VPW The UK's No.1 Sports Entertainment Company returns to The Portsmouth Guildhall on March 16th for another unforgettable night of non stop wrestling action.

Due to recent events the VPW Championship has been stripped from Former WWE Star Daivari for unprofessional cond...uct during a previous VPW event.

The New Main Event Scheduled For March 16th is,..

The Mountain of Muscle Leon Shah In a Steel Cage for the vacant VPW Championship facing an opponent to be named on the night!

Over the past 6 months Leon Shah has been cheated out of the VPW gold on more then one occasion, after reaching the final of the 1st ever VPW Title Tournament back in August The Mountain of Muscle showed the whole Varsity Pro Wrestling roster he was more the capable of carrying the crown but was cheated out of victory by the Former VPW Champion.

" I'm 6'6, I have the people of Portsmouth behind me and I will destroy who ever feels man enough to step inside the steel cage with me! I have earned this spot and will be the next VPW Champion" said Leon Shah

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VPW would also like to announce the Semi Main Event for March 16th

Mr Moonsault Jake McCluskey Vs The Eagle Nathan McKenzie
********* No Disqualification Match ********

The Rivarly between these two young stars started back in May 2011 after Mr Moonsault slipped from the top rope, an even though the match had been stopped McKenzie proceeded to attack McCluskey with his only explanation "I did what I did because I can an I dont care what you people think about it because I proved once and for all I am the better man, and everyone in this building including Jake McCluskey knows it" (August 2011) Nathan Mckenzie

Jake has been seen training hard at The VPW School of Excellence and is apparently bigger and faster then ever before. He was victorious in October facing Former WWE Star Finlay and Nathan in a triple threat match after Finlay fell victim of The Moonsault, follwed by Mckenzie's Frog Splash From Hell allowing jake to pick up the 1,2,3.

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Other VPW Stars set to appear include

Italian Import Gino Guiesepi

The Devon Power House Chris Andrews

Masked Mexican Sensation Ikarus

Plus, set to make a return visit after a year long absence from the active VPW roster due to a severe broken leg,

The International Superstar The UK KID

Its is yet to be confirmed weather or not The UK Kid will be cleared to wrestle or not, we are awaiting confirmation which will be announced asap.

Other stars from the world of wrestling also set to appear

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Doors Open at 7:00pm, Show Time 7:30pm

Ringside Seats 15, Adults 12.50, Child/OAP 10

Box Office: 02392 824 355


Fans are encouraged to bring signs and banners for there favourite VPW Star and prizes will be awared for the best sign.