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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue 10 - May 6th 2003

Hey all,

Great response to our last newsletter, and our new forum-send system. Great to see more people being able to get the newsletter, and hopefully, every week we won't disappoint.

Few changes yet again. The weekly newsletters will be considerably shorter from now on, with news and a column, as well as the site news and advertisements. The big editions will come on PPV days, and will include reviews, previews, and much more. This should make it easier on the newsletter team as well as keeping you updated regularly, with Pay-Per-Views bringing the larger, more substantial editions to get you ready and in the mood for some wrestling action.

Besides that... enjoy.

- Mitchell Jones
TWO Newsletter Editor

TWO Site News

**Judgment Day Quiz and Chat**
As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. And this month is the final pay-per-view before the full-throttle pay-per-view split between the rosters: 'Judgment Day'. So in anticipation for the big event, so far looking towards a possible showdown between HHH and Kevin Nash, as well as the already announced Team Angle v Los Guerreros in a Ladder match, why not head over to the TWO chatrooms on Sunday, May 18th at 8pm to enter our highly popular quiz. Then from 9pm until 1am, stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars. The more, the merrier. So pull up a chair, get your drinks ready, and join us for 5 hours of non-stop wrestling talk.

Judgment Day Quiz and Chat
Sunday, May 18th
Quiz: 8pm - 9pm
Chat: 9pm - 1am
Quiz Rules: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Quiz/quiz.shtml
Chatroom: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/Chatrooms/chatrooms.shtml

**Product Rating and Discussion Zone Tournaments**
Most of you own a wrestling product of some sort. Whether a video, or a video game, a book or a CD, almost all of you have at least something, if not a wide collection. But what is your favorite? What is the best of the best? It's time to have your say, and now you can, at the Talk Wrestling Online forums. Set up and maintained by my own personal lackey, Chris2k, this is a great way to voice your opinions and get your favorite product one step closer to beating off the competition. So what are you waiting for? Existing members can simply head over to the forums, then to the Product Rating and Discussion forum to cast your votes. For those who want to take part but aren't members, simply go to http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum and register. It takes about 60 seconds, if that. Even breathing isn't as easy as signing up for the forums. What have you got to lose?

Current Tournament: Video Games
- WCW/NWO Revenge (N64) vs SmackDown 2: Know Your Role (PS)
- SmackDown 3: Just Bring It (PS2) vs WWF No Mercy (N64)
- Extreme Warfare Revenge 3.0 (PC) vs WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)
- WCW vs The World (PS) vs Road To Wrestlemania X8 (GC)
- Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA) vs Promotion Wars 1.2e (PC)
- WWF Warzone (PS, N64, DC) vs Legends of Wrestling 2 (PS2)
- WWF Attitude (PS, N64, DC) vs WWF SmackDown (PS)
- Def Jam Vendetta (PS2, GC) vs SmackDown 4: Shut Your Mouth (PS2)

Forum Posts of the Week

Every week, I will personally go through the posts in the wrestling forums, and pick out random quality posts, whether for power of what is being said, originality, or for humour factor, to show you the quality of posts you can see on the forums (yeah, kind of like TWO's own version of Power Slam's "www.baloney.com" segment). One day, one of your very own posts could turn up right here. Congratulations to this weeks mentions:

- "I'm going to quit work if they don't give me the day off....so yeah, I'm going to FOH!" (Verby - UK Forum)

- "I suspect HHH's next opponent is gonna be Nash which im sure all the Scott Keith wannabe's round here will have a field day with." (HSM - US Forum)

- "Flair/Savage was great, but pales in comparrison to 90% of historical Triple Crown title changes." (Rikidozan - US Forum)

- "Being the ass that I am, I'd like to point out the year is 2003. K THX BYE!!11" (Colin - US Forum)

US News - By HSM

Welcome to this weeks round up.

*WWE News*

The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter this week stated that there are reports that Vince McMahon is getting increasingly paranoid about his company, and is getting worried about a possible power coup. Apparently Vince believes that some officials in WWE are pushing for him to give control of the company over to Stephanie and Shane. This has led to speculation that Vince has taken out his aggression on Shane, and that there is some heat between Vince and Shane at the current time.

