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    Welcome to Talk Wrestling Online - Please Read!


    Welcome to the Talk Wrestling Online forums!

    This is a UK based website and thus most of us are from the UK…although we have quite a few members from the USA, Canada and Australia among other countries.

    Where to start?

    Below are some useful links that will help you understand how things work at Talk Wrestling Online:

    Once your ready to begin, head over to the Introductions forum and make your first post! If you need help, click here for some tips on what to include.

    Moderators and Forum Leaders

    Senior Moderators:
    dsrchris and John Hancock

    Forum Leaders:

    UK Scene Forum:

    US Scene Forum:

    Fight Forum:
    Jack & John Hancock

    Other Sports Forum:
    BRM, King and Magic

    Video Games Forum:

    Entertainment Forum:
    bigmatt & Maxximus

    In addition to this, feel free to post any questions/suggestions in the Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101 Feedback and Questions Forum.

    Enjoy your stay!

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