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    KJ's Acceptance Speech

    First of all well done to all the other winners, and now a few words from myself as the first ever inductee into the TWO Hall of Fame.

    I've been coming to this site for almost 2 years to the day, basically it has become my home here on the internet, I always come in to check the forums and see if theres anything interesting whenever i'm online, and goto the chatrooms if I get time. This site is a credit to Kam and the way in which it's evolved over the past 2 years is incredible. When I first came there was around 20 members and just 1 forum and the chatroom.

    I'm quite honoured to be given this award, there are so many people who would have deserved it. I'd like to give a mention in this acceptance speech to some of the people, past and present, who have helped TWO become what it is today, Kam (of course), Tony/Dreamer/Inno, Pabster, Skullmonkey, HBK, Matt_M, Tsu Mirren, Latino, Russ, Aaron Undercover, BRM, Sabba Simba, Dan, HSM, Verby, Draven, The Crippler, Acid Christ, Chris 2K, Jerichoholic, CVD, Nicole, Ebb and even my old foe Amanda V.

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    The Bliss Bandwagon
    Why is everyone using me in their acceptance speech? (Not that I mind )

    Paige doesn't need me any more.

    So now I've started the ALEXA BLISS bandwagon. Fear the Bliss.


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    *Stormed out of awards ceremony after throwing pint glass at Inno.

    Was then arrested outside for breach of the peace. Simon argued that he was not causing alarm and upset to the reasonable person, but was then told he was in England where the definition of breach of the peace was different. He was then charged and is currently serving a sentence of having to write columns for TWO.

    Well done all who won
    - TWO's resident HHH hater
    - Simon has no doubt been banned by now anyway

    Indeed. I'll miss you TWO!

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