They also reported that the latest on Kurt Angle is that he is feeling great after his surgery, and would reportedly get back in the ring now if his doctors permitted it. Angle was backstage at the Smackdown tapings this week, and did have a promo hyping his eventual return. However, there are also reports that Angle only plans on wrestling for one more year in WWE, and would like to make as much money as he could in that year. Then he would retire from in ring competition and work full-time for WWE in some other capacity, as an agent, on-air role or something else

WWE.com reports that Batista re-tore his tricep muscle after falling during a jog with his wife. The injury will keep him out another four months. Batista originally tore the tricep at a house show match earlier this year. Before being hit with injuries, Batista and Randy Orton (also injured) were set for major pushes as part of the Evolution stable with Triple H. Since then, the stable has been dropped from WWE TV

WWE has cancelled several dates on their upcoming Road to Insurrextion tour, which is scheduled for June.
The following dates have been dropped:
6/4 - Milan, Italy
6/5 - Vienna, Austria
6/6 - Belgium
Note that the 6/6 show has been moved to Nottingham. WWE blamed the cancelled shows on timing problems.

The worst kept secret in wrestling over the past month was finally revealed on this weeks Smackdown. Mr America was revealed to be none other than Hulk Hogan.

The former WWE wrestler Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer has this week officially closed down her website bodybyjoanie.com.

Without a doubt the saddest piece of news this week was the death of Elizabeth Heulette more commonly known as the wrestling valet Miss Elizabeth. Miss Elizabeth was staying at the home of former WWE/WCW wrestler Lex Luger when an emergency call was made late one night last week. She was rushed to hospital but later died. The cause of death has yet to be announced although early indications point to an overdose of some form. Luger was initially arrested in conjunction with the death but was later released without charge. Police have since stated that there are no signs of foul play and that they are not investigating it as a homicide. However, after being released Luger was later re-arrested and charged 14 different drug possession counts, 13 of them being felonies after substances were found at his home, Among the drugs found were anabolic steroids, testosterone, hydrocodone, Xanex (anti-anxiety drug), Sazien (a synthetic growth hormone), and others. Luger spent the night in jail and was later released on a $27,500 bond.

*NWA : TNA News*

In the latest twist in the high level war over the creative direction of NWA: TNA, it appears as if NWA: TNA founder Jerry Jarrett has removed himself from the process entirely, leaving only Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett to pen the shows. Russo has been lobbying hard with Panda Energy executives that Jerry is doing too much to ruin his ideas. Jarrett has not been actively fighting, and apparently has stepped aside to let Russo live or die on his own, presumably believing Russo will have enough rope to hang himself.

In a related subject Raven's NWA: TNA contract expired last night and he refused to sign a new deal. Some feel that he is not signing a new deal so he can get more money, while others feel he is using his leverage to get Vince Russo more power in the company.

In the result from this weeks PPV

- Perry Saturn & Justin Credible defeated Americans Most Wanted, The Harris Twins and Slash & Brian Lee
- Jerry Lynn pinned Christopher Daniels
- A.J. Styles & D Lo Brown beat Sonny Siaki and David Young
- In an X-Division 4 way - Chris Sabin beat Jason Cross, Shark Boy and Jimmy Rave
- The Amazing Red defeated Kid Kash to capture the X-Division Title
- And in the much-hyped main event Jeff Jarrett pinned Raven to hold on to his NWA: TNA Title During this match there were numerous run-ins from Sandman, New Jack, Saturn, Credible, Sabu and various others.

*Selected Indy Results*

Heartland Wrestling Association
Aurora, Indiana
Chad Collyer eliminated Cody Hawk and Chet Jablonski in a battle royal to become the new HWA Champion, Nigel McGuinness defeated Drew Tha Don, Chad Collyer defeated Hoss, Matt Stryker defeated Quinten Lee, Chet Jablonski and Cody Hawk defeated TJ Dalton & JT Stahr.

Batavia, Ohio
TJ Dalton defeated Big Al, South Side Playaz defeated Brother Clay, Quinten Lee defeated The Hussla, Cruiser Champion Rory Fox defeated JT Stahr, Tag Champions Chet Jablonski and Cody Hawk defeated Nigel & Hoss, AJ and Bobbi Jo defeated Time Bomb in a Singapore Cane Match, HWA Champion Chad Collyer defeated Matt Stryker.

