The User Infraction system is designed to automate the the management of misbehaving users.

Infractions carry a point total that is awarded to users. When a user reaches 50 points, the user is then moved to the "cool-off" group (suspended) until their points expire below the 50 point mark.

The Infractions

Title - Points - Expires

  • Insulted Other Member(s) - 25 - 45 Days
  • Posted a Spoiler - 20 - 30 Days
  • Excessive Inappropriate Language / Profanity - 20 - 30 Days
  • Signature Rule Violation - 10 - 10 Days
  • Begging for Rep - 10 - 30 Days
  • Announcment of Giving Rep - 10 - 30 Days
  • Linking to images NOT on your own webspace - 10 - 30 Days
  • Txt Speak - 5 - 30 Days
  • Irrelevant posts - 5 - 30 Days

Infraction levels can also be allowed to be given as warnings. A warning does not add any infraction points to the user's point total. Warnings serve as a method to remind user's of your forum's rules and encourage them to be followed without awarding infraction points.

Moderators will be forced to send a message to the user that details why the infraction is being given. This message will use the Private Messaging System if it is enabled. Otherwise an email will be sent. (Please make sure you have a WORKING/CURRENT email address in your control panel!)

Senior moderators and Admins will be able to reverse any infractions if necessary.

* Insulted Other Member(s)

From the TWO policies:

Abuse / Flaming / Derogatory Comments:
Abusive Comments, Flaming, or derogatory insults or comments are strictly against the rules. If you disagree with another member's point of view, do so in a mature and civil manner. If someone posts to discuss their personal problems or seeks help from other forums members, please do not respond unless you have something positive or helpful to add. If you find yourself being flamed or insulted by another member, please do not dignify that person with a response. Notify a moderator and let us handle it.

Threats, Racism & Sexism:
Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards "minorities" (race, religion, sexual preference, interracial couples, etc.) will not be tolerated. Consider this the only warning. Violators will be banned.

Trolling / Inciting Conflict:
"Trolling" or making posts with the intention of creating problems on the forums is obviously against the forum rules. This includes registering an alternative ID for the sole purpose of creating problems on the forums. "Troll ID's" will be locked immediately and permanently, and the primary account holder will be banned from TWO. Members that visit TWO only to participate in "conflict" threads may be designated as Trolling and have their account temporarily or permanently suspended.
* Posted a Spoiler

This mainly covers the US Scene forum. The spoiler rules are:

Only post Raw/Smackdown/ECW/PPV spoilers in the official Raw/Smackdown/ECW/PPV threads... if you really feel your message deserves its own thread, make a new thread without giving anything away in the title, and clearly mark it *Spoilers*. This must be used up until THREE DAYS after the event has aired in the UK.
* Excessive Inappropriate Language / Profanity

From the TWO policies:

Language & Profanity:
While we understand many of the members are grown adults, we do have young adults and children that visit TWO. Further, many people are offended by vulgar language. If you feel you must swear to get your point across, please censor your language appropriately so as to not be overly offensive. (e.g., "f***!") Replacing one or two letters in an expletive by using ASCII characters (! For I, etc) is not an acceptable solution.
* Signature Rule Violation

From the Forum Rules:

* Signatures

Signatures should be NO LONGER than 10 lines and 400 characters. The following also apply:

* Quote/Spoiler tags are NOT to be used.
* The maximum font size permitted is size 2.
* NO images are allowed.

Please keep your signature clean, and original.
* Begging for Rep OR Announcment of Giving Rep

From the Forum Rules:

* Rep Points

Reputation points are used on the forum as a way to reward good posts and posters. Please do not abuse the system by asking for rep points. It is there to reward, not to detract from those who truly deserve them.

Please keep all rep point related posts out of irrelevent threads. Telling people that you are going to rep them can be very annoying and unnecessary. Feel free to rep and leave a comment about it (in private). Do not fill the forum up with posts about who you repped, when, and why. Members can read your comments in their user control panel, so keep them there.
* Txt Speak

From the Forum Rules:

Also please note, we ask all users to try and refrain from using text (txt) speak when writing messages, as this can quite often make it difficult for other forum members to understand the messages properly.
* Irrelevant posts

This will cover any posts that are effectively pointless to the thread discussion.