with Colin’s legendary deadline keeping ability…

June 2004 – TWO turns FOUR and loses a long standing feature – The Live Wire column ceases to be, after starting on TWO over 2 years ago. Despite showing early promise - well, most of it was spellchecked – lots of people came to know it as “That Column That Is Always There”. TWO’s sandwich quota drops as a result.

2004 - 2005

Its STILL the same!


Late June 2004 - In one of the least surprising events of TWO’s existence, Evil Gringo is promoted to forum leader of the International/MMA Forum. The community’s usual gambling crew of HSM, Devilish Angel and Colin make a killing at the bookies.

July 2004 - The forums get a makeover as new avatars are introduced. The celebration lasts for around three or four days before the majority of members switch to using their custom avatar, leaving the default selection for new members. And even they’ll ditch them after a few weeks.

August 2004 - Never underestimate the sexual magnetism of being in power at TWO. Just days after Cactus Jack is promoted to US Scene Forum Leader, he succumbs to the charms of a young lady, and doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to the forums. With this knowledge in mind, GENE is busy writing a proposal as to why he should be made a moderator.

August also sees 600 inactive forum accounts deleted. There is no proof that E2K was responsible for setting up at least 400 of these accounts, but people still have their doubts, even to this day.

September 2004 - FWL enters it’s 11th season, and this time the gimmick is…there is no gimmick. It’s back to the basics for the Fantasy Wrestling League, as the format remains unchanged. Verb puts motions into place that will see his lawsuit against Kam for stealing his idea take place next year. Sky One have exclusive rights to broadcasting reconstructions every night. The role of Verb will be played by Beetroot.

The TWO members also voted in September to rid the forums of negative rep points. This is a move that people would live to regret when they would be introduced to wwe4eva in a few short months.

October 2004 - TWO enters the fashion market, as the first Talk Wrestling Online T shirts go on sale. With threats to send Chris2K round to sort out anyone who doesn’t buy a shirt, most of the stock flies off of the proverbial shelves. Unfortunately, people who bought shirts weren’t made aware of the fact that Kam has placed tracking devices on each one. TWO’s server is reprogrammed to watch what Alan gets up to in the bathroom.

November 2004 - Martin is announced as the TWO Quiz League Winner for 2004. He joins former quiz champions like Russ and Chris2K in having fingers so fast, they could type a MillionLiraMan sized post in about 32 seconds. They apparently know stuff about wrestling too, although TsuMirren still claims they all have an answer sheet.

November is also a sad month as we see Pabster step down from his role as newsletter editor. Pab’s rule was arguably the best that the newsletter has ever been, and he put in a great deal of effort at a tough, thankless task. He retires with a £3m golden handshake and a fancy watch.

Hearing of the perks available to them when it’s their turn to leave, Chris2K and Darkstar take over the running of the newsletter. The pair managed to carry on the high quality output of TWO’s Newsletter, and not even the hiring of Chris Clarke can put a damper on things. They’ve managed to carry on Pabster’s legacy, and in the words of Mr Clarke, they haven’t needed to slime the win. Well done, chaps.

December 2004 - TWO Radio returns, with new hosts Colin and Draven. Fun ensues at TWO, as people enjoy playing “Who Does Colin/Draven Sound Like?”. The most common answers are Dominik Diamond and McKenzie Crook. Simon also joins in on the radio show from time to time, and always entertains us with a 25 minute rant or horrible Kurt Angle impressions. The show is a hit with everyone, and the professional approach of the show leaves us all demanding more. The Dead Air song is rumoured to be 2006’s Crazy Frog.

January 2005 - The TWOsies are handed out at the end of year TWO Community Awards. Many claim a fix as Crippler and Russ walk away with Member Of The Year and Funniest Member Of The Year respectively, for the third year in a row. As with Brazil and the Jules Reme World Cup, both members are allowed to keep their TWOsies after their third win. Chris2K also walks away with gold as his picks up Forum Leader Of The Year.

