XTV 1:4 - Detroit, MI

Randy Roko gives the sold out audience a piece of his mind and lets Famous know exactly what he thinks of him! Chris Eagles gets a surprising mention from Roko as the only other man who can be the future of TWOStars!

Owen Roko gave us an insight into the dysfunctional world of the Roko household as he chatted to Kyle Gilmoe about his brother and his match against Dammage tonight!

Dammage had a lot to say on his opponent Owen Roko and his brothre ahead of their match. Dammage was confronted by Famous who was angrily searching for whichever superstar attacked him at the end of last weeks show. Dammage however dismissed The Hollywood Badboy and went to make his way to his match.

Owen Roko V Dammage

Owen Roko made his way to the ring to a good reaction from the Detroit crowd but Dammage came out as the crowd favourite in his firt fully televised match in several years. the two men gave each other a respectful handshake before the match started but it was the younger Scot who came out the traps fastest and brawled his way to an advantage over his mroe experienced opponent.

Owen took the fight in and out the ring leaving dammage little time to recuperate but in his exuberance The Wolf missed a diving elbow drop from the top rope allowing The Unstoppable One some breathing space. Dammage Caught his opponent with his Spinning Memphis DDT but coulod only manage a two count when he went for the pin. Dammage continued to work on the head and Neck of his opponent placing Owen in several painful looking submission holds but as he went to finish off but as he went to hit Can't Stop Owen counter with his own Nightmare one handed choke slam. With both men down it looked like Owen might be able to cover Dammage for his first win but running in from the back Randy Roko hauled the referee out of the ring as he began his count. Owen pleaded with his brother to leave ringside but Roko picked up a chair and levelled his brother for the second time in the evening. Roko then hit Dammage with the same chair and dragged him over his brother and shoved the ref back in the ring. The referee counted the three count meaning Dammage picks up his first win but not won he will be happy about.

The Sons of Anarchy showed up backstage and vented their sploeens on a p[articular Road Agent and his actions towards them. Will the Sons make a nuisance of themselves in future, Brice Perrino certainly thought they might and maybe he sees his own champion in the tag team!

Kyle Gilmore gets a ghostly visit from the disembodied voice of the Anonymous Voice. Gilmore already knows he's Winter's champion but The Voice let him know that it would be watching his match intently and perhaps it's champion would reveal himself.

Matt Denton found out via his Lackey Robert that at least one of the reamining GM's wouldn't give him everything he wanted but that there was aserious offer on the table. The Affluent Asshole decided patience was the bet plan and mulled his decision over.

Matt Denton V Jimmy Tsunami

Jimmy Tsunami came out like a rocket for this match energising the crowd for his contest against Matt Denton. However the Cardinal of Controversey came out with his flunky Robert and announced that since he was negotiating with both the reaming GM's he'd be given special dispensation to not fight that night. The crowd erupted into an almost riot and Denton huridly had to retreat backstage at the onslaught of drinks and objects being thrown at him. Tsunami however wouldn't let him leave so easy and challenged him to a match at the Redemption PPV which Denton cockily accepted out of hand only to have Jimmy add the stipulation that whoever lost had to go on a date with Keith Jaxx!

Jimy Tsunami chatted to Owen Roko about who the remaining GM's might pick for their champions only to be rudely interrupted by Chris Eagles. The Cancer of TWOStars cockily suggested that Brice would have no choice but to pick him and that with Randy as the choice of the remaining GM the two men would rule the company. OWen stood up to the loudmouth only to be beaten down by his own brother from behind. Could Randy and Eagles really be on the same page?!?

The crowd went beserk for the return of Keith Jaxx's very own interview segment "In Bed with Keith Jaxx" but after The Wild Boy's music didn't herald the appearance of the flamboyant superstar the cameras went backstage to find the superstar being loaded into an ambulance!

Famous V Kyle Gilmore

The heavyweight clash between the two wrestlers with the best record in the company looked like it might not take place either as Famous refused to enter the ring unless whoever attacked him revealed themselves. However Kykle Gilmore wasn't going to allow Famous to welch out on their match and physically dragged The Hollywood Bad Boy into the ring for the start of their match!

Gilmore managed to balance hsi normal brawling tactics with a series of nice counter moves kleeping famous off balanace and allowing the Stray Cat to maintain his momentum and had several near falls on his opponent in the opening minutes. Gilmore even managed to put Famous down for a close three count with his version of The Fame-asser.

Ultimately it took some underhand tactics from Famous to give him some advantage and he duly oblidged with a hidden low blow from the referee. The crowd began to heavily boo Famous which seemed to inspire him to further acts of deviousness at every opportunity. From Back raking to thumbs to the eye Famous pretty much covered the bases on what you aren't allowed to do but always making sure he kept the referee from spotting him. Mr. Entertainment hit his 3 Second of Fame stalling suplex/DDT for a very close three count.

Famous looked like he'd easily take the win but Gilmore wasn't done and as Famous cockily set him up for the Walk of Fame he caught The Alister on the chin with The Klap but exhausted he could barely stand let alone cover his opponent. Famous managed to roll to the outside to gather himself and as he came back in the ring he dropped Kyle throat first onto the top rope. The Referee was having none of Famous anymore and he remonstrated with The Hollywood Bad Boy and was shoved to the mat for his trouble. Famous however should have kept his mind on his opponent as he turned back round into his second dose of The Klap and this time Gilmore was able to roll him up for the three count. Arron Winter rushed down to the ring to celebrate with his champion who put him into the lead in the race for the GM title.

Following his match Famous is licking his wounds in his dresssing room when he too receives a call from the Anonymous Voice via a delivered mobile phone. The Voice had a deal for The Hollywood Badboy; be his champion and find out who it was who attacked him last week. Famous took little time in accepting the deal leaving Brice as the only GM to choose his champion!

What We Didn't See

Brice Perrino signed a piece of paper and sent it through a fax machine! Has the third GM chosen his champion?

The Brass Knight issued an open challenge to anyone to face him one on one at Redemption. Will anyone step up to the mark?