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    Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay Interview

    From Wrestling 101:

    David Finaly is a third generation wrestler with both his granddad and father being wrestlers and his sister was even a referee in the squared circle. Growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Finlay drank, ate and breathed professional wrestling.

    From the old British wrestling on World of Sport, the 53-year-old went on to wrestle across Europe and Japan before getting his big break with WCW where he became Television champion.

    Fit Finlay stayed with the WCW to the bitter end, but was one of the luck one to get a chance with the WWE, where he started off training the Divas and current WWE Champion CM Punk. It was five years before he stepped foot inside a WWE ring where he held the United States title.

    We caught up with Finlay to talk about getting into the business, working for the WWE, his departure from the company and the fourth generation of the Finlay family.

    > Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay Interview
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    Good interview and a good insight into his career.
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