The TWO Hall Of Fame also welcomes a new member in the shape of Pabster, who joins KJ and Dan. Pabster was a last minute replacement (Pete Rose pulled out at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts) but there weren’t many complaints when our Community Rep scooped the elusive spot.

The TWO WWE Awards also take place, with some bizarre choices. Gene Snitsky wins the Get Off My TV Award, while Lita takes first place in Diva Of The Year. However, Snitsky does save face by coming 3rd in Hero Of The Year. The suggested tagline of “TWO- We Love Babykillers” is rejected on grounds of moral issues.

Cactus Jack’s short stint as US Scene Forum Leader ends, and Darkstar takes over. The alliance of Chris2K and Darkstar threatens to take over TWO, and chances are that they’ll be writing this timeline in a year from now.

There’s also a message sent to members that moderators will be enforcing rules stricter than ever in order to ensure that the forums remain in top condition. Rumours circulate that the new punishment for breaking rules will see the offender covered in perfume then locked in a cage with wwe4eva.

February 2005 - Another forum cull takes place, with more than 1000 inactive accounts deleted. I already did the E2K joke, so replace his name with Greenberg and use it again or something.

February also saw the TWO Subscriber Scheme launched. For only £8 per year, you can gain access to a plethora of new features, privileges and have your name in green. TWO cannot guarantee that your money won’t be used to fund the purchase of nuclear weapons, with the intent of conquering the world in the name of Kam.

TWO Superstars Status: ECW Level. It’s back from the dead! It’s back and it’s better than ever. Amazing, considering Darkstar is in charge!

March 2005 - FWL is back for a 12th season, and this time it’s all change. You pick two teams, one Raw, one Smackdown!, and hope that your picks rack up the most points. In the Verb Vs TWO trial over who owns FWL, Kam was cleared of all charges and some crazy woman released doves outside of the courthouse.

April 2005 - Wrestlemania Chat takes place at TWO, as we hoped to break the all time record for people in the chatroom from Wrestlemania XVII. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to be at a TWO Meet Up at Darkstar’s house. Apparently, people got drunk and watched Wrestlemania 21. Doesn’t that sum up what TWO is all about? Good friends, great wrestling, terrible hangovers.

May 2005 - Russ is appointed the new chatroom admin, and his first move is to put motions in place to turn all the avatars into pictures of D-Lo Brown. Well, actually, his first move was to sign the paperwork confirming Ssur’s 3000% wage increase.

Russ then went on to hire AC and Miss T as chatroom moderators. One choice wasn’t surprising, as people knew of the long time sexual attraction shared between Russ and his new mod. However, eyebrows were raised when Miss T was given a similar role.

June 2005 - The month kicked off with Pabster stepping down as forum admin. This timeline has brown nosed to Pab far too many times already, so let’s just say that he sucked and was terrible at his job, stealing office supplies and…No, it’s no good, I can’t lie, he’s a saint. Long time mod/columnist/monkey lover Inno also departed from the site in June, to add to the woe.

2005 - 2006

Hanging on at the top longer than Ric Flair


All due respect to Russ for doing the timeline in my self imposed absence, but look kids – the original is back in town! It’s just like Roseanne and the whole replacement Becky deal… but I’ve said too much already.

July 2005 - If Inno wasn’t back from his hiatus already, he was by now. Why he left? The staff speculates that he forgot his password…

In his absence, he missed Kam losing his mind totally, and making Russ a forum admin, along with his level headed sidekick DraVen (capital V, mind) to calm down the inevitable chaos that would unfold; chaos such as Clarkey, Naitch and TGO being made chatroom mods, obviously in one of Russ’ 29p can-of-Pepsi sugar rushes. Chris2k was also promoted to senior moderator, and has steadfastly remained there ever since.

Forum changes: Kam attacked the forum with the vigour of a tabloid newspaper going after disgraced C-list celebrity – The Humour forum was made into nothing more than a sub-forum of General Chat; Music and TV were combined to become the Entertainment forum. Sadly, the Trading forum dies in the crossfire, and was mourned for all of 15.6 seconds.

