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23-10-2011, 12:35 PM
Hi guys,

If you see any issues with the submitted work, please pop them in here.

We have till Wednesday 26th when I'll be compiling the work together for release.

I'll also be popping the booking for next show that day too, to go with the voted decision.

28-10-2011, 08:27 AM
General Brice Characterisation Crit:

Just a general note on how to write for Brice really since I've read a few promos with him and it's a little off. Call me prissy since he's really my creation but I loved writing for him and people seemed to enjoy my promos and I think half of that is the characterisation of how Brice speaks.

Bro. Very easy to throw this in at the end of every second sentence but that doesn't make Brice tick. He's not just a Jersey Shore guido with extra cash. The guy lives and breathes being a Bro. He's your Broster, Brommander in Chief, Broski, He's your Broda when you want some advice, he's the Broseph Stalin of TWOstars.

http://surf.transworld.net/1000002387/features/the-complete-broisms-dictionary/ - If you are struggling to think of a broism then this link is great. It's pretty surf related but there's plenty of good ones in there to help you out or give you inspiration or guidance on how to create your own broism.

the general rule of thumb is less is more. One good Broism per paragraph of speech is better than 6 general Bros thrown around. Of course a simple Broham or Broski is acceptable if nothing else really fits.

You can mix in the odd guido-ism as well, the guy is from Jersey even if his accent isn't quite as thick as the Jersey Shore cast.

Remember that A) Brice has a lot of cash of his own not tied into TWOstars b) Brice has fingers in many pies so is constantly checking his i-pad(s) and I-phone(s) and C) He freakin' loves his home town of Alpine, New Jersey and the fact it's so rich.

Oh and his nickname is "The Million" not "Million" . Think like The Situation from Jersey Shore.

Hopefully this will help you guys in nailing exactly what Brice is like and I'm happy if you want to run a promo by me if you are unsure about anything. Not saying you have to, just want to help out if needed.

28-10-2011, 10:30 AM
Thanks Omegs, I was going to release the show today, but I'll go over it to at least change Million into the Million.