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  • No Swearing (or any inappropriate chat)
  • No Spoilers- Any discussion of WWE or TNA programming that has not AIRED IN THE UK is considered a spoiler! WWE PPVs and Raw are aired live, NXT on Thursday nights, Smackdown on Friday nights and TNA Impact/PPVs five days after airing in the US. Please do NOT discuss anything that has not yet aired in the UK!
  • No Role-playing
  • No Flooding
  • No Fighting/Being Abusive
  • No Excessive Plugging- Use the TWO Plug Forum or to plug your sites! (Do NOT put urls in your username)
  • No Numerical Responses
  • No Singing- Don’t fill the chat screen with lyrics
  • No excessive use of caps
  • No asking to be a moderator
  • Please note that any decisions on bans or kicks are final.

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