August 2005 - Chris2K, Colin and DraVen (Capital V, mind) bring back the (in)famous TWO Radio gig. Chris Moyles wets himself. I don’t know if that’s related or not, but the thought of it just makes me laugh. TWO is stunned by the fact that Inno hasn’t left again already.

September 2005 - Kam builds the TWO Gallery for those ever-so-funky subscriber types to display their photos to the world. The world still waits for Kam to prove he isn’t a robot by posting his own picture.

Colin continues his aim to have done every job available on TWO at least twice by returning to the Video Games Forum leadership role, while Mr. Fill joins DarkStar and Chris2K as US Scene leader – people that watch WWE and use mobile phones suffer a mysterious stabbing pain in their hands as a result. Rumours of Mr. Fill and a voodoo doll have so far proved unfounded…

Posting times and dates confirm the unthinkable – Inno is still here.

October 2005 - Kam continues to splash out the cash from the Subscriber racket and upgrades the forums to vBulletinv3.0. For the peeps that don’t understand technical talk – “Kam makes the forums look nice and shiny.” Inno likes the shiny buttons, and doesn’t leave for another month.

November 2005 - The Crippler steps down as senior moderator. He does remain, to this day, a valued poster on the boards. Mr. Fill and DarkStar are appointed in his place, alongside the ubiquitous Chris2K as senior moderators. Having DarkStar in charge of anything with sharp corners or moving parts is obviously dangerous, but Mr. Fill is there to watch out for him, so that’s OK.

Wrestling101 is on the receiving end of an incredibly HUGE and TIME CONSUMING revamp; it took Kam MONTHS and MONTHS of work and LOOKS AWESOME yet still homely. Yes, Kam wanted me to emphasize it took MONTHS and MONTHS...the design took a week, spelling NEW took him 3 months.

Inno hasn’t left once since his return by this time, amazingly.

December 2005 - The Newsletter Editor revolving door is established, as DarkStar steps down, and Christof steps into his shoes, thoroughly fumigating them first, natch.

Kam announces the TWO Community Awards for the year. Russ shares HIS funniest member award with Wyndorf; leaving them both chuckling about how funny their members are. Inno is nominated into the TWO Hall of Fame, and as a result, doesn’t leave this month either.

Elsewhere, the Awards thread descends into cheap gags, sarcastic remarks, and pointless squabbling… a classic TWO moment, in other words

January 2006 - Kam kills off the FWL officially. It hadn’t been seen since July 2005, but some still held out hope of it returning. Even now, some people say that the FWL works in their local fast food establishment, looking like it’s trying to hide…

The winners of the TWO / W101 Wrestling Awards are announced. 144 people vote, a TWO record. TWO proves itself ahead of the curve by voting John Cena as the worst wrestler of the year. Inno approves of the awards so much that he doesn’t leave for another month.

TWO’s popularity means that it has to be moved to a new (more expensive) server to cure the recent problems with performance and speed. Of course, limiting Mr. Fill to 100 posts per day would have been cheaper.

Colin and DraVen (Capital V, mind) launch a radio show about wrestling, cunningly entitled WrestlingRadio.

February 2006 - Kam’s retirement fund… umm, sorry – the TWO Subscriber Scheme reaches it’s first birthday, with 52 people all signing up in it’s first year, most of them just to spam the Champagne Room seemingly. Inno’s paid his money for another year, and so is too cheap to leave.

April 2006 - The cunningly entitled WrestlingRadio show finds a new home on the even more cunningly entitled WrestlingRadioNetwork - although it loses its name in the process, and becomes the Voice of Wrestling: UK.

May 2006 - Kam increases the Private Message limit for the puny non-Subscribers; New members now get 10; Registered users get 20, and those lucky Registered* users now have 40! Of course, if you want 250, all you need to do is SUBSCRIBE!!!

Christof’s however many months in charge of the Newsletter come to an end, ironically just as he’s putting out his first on time newsletter. His reign of terror is ended by the appointment of Ray as the NEW Newsletter editor. The newsletter shifts to fortnightly editions, rather than weekly.

