View Full Version : TWOStars: New Fed Rules (RP based rules annd regs) **Please Read**

07-02-2012, 12:47 PM

Firstly can I say that if you are reading this and considering joining our fed then thank you and I hope we'll see you soon.

Some small back history to help explain why the fed works the way it does compared to some other feds you may have been in previously.

TWOStars was primarily n Angle based show where people promo'd and wrote matches as if the show was "live". We had 7 great years running this way with some stunning events, writers and moments. However due to falling numbers we have decided to alter the structure of the fed to make things easier for people.

Firstly we no longer require match writing. This was a big wrench for all concerned in the fed but ost people find it hard enough to find the time to write 6+ pages of match during the week let alone 10-15 pages for a PPV match. So we will stick to promo's only. However this does not mean we are abandoning the "Live Show" format altogether. All submissions are to be written in the third person narrative as if you had just watched or were watching them live on TV. There is no play script, there is no 1st person inner thoughts, there is no Big Brother style 24 hour camera crew with you. What goes on off screen in your characters "real life" does not have any bearing on the show so is not admissable. Pre-taped segments are ok a long as they follow the same format a pre-taped segment would on a real live wrestling show.

Submissions will be judged by a three man panel, the best promos per week will be linked to alongide the results of the matches for that week also determined by the panel. (To be Continued...)

All problems are repotable to me and my decision as fed head is final because what's the point of having power if you can't use it. Talk to a writer first before involving me. This isn't a playground so as adults we should be able to put across our views in public. I will use mod powers only in the worst cases so if you want to give it expect to take it as well. PM people if you want but harassing people via PM about an issue won't be tolerated.

At the end of every show period the panel will decide who has written the best promos and a show card will be created linking to those promos and also deciding who will win the matches per week. Yes, it's not ideal. Yes, I'd prefer full matches. No, no one is writing them for you. Should things change then the fed will change.
(To be Continued...)