We see Famous, charging into his private locker room, sweating and beaten up following his Main Event match with Kyle Gilmore. He pulls off his elbow pads and throws them onto the couch before he picks up his iPad and begins scrolling through contacts and apps.

Famous: DAMNIT... this is not happening to me. I'm the A-List Superstar and damnit I deserve better than this...


Mr. Hollywood turns his attention to the opening door as Josh Matthews storms in, iPhone in hand as he passes it over to Famous who scowls at the backstage reporter.

Matthews: I've just been told to pass this to you Mr. Famous, sir.

Josh quickly backs out of camera shot and apparently out of the room as Famous turns to the iPhone, looking down, the cameras unable to see what is on the screen, but soon a familiar voice speaks out.

???: Hello Famous, this is the third General Manager, the Anonymous... General Manager with a proposition for you.

Famous: What the hell do you want? You hide behind screens and that vile looking 3D render of a face and now you have the help run in and pass me phones so I can talk to you. What the hell?

???: You were attacked last week yes? Well I happen to know EXACTLY who attacked you, and I'm willing, more than willing to let you in on the secret, privately, away from cameras and XTV during the course of the week, if you so desire.

Famous: TELL ME!

???: All in good time, but I want something in return Famous. You see I'm not as stupid or as pig-headed as those other 2 GMs are. Each of them already have their close circles of friends. Winter's allies are the fan favourites, the people who the fans can get behind, not neccesarily the cream of the crop. He's put all his eggs in one basket choosing Gilmore as his champion, a man who has very little experience, or should I say, very little accomplishment in the world of singles wrestling.

Brice too has a very small group of close knit friends. Those he knows inside out, people he knows will place their allegiance at the very highest bidder and have no morals for what they do. It's no secret there's been no publically announced champion yet for Brice, but I'd put a large amount of money on him picking one of his two favourite sweethearts, Matt Denton or Randy Roko. He knows them inside out, he has history and knows he can buy them.

Me on the other hand, I choose to look all around. It doesn't matter to me whether someone is cheered or booed out of the building, reaction matters but it doesn't matter whether negative or positive. Famous looking at the current roster of Superstars you're the most decorated. A 4 month reign as Triple Crown Champion, 2 Money In The Bank wins, Undefeated at WrestleNova and a United States Champion. This is in addition to the mainstream media attention your garner from being a Hollywood Superstar.

Famous I will tell you exactly the name of who attacked you, but in return... I want you to be MY Champion.

The Hollywood Sellout ponders for just a second before a wry smirk engulfs the lower half of his face. He looks at the phone... and agrees as we fade out on another XTV.