Kam has a reshuffle of the forum leaders once more: The Wolverine settles into the Other Sports alongside KJ; and the Entertainment Forum is rocked to its very foundations (literally) as Inno moves into the office, working with Feenix. Feenix instantly complains that the donut supply in the office needs to be increased. Inno enjoys donuts, and so does not leave TWO. Yet.

June 2006 - Given that Inno hasn't quit yet, DraVen (Capital V, mind) decides that someone has to do it, and takes the step himself, resigning all of his Admin duties on TWO, not before leaving in fine TWO style with a leaving thread. Amazingly for TWO though, it's not filled with flaming and/or people lining up to say they never liked him anyway... says it all about how highly he was thought of, don't you think?

2006 - 2007

We have a stunning new logo… HA! Fooled ya!


July 2006 – Evil Gringo has been promoted to Senior Moderator alongside Chris2K, MrFill and Darkstar. The knee pads GA bought him for Christmas have in effect paid for themselves already!

KamBot Industries latest money making scheme.. .erm… member benefits plan is launched as a new subscribers group is added, meaning for the tiny, one off yearly sum of just £16, you too can have your name in Red when you go in the Chat Room! Incidentally, Kam also used this opportunity to upgrade to the latest Version 5 software. Wonder who’s paying for that, eh?

August 2006 – Kam upgrades the forum to version 3.5, offering many new features such as Multi Quote. Sadly no option to make Ray’s posts any more sensible.

The US Scene has new appointments - two good mods in Telf and Sav. Kurtmark also gets a job. Just kidding, Kurtmark!

September 2006 – The Infraction system is implemented, or the “Darkstar’s Evil Equaliser” button as it’s known in TWO circles…

October 2006 - Nothing of note happens anywhere in the world. A small butterfly flaps its wings somewhere off the coast of Tokyo… and nothing happens. There’s that theory gone then.

November 2006 – MrFill steps down as senior mod and practically rides off into the sunset. People that use Txt Talk breathe a collective sigh of relief.

December 2006 - Nothing of note, bar a fat man bringing everyone presents. Inno seems especially poor this month…

January 2007 – The TWO Wrestling Awards set records with over 200 votes: Winners here.

Two Community Awards also announced, winners here.

Russ is appointed to the hall of fame, despite his long, long absence from the site. He still hasn’t picked up his award, and he never writes or calls…

In other winning news:

Sav lies, cheats and steals his way to the Quiz League championship

The Wolverine, no doubt aided by steroids, retains his position as the WWE Prediction league Champion, and promptly doubles up by becoming the first ever TNA Prediction league Champion by predicting Jeff Jarrett to win every match ever.

Telf makes some kind of history by winning the WWE Fantasy - Talk Wrestling Online League for the 3rd time in a row! Clearly, some cheating or extreme jamminess is going on here.

The Chatroom upgrade is completed, and it looks like it’s idiot proof as Colin is appointed new Chatroom úber-supremo.

February 2007 – Colin appoints Sav and Ahsatan as new chatroom mods… beauty and the beast… course if anyone else calls Ahsatan a beast, Wyndorf will hit them.

Talk Wrestling Online, Wrestling 101 and Wrestling Directory moves to a new home on a dedicated server as the old one smelled of pee. Antihero, we’re looking at you, sir.

March 2007 – KJ finally gets fed up of Wolverine winning everything and quits in disgust to allow Moobs to take over as Other Sports Forum Leader.

Kam takes a break to go to hospital (Ray’s constant yapping force him to have an ear transplant, or so I heard) and the chatroom gets hacked in his absence. Coincidence? You decide. The thread with details is here.

April 2007 – Wrestling Directory gets a revamp, and a redesign. Must have been raining one Sunday…

Kam launches the Tag system – each thread can be assigned a keyword and then linked to other relevant threads. Sadly this means all pictures of cables that Christof has posted can now be found much quicker.

May 2007 – The much missed FWL makes a comeback. The WWE scrap their own Fantasy League as they can’t compete with us. What? That’s exactly the order that it happened in!

