As Talk Wrestling Online grows the costs involved with running the site get bigger. I've decided to make this thread to show ways members/guests can help support the site via a variety of different ways.

1) Shopping Navigator

This is for those of you who live in the UK and shop online. Shopping Navigator is a shopping directory website which I own. It lists hundreds of online UK stores, most of which will provide a small comission for any purchases bought via links from it.

Stores include: Play, Amazon, Argos, WHSmiths, Debenhams, NEXT, JDSports, Woolworths, Comet, Dixons, Currys, Dabs, Jessops, PC World, The Link, Laithwaiths, Oddbins, iTunes, GAME and LOTS MORE!

I list this as Number 1 since if your shopping wont cost you anything extra to use you'll be helping Talk Wrestling Online in the process. I think this has the best please bookmark it and let your friends/family know about it.

2) Subscriber Scheme
The Subscriber Schemes allow you to gain extra benefits by buying a forum/chatroom subscription. For more information see:

3) Donations

If you would just like to provide a donation you now can using the below page:

Its done via Paypal...but you dont need to be a Paypal member to donate. Just select the option of not having a Paypal account (under the usual Paypal login) and it will allow you to pay via your credit card / bank account just like a normal online store.

The "Donations" link has been added to the above forum navigation menu.

Any help you folks can provide will be appreciated!

Those who do donate will gain a crown under their username plus be able to change their username from their default colour to gold.

These are VOLUNTARY schemes/ideas, those of you that don’t/cant donate or help, that’s fine, you still will be able to use the forum as normal.