Stampede Wrestling
Legion Hall - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jumping Jack Flash d. Pete Wilson and Nick Nogg in a Triple-Threat, Dan Fox defeated Trevor Ing and Brayden Schultz in a Ted Hart Camp Exhibition Match, Nattie Niedhart defeated Belle Lovitz, Johnny Devine/Duke Durrango/Randy Myers def Kirk Melnyk/Rod Rage/Jason Carter, Bruce Hart defeated Richard Pound via Countout, Sabu vs. Ted Hart ended in a no-contest when the referee ruled Ted Hart could not continue, TJ Wilson & Harry Smith defeated AJ Styles & The Black Dragon

Ring Of Honor
West Mifflin, PA
Round Robin Challenge - Chris Daniels defeated The Amazing Red, Paul London beat Red, Daniels defeated Paul London to win the Round Robin Challenge, Colt Cabana & Ace Steel defeated Da Hit Squad, The SAT won a four-way over Dunn & Marcos, EZ Money & Sterling James Keenan and Special K, Homicide defeated CM Punk, Carnage Crew defeated Hotstuff Hernandez, Don Juan & Fast Eddie, Alexis Laree defeated Persephone, Matt Stryker won a five-way by making Chad Collyer tap in a bout that included Michael Shane, Donovan Morgan and BJ Whitmer, ROH Champion Samoa Joe choked out Doug Williams.

That’s it for this week catch you next time.

UK News - By Goldy

Hello, welcome to this weeks UK Scene round up, again it's been a busy week on the UK scene , so lets get straight to all the results and news from this weeks events.

FWA British breakout Tour - Sudbury - 26/4/03
1. British Uprising 3-Way Rematch: Raj Ghosh def James Tighe and Jack Xavier
2. 'Specialist' Mark Sloan def 5-Star by submission
3. Juventud Guerrera def The Zebra Kid
4. Nikita def Simmons (with Duke of Danger & Buttercup) after Birchill interfered
5. FWA Tag Title Match: The Family def Alex Shane & Ulf Herman
6. Title For Title Match: XPW European Champion Wonderkid Jonny Storm def All-England Champion Chris Hamrick to win the All-England Title

Portsmouth - 27/4/03
1. Jack Xavier def 5-Star
2. 'Specialist' Mark Sloan def Eamon Shrahan ( who was making his FWA debut )
3. Raj Ghosh def Chris Hamrick
4. All-England Title Match: Zebra Kid def Wonderkid Jonny Storm to win the All-England belt
5. Nikita def Simmons (with Buttercup) after Birchill interfered
6. FWA Tag Title Match (Falls Count Anywhere): Alex Shane & Ulf Herman def The Family to win the tag belts
7. Juventud Guerrera def James Tighe

Newport - South Wales - 28/4/03
1. The Zebra Kid def Five Star to retain the All-England belt
2. James Tighe def Mark Sloan
3. In a non-title match Jack Xavier def XPW European Champ 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm
4. Simmons def Nikita
5. The Family def FWA Tag Champs Alex Shane and Ulf Herman to win the tag titles
6. Juventud Guerrera def Chris Hamrick

All Star Results - Victoria Halls - Hanley - Stoke - 26/4/03
1. Spidermask def Kid Cool
2. Frankie sloan def Phil Powers
3. 'American Avalanche' PN Neuz def Boston Blackie
4. Karl Harker def SJ Walker
5. James Mason & Destiny def 'Rowdy' Ricky Knight & Sweet Saraya

Revolution British Wrestling/G N Promotions have announced that their next show, will take place at the City Sports Centre, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln, England on the evening of Saturday May 10th 2003.
This is their first ever show in the Lincolnshire area, but what promises to be the start of many shows in and around the east coast of England.
Matches announced so far include:
"Sensation of the Nation " Rob Hunter V Johnny Kidd
UK Pitbulls V "Pigman" Andy Hogg & Sabotage
Other wrestlers scheduled to appear include wrestling legend Alan Kilby, Spud, Scott Future and many more to be announced soon.
For more information http://www.revolutionbritishwrestling.co.uk or email info@revolutionbritish

Brawl Promotions next show will take place at the Lodge Park Leisure Centre in Corby, Northampton on May 17th. Wrestlers on the card include MTX, Chris Peacock, UK Pitbulls, The Sexy Monkey and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. For more information visit http://www.brawl2002.cjb.net

PRO WRESTLING NOAH have confirmed that FWA Heavyweight Champion Doug Williams will be a part of the upcoming tour of Japan that takes place May to June. This will be Dougs first ever tour of Japan.