Kam adds blogs to Wrestling 101. Soon he’ll be listening to My Chemcial Romance and posting pics of himself on MySpace from a wacky angle…

June 2007 - Clarkey gets the nod to join Colin in the Video Games Forum Leader chair. Not much room on the chair admittedly, but it is at least… a chair.

The new Fight Forum gets a New Forum Leader – and it’s Jack. He apparently won a square go between three other people. Last man standing wins!

Good2Go changes his name and is instantly rewarded with Kurtmark’s US Scene Forum Leader’s job. It’s a fair decision all round as nobody ever liked that name. What did you think I was gonna say?

vBookie is installed on the site for members to place bets on events or Outcomes that are set by Senior Mods and Forum Leaders. As if King and Inno needed any more prompting to go gambling.


2007 - 2008

Updated, blue and shiny! Like a giant smurf with bling!


JULY 2007 - Ray's reign of terror... erm, sorry, glorious era as Newsletter editor is over as he steps down. His comfy leather executive chair is inherited by the buttocks of OMAR DAYS. His first task is remove all the hair products and straighteners from the desk.

AUGUST 2007- OCTOBER 2007 - Not much happens in the world. All is quiet in TWO Land. Boy, what peeps would give for that over the next few months!

NOVEMBER 2007 - Kam's Fantasy Wrestling League is back! Now that the WWE have stopped using their stolen idea, Kam is once again free to inflict his own brand of fantasy (not involving Jeff Hardy, well not in that way, anyway) upon the TWO members. ScottyCUBED becomes the new king of Fantasy!

JANUARY 2008 - Kam announces the winners of the Community Awards for 2007 - M1TCH3LL was finally inducted into the Hall Of Fame and was thus allowed all the benefits that this honour bestows. That's right - 3 day old donuts and stale coffee by the ton!

In other news, Max guesses his way to the 2007 Quiz League title, Slim Jim uses his crystal ball the best to win the WWE Prediction League and OMAR DAYS uses a slightly smaller, out of focus crystal ball to win the TNA Prediction League. Didn't everything in TNA already happen in WWE or WCW already though?

As news of Max's shock win reverberates round the TWO forums, Devilish Angel is so shocked, she has to give up her Quizmaster duties. SuperKick Kid steps into those shoes. Not the first time he's worn women's shoes, allegedly...

And a sad day in TWO history... Alphonse, Inno's tame 2 time award winning gopher, loved by all, retires for good. He left behind perhaps the most ridiculous video in history.

FEBRUARY 2008 - Colin and Chris2k both step down from their many, many, many positions, citing real life business as the reason. As if Colin has a real life - HA!

To fill the void of two people, Saz is promoted to Senior Moderator. At that time, Saz would have easily filled the void of 2 people, but did you know he's lost weight?

After shenanigans galore, Wolverine and Moobs leave their jobs in the Other Sports forum. Hardcore Holly and King take over, lending their vast expertise to the forum. Drinking and gambling is a sport now?

MARCH 2008 - The tainted chair of Newsletter Editor is vacated once more. OMAR DAYS becomes the latest escapee and steps down, his replacement as yet unknown...

APRIL 2008 - After 4 years worth of sitting around doing nothing, the logo is finally updated to look more modern and useful. Rumour sweeps the forum that the same process will be used on Darkstar...

On the same day as WrestleMania, TWO gets a major revamp! Kam didn't like the idea of that big wrestling show getting all the buzz, and tried to steal him some thunder! All avatars are deleted, and fresh new ones added. The same couldn't be said of the members - they stayed the same as ever.

Clarkey steps into the office of Newsletter Editor. Speculation mounts that he had already quit on the way into the room, but his first newsletter hits on time with no hitches.

SuperKick Kid, Cathal, Sparrow and Nimf all put their endless chatting to use at last as they are appointed as new Chatroom Mods.

MAY 2008 - Kam freaks out and adds more new avatars! New additions include sets devoted to caricatures, the 80s and RIP. Beltmark is over the moon as the decade he lives in is finally represented! Inno wonders how avatars can rip...

