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23-11-2011, 05:18 PM
Craig Van Dam



Height: 5'10"
Weight: 235lbs



Hometown: Durham, England.

Wrestling Style: Technical Highflyer.


Craig Van Dam is a ruthless wrestler with an attitude to match and has held many of the accolades that have been presented in TWOStars in the past.

Currently aligned with Brice Perrino, he has seen real success as a wrestler as part of the Bro-tal package.

Signature Move(s):

Code Breaker (usually sets up the 5-Star)

CVD Driver (Death valley driver)

Van Damanator

Van Terminator.

Finishing Move(s):

5-Star Frog Splash

Package Pile Driver

Titles Held:

ERE Xtreme TV (3)

Million Dollar Title (3)

TWOStars TV Title

TWOStars US Title

ERE Champion

TWOStars Triple Crown Champion

Alignment: Heel




The SickStar
The Mini Monster
The Sick One
The Lone Wolf
The Only ULTIMATE Champion in TWOStars
Former Ultimate King of the Ring

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 234lbs



Hometown: Parts Unknown.

Wrestling Style: Unorthadox.


Wrestling as long as he can remember (and that's not long) Sickness is an experienced wrestler who is, fair to say, a sandwich short of a picnic.

Originally billed as the masked wrestler "Janus" Sickness survived many wrestling companies to settle at TWOStars and has enjoyed mixed success in TWOStars.

Always popular, Sickness's antics always please the audiences and his thick skull and high pain threshold always ensures that his opponents get a hard fought match.

Signature Move(s):

Bareback: Front facing Stunner

Cross Infection: Stunner to DDT

Shooting Star Press

Darkness Falls: Hammerlock/chinlock/backbreaker combo

The Time Warp: 9-punch with Groin punch

Finishing Move(s):

Diamond Dust (flipping Ace Crusher from the turnbuckle): Sickness stands on the top turnbuckle with his opponant stood on the mat facing outwards, he the puts an arm around the neck of his foe and flips over into a cutter/RKO style landing.

Sicknote: Tazmission

The Coma: Go2Sleep

Titles Held:


ERE King of The Ring 2005


TWOStars Ultimate King of The Ring 2005

TWOStars Tag Team Champion (twice with Boyo)

" " (once with Jaycey Baby)

TWOStars Television Championship

TWOStars United States Championship

TWOStars Triple Crown Championship

Sickness is the only man to have held every belt at once.

Alignment: Face