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    Forum Reputation System

    Forum Reputation System

    Heres all the information about the reputation system at Talk Wrestling Online:

    The user reputation system provides a way of rating users based on the quality of their posts. Users on your forums can add reputation points from other users by clicking the star icon in their posts.

    Why should I give reputation points to a user?

    If you think the user has posted a good quality post, please add to their reputation points by selecting “I approve”. You do not necessarily have to agree with the forum users post when adding to their reputation.

    How do I use the reputation system?

    You just click the star icon (usually bottom left of the side bar with the forum members avatar etc), then select “I approve” to add to their reputation. It is also a good idea for you to provide constructive feedback to the user in the “comments” field.

    Can I disable my reputation?

    Yes, go to >edit options and untick the “Show My Reputation Level” box. You will then notice a black icon instead of the normal green icon next to the amount of posts you have.

    How can I see my points?

    Your total points can be seen on the main page of the >user control panel. Scroll down to see the “Latest Reputation Received” table. Your total reputation points will be displayed at the top-right of the table.

    How can I see who gave me reputation points?

    Once you have passed 30 posts, you will be promoted to the “Registered” user-group, you will now be able to see who gave you your reputation points. Just check the “Latest Reputation Received” table and you will see a new column “Posted By”, this is the name of the person you gave you your reputation points.

    What do the different coloured icons mean?

    Green = positive (+ points)
    Grey = neutral (no difference)

    You get a grey icon if the forum member has a Reputation Power of +0.

    The Reputation Power is influenced by:

    * Registration Date - longer registered = more power
    * Post Count - more posts = more power
    * Reputation Points - more reputation points = more power

    How many different levels are there?

    There are lots of different levels once you reach a certain amount of reputation points. All forum members start off with 10 points under the level of "Off The Scale", then once they start receiving points it will change.

    Here are just some of the other levels:

    Up to - 49 Points - User has a little shameless behaviour in the past
    0 - 9 Points - User is an unknown quantity at this point
    10 - 49 Points - User is on a distinguished road (default)
    50 - 149 Points - User will become famous soon enough

    To see what level you are on, just hover your mouse over the green icon under your name, on any of your posts.

    Please note: There should be NO asking for reputation points and no posts telling another member you have given them reputation points!

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