JUNE 2008 - Kam upgrades the forums to version 3.7 - stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Matt Hardy V1.0 - HA! Honestly, Kam's work is never done, the rumours about him being a robot of some kind MUST be true!

The stress of the Newsletter claims another victim as Clarkey step down from all his duties - I swear that chair is cursed. It's like it was built by the Von Erichs or something...


2008 - 2009

Changes less than Darkstar’s underwear


JULY 2008 - Kam finally reveals his secret identity as a multi millionaire when he decides to give cash – his own cash! – away at random to forum members. Kinda like McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania, but cheaper and no falling lighting stands. Gringo, Redman, Laffy, Drake (TWICE!), Nem, Fi and Kanenite win the £25 prizes, Redman wins the superduperhunkahunkawonga bonus prize of £100. Probably spends it on Vegemite and Shrimps for the Barbie, too...


Also this month, Chriscare becomes the editor of the newsletter and does a fine job of it too. No, really! Dave7g & Fletch get their feet under the desk of the Video Games Forum and Fidel, Belty and TPIB gain power in the US scene forums.

AUGUST 2008 - Kam – or is that Bruce Wayne – continues to splash his cash and TWO gets a new chatroom, a flashy one. Oh wait, sorry – a Flash one. Anyway, no matter how shiny it is, it’s good, right? You have to login using your forum ID now. The days of the fake Lita and Hardy chats seem to be over...

SEPTEMBER 2008 - Not much happens. DS thinks he has an in-growing toenail, but turns out that he just had Gem’s shoes on for a week

OCTOBER 2008 - The newsletter takes its toll and claims yet another victim as Chriscare steps down. Kam decides to just let some homeless hobo step in as guest editor, but he’s too busy, so Inno is the next best thing. Smells slightly worse, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.


NOVEMBER 2008 - DC takes over from Inno (after disinfecting the chair, obviously) and Fletch follows on from him. Not HIM. HA! See what I did there???

DECEMBER 2008 - Kam’s ego finally gets the better of him and he guest edits the last newsletter of the year, before announcing Inno as the permanent – HA! – replacement...

JANUARY 2009 - TWO subbers get to play in the new arcade that Kam installs. Another reason to subscribe, folks!
Belty and G2G stepped down from their US Scene Forum Leader positions due to personal commitments; Belty has a huge collection of Hogan magazines that need to be logged in chronological order, and there remain some women in the world that G2G hasn’t chatted up yet.


HBKFan won the 2008 Chatroom quiz league, without the need for Sweet Chin Music.

Kam’s desire to blow all his cash continues as he offers a £100 prize for the winner of the FWL, and a £20 prize for the winners of the WWE / TNA prediction leagues. I’m wondering now if I’m getting paid for writing this...

The winners were announced for the 2008 Talk Wrestling Online Community Awards. Highlights being Chris2K entering the Hall of Fame and Alphonse the Gopher remaining in retirement, and not winning the avatar award. *sob*

FEBRUARY 2009 - Redman is appointed as a US Scene Forum leader. The first Aussie and female. Wait... Redman is a girl???

Inno steps down as newsletter editor. The shortest reign ever? Possibly. Nimf edits a ladies edition Valentine’s special, and DC takes over as editor after that – Nimf enjoys the worst sandwich ever.

The winners of the WWE/TNA Awards are announced HERE.

APRIL 2009 - Forum Leader changes galore! Fidel, Inno, King & Hardcore Holly all leave. Chris2K returns, Jericho style and Hancock, Reno, G2G and Dusty Finish all accept jobs on Kam’s new super nazi group. Sorry, forum leaders. Old habits die hard, folks.

NEW NEW NEW Avatars! Well, some updates plus some new faces added. Inno’s face remains sadly the same.

Prediction league winner headshrinker earns his £25 from Kam’s own pocket. He reports that it smells of brimstone. Dunno if that means anything...

Click here to view all the winners from the WrestleMania 25 week celebrations.

MAY 2009 -TWO deletes 3,000 inactive members. We had to poke AntiHero with a stick to see if he was inactive or just asleep.

