Yes folks, its here.

The basic idea with this is to replace the YouTube thread from the US Forum. So now all videos get their own forum. This should make it easier to avoid repeat postings, as well as easier to have discussions on individual videos.

So from now on, please keep youtube videos and the like out of the main US Forum. The exception is that if there's a video from a specific Raw (or whatever) episode that is relevant in its thread, post it in there. If there's a hypothetical video relating to Kurt Angle's arrest, say, post it in the Kurt Angle's arrest thread. Thats fine. But generally, videos belong in here, not in the Random Comments thread or anywhere else in that Forum.

If you have an issue in that you dont think your video deserves its own thread, I suggest looking for a similar thread in this forum and maybe post it in there, combining them. For example, DC just asked about his Crush's F-5 video. You could combine that with another thread about Crush, or another thread about finishers, or even use it to start a thread about Crush or finishers, which allows other videos to be posted in it as well.

Similarly, if anyone wants to post sets of videos (say, all CHIKARA videos, or things like the ROH Video Wire which comes out weekly) then by all means make a single mega thread and post them all in there.

Even so, please dont worry if you feel silly posting an entire thread just for one video. Thats what this forum is for. And again, it makes it easier to add more videos to follow it, as well as discuss them.

I hope that makes everything clear.