Doug Williams's match against Samoa Joe for the Ring Of Honour Championship went ahead on April 26th in West Mufflin, P.A. Unfortunately Doug failed to get the win, in what was Joe's first defence of the title.

Now that the FWAs British Breakout Tour has come to an end, I thought I would do a quick run down of which FWA star has which belt as there were several title changes during the recent tour:
FWA Tag Champs - The Family
FWA All-England Champion - Zebra Kid
FWA Heavyweight Champion - Doug Williams

The first two matches have been announced for FWAs Frontiers of Honour show on May 17th at the York Hall, Bethnal Green they are:
Jody Fleisch vs Chris Daniels
Flash Barker vs Low Ki
Tickets for the show will be on sale from Saturday the 3rd of May from Ticketmaster with FWA fan club members being able to purchase their tickets 24 hours in advance. There will also be a FanFest the next day with a Job Squad night to be held that evening. It's shaping up to be a fantastic weekend!

Jonny Storm has been announced as a replacement for Midnight Express tag legend Bobby Eaton in USAs Heritage. Storm will be up against Chris Hamrick. The match is for the HWA Tri State Championship. It will take place on Saturday the 7th of June.

Disappointing news for WAW this week as owner Ricky Knight has had to cancel the WAW show that was to be held Friday the 2nd of May at the Princess Theatre in Clacton. Unfortunately only 130 tickets for the show had been sold, meaning that the company would have to run the show at a loss. Ricky has not given up on Clacton though and is hoping to return with a summer spectacular show in August.

Thats about everything for this week. Thanks for reading and I will see you all next week!

What have you got to lose? - By Goldy

Do you ever see UK shows advertised for a theatre/hall near you and think "Nah, I won't bother with that. It's not going to match up to the wrestling I watch on television week in week out. It will probably just be a tribute show, a load of wrestlers dressed up as Kane or Hulk Hogan".

Well next time that happens, I would like to encourage you to think again. Give the show a chance, take a risk, go and see for yourself just how far the British wrestling scene has come in the last few years. What have you got to lose anyway? If you don't enjoy the show, at least you've given it a chance and you won't have to go again. But I think the majority of wrestling fans will be genuinely surprised at just how good our UK shows actually are.

The majority of British wrestlers are now of a really high standard with more and more being recognised abroad. Gone are the days of overweight men with a limited array of moves - gone are the little old ladies who used to sit in the front row of the audience getting carried away and laying into the wrestlers with their handbags! The good ol' days some might say. Yeah... in terms of large crowds and a television show, those days will take some beating. But in terms of pure wrestling ability, with talented athletes and a variety of different style matches on every card, todays UK shows have come a very long way indeed.

If you are a fan of technical wrestling, then for every Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit, we have a James Mason or Doug Williams. If you like hardcore action, then for every Tommy Dreamer or Raven, we have an Iceman or Alex Shane also putting their bodies on the line for the business they love. If Rey Mysterio or Tajiri tickle your fancy, then come and check out Jodie Fleisch and Jonny Storm amongst others who are wowing the crowds with their excellent aerial skills and fast paced matches. I guarantee you will find something that appeals to you and who knows you may actually enjoy yourself. You might even find yourself wanting to go again, wanting to join in the humorous chants, the good natured banter and the feeling of being part of something exciting and on it's way up. Hell, you might even find yourself "the next big fan!".

So please don't dismiss the next show you see advertised completely out of hand. Give it a go... for me?? Go on... what have you got to lose?


US News - HSM ([email protected])
UK News - Goldy ([email protected])
Column - Goldy ([email protected])

That's it for this week. Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to [email protected] or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.

With that in mind, have a good week.

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