2009 - 2010

two logo 2010

Rip my shirt off and choke me with my own tie - it’s a new logo!


AUGUST 2009 - Users of the forum note that the regular choice of avatars has a makeover. Some are changed for newer pic, some new ones added, and some even made to look like blue cats. What’s that? Wrong kind of avatar? Dammit!

OCTOBER 2009 - Max holds a special quiz, based on the TNA PPV Bound For Glory and a Decade of Smackdown. This gets Mitchell and Jimmy Redman equally excited, but for wholly different reasons.

TWO (in conjunction with THQ) hosts a special UFC 2009: Undisputed competition, resulting in the highest number of entries for any TWO competition yet - eclipsing popular previous competitions, including “Pin The Tail On The Jayfunk” and “What Does Darkstar Smell Of?”

NOVEMBER 2009 - Kam’s “Special Relationship” with THQ continues, as they offer tickets to the WWE UK tour. This competition was to celebrate the release of the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 game, the surprisingly named sequel to WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009.

DECEMBER 2009 - Max becomes your Quiz League Overlord for 2009. He celebrates by drinking iced tea and listening to some light opera. Maybe.

JANUARY 2010 - It’s TWO Award Season - Manly Man Jimmy Redman will still be celebrating his Member of the Year award now; Colin and Nicole enter the Hall Of Fame together - the first double nomination in TWO’s history. Inno manages to fluke the funniest member award. Granted, Matt Denton was another nomination, so not exactly a glorious victory

Member of the Year Jimmy Redman dishes out this year’s Wrestling 101 WWE/TNA Awards. We have three times as many voters as the year before, and still Jenna vs. Sharmell can’t win Match Of The Year. Shocking.

FEBRUARY 2010 - Your friendly neighbourhood Talk Wrestling Online Facebook Page reaches 1000 fans this month. This makes TWO three times as popular as dunking your biscuits...

MARCH 2010 - As you can see, Kam RADICALLY redesigns the TWO site as part of the 10th birthday celebration build up. The logo changes for the first time since 2003. I have no joke for this, as it looks rather swish, and I’m a crap writer.

Kam goes prize giving mental and gives out TWO shirts for 10 weeks, to tie in with a photo competition. You could win up to £100 by having the best photo of a TWO T-Shirt - MojoPogo’s plan of sleeping with Tiger Woods and wearing his shirt for the photoshoot to accompany his kiss and tell story has yet to come to fruition.

Chris2K and Evil Gringo step down as senior moderators. Filling the gap is the first ever female Senior Mod, Jimmy Redman. Wait, Jimmy Redman is a GIRL???

WrestleMania fever hits TWO as there’s sheer chaos - caption contests, cash prizes, DVD giveaways, and even some discussion of wrestling! Shock! Horror!

The TWO forums album feature is launched. For the first time, you can host your pics here, be it for the Community Pic Thread or the Desktop Thread. Despite fears for the safety and sanity of our children, Darkstar is allowed an album too.

MAY 2010 - TWOStars joins in the revamp bandwagon as Fletch designs a new logo. This is possibly the first redesign of the logo for a long, long, long time, according to my sources (Kam).

two logo 2010

New! Shiny!

After a long and productive reign - arguably the greatest ever - DC steps down as editor of the Community Newsletter, which coincides with the announcement that the Newsletter will only return for specials.

Public demand and revived interest means that the Newsletter may return as a monthly, rather than fortnightly feature - and DC may stay on as editor under those circumstances. Good news for all, especially any potential new editor - would you want to clear out that desk after DC?

JUNE 2010 - The 10th Birthday celebrations continue - Stars from Birmingham’s AWW and Glasgow’s ICW promotion wore TWO shirts, and goodie bags were given away at the AWW Birthday Bash and ICW Menace 2 Society shows. Each goodie bag contained a TWO shirt, a sticker, a flyer, a lock of Saz’s hair and a topless picture of Boyo*

*contents may differ from description and settle in transit

[2000-2004, 2006 - 2010 written by Inno]
[2004-2005 written by Russ


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