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Hi guys,

Could you please update your character profiles asap and post them here with a picture of your base?


Character sheet is below and based on the training thread version:

Wrestler's Name:


Height: 0'0"
Weight: 000 lbs

Entrance Music:


Wrestling Style: (please select 2 at the very most - and try make them compliment each other)
Speedy / Daredevil / High Flying / Power / Hardcore / Brawling(Smashmouth) / Martial Arts / Chain wrestler / Technical / Submission / All Rounder / Unorthadox



**See notes on Entrance writing above*

Normal Moves :

Signature Move(s) :

Finishing Move(s) :


Known To Dislike:

Has Teamed With:

Has Feuded With:


Favourite Weapon:

Titles Held:


Alignment: Face/Heel (delete as appropriate)

************************************************** *

Leave blank any parts that are not applicable yet.

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Wrestler's Name: Sickness

Alias(es): Mini Monster, SickStar, Sick One, The Lone Wolf, Sicky, The Only ULTIMATE Champion, Master of the Full Nelson

Height: 5' 11

Weight: 231 lbs

Entrance Music: Down With The Sickness

Hometown: Unknown

Wrestling Style: Brawling(Smashmouth)/ Unorthadox


Sickness is a true veteran of TWOStars. He has been wrestling for the company for the majority of its life, and before that he worked for the sister company of TWOStars, the now defunct ERE.

The Sick One is, at best, unpredictable. His fragile grasp of sanity means that hes as likely to make sense as he is to talk to the nearest pizza! Some days he will be 'better' than others and will manager to function well, others he requires help to even make it to the right arena, help he will always get from his friends and well wishers, even if he doesnt realise that they are such!

The past of Sickness is murky at best, at different times he has made different claims as to his life prior to wrestling, but not even he knows how much of any of them are true.

In ring Sickness has no regard for his own well being and will be just has happy throwing himself off of something high as he is chain wrestling. And while hes no Bret Hart Sickness can chain wrestle surprisingly well, often taking people off guard. This is often enough to beat even better chain wrestlers than himself.


Sickness walks to the ring dressed in his tattered denim shorts and white t shirt. Often both are covered in stains, including blood. Sickness will grin at anybody around him as if he's unsure why he's getting cheered. The Sick One is cheered wherever he is, in any city in any country, even against other faces. Not because people like him more, but because people know they will be due a riot of a match!
Sometimes he walks to the ring with Tony the Pony.


Normal Moves :

■Kick to stomach
■Fujiwar Armbar
■Full Nelson
■Double leg takedown
■Drop toe hold
■Bareback (set up for a Rock Bottom, but fall to knees almost like a stunner!)
■Cross Body
■martial Arts kicks to the body, normally the legs
■High Knee (normally from a jump attack)

Signature Move(s) :

Cross Infection ( a stunner near the ropes, when the target bounces back from the ropes hit a DDT)

Shooting Star Press (November Echo)

The Boyo Bulldog: Sickness locks in a Full Nelson then hits a Dudley Dog while keeping the Full Nelson locked in, slamming his foes face into the mat!

Darkness Falls ( a hammerlock/chinlock/backbreaker combo ) see below for example: The Fabulous One gets Sickness into position for a DDT, but Sickness manages to get his head out of his grip and still hold onto his arm. Sickness then wrenches Fills DDT arm around the back of his waist into a Hammerlock. Sickness holds the hammerlock in for a few seconds. With his left hand Sickness reaches around and pulls on Fills chin, The Fabulous One is now looking at the arena roof. Sickness kicks the back of his knees, making him buckle over backwards. Sickness then drops to his knees and plants Fills spine right on his knee, with the hammerlock and the chin lock still locked in! Can be used as both a normal finisher or held on for a submission.

The Time Warp: Sickness corners his opponent and hits 9 punches to the face before leaping to the second turnbuckle (depending on height of his foe) and lands a 10th strike with his groin. Thats right, he punches people with his balls! He doesnt expect to do anything other than anger his opponent with this move.

Finishing Move(s) :

Sicknote (Tazmission)
Coma (Go2Sleep)


Grins like an idiot... he may take a drink from a bottle of booze hidden somewhere around the ring area.

Known To Dislike:

Johnny Rockefeller

Has Teamed With:

Boyo and Twiggie (The Dark Alliance)
Aaron Winter (The Blood Alliance)
Jaycey Baby (The Flaming Dark)

Has Feuded With:

Maybe everyone ever... :lol

The standout feuds would be
Draven Cage
The New Blood
J Rock
Andy Gee
Edward Samson



Favourite Weapon:

Some kind of booze bottle.

Titles Held:


ERE King of The Ring 2005


TWOStars Ultimate King of The Ring 2005

TWOStars Tag Team Champion (twice with Boyo)

" " (once with Jaycey Baby)

" " (Once with Aaron Winter)

TWOStars Television Championship

TWOStars United States Championship

TWOStars Triple Crown Championship

Sickness is the only man to have held every belt at once.


Sickness has only once been made to submit, that was by Edward Samson in a No Rope Barbed Wire Submissions Only Match.

Alignment: Face

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You got a photo of your base bud?

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Oops, thought I had. Give me a minute. :lol

Done. And I even removed one of my finishers, so now Im down to two. Bye bye Diamond Dust.

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Ha! I'm downgrading my version of the same move! Coincidence! :lol

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Wrestler's Name: Igor

Alias(es): The BodySnatcher, The GraveRobber, CryptFiend, The Drooling Demon

Height: 6'5 (but his hunched posture means he's more like 6')
Weight: 290Lbs

Entrance Music:

Hometown: The Old Country

Wrestling Style: Power / Brawling(Smashmouth)



Igor comes from The Old Country where his previous work... well lets just say that Igor has no plans to return there. I'd also not ask him to lend you a hand as he's probably got a collection on ice somewhere.

Basically Igor is your archetypal mad scientists even madder assistant. He
walks with a strange limping gait and hunched back which masks somewhat that if he stood upright he'd dwarf most people both in height and power. If he speaks he tends to speak in short bursts rather than long drawn out conversations. If it's got to be said then it's blunt and to the point either because Igor can't work out what tact is or because he doesn't care. Oh and he drools a little because he can and I doubt anyone ever told him to stop.

Igor often appears seemingly from the shadows rather than appearing in a normal manner. Somewhat of an idiot-savant Igor is not stupid by any means but a clear streak of mental instability means he flashes from drooling simpleton to childish naivety to a raving lunatic or even an unflappable intellect. This is a man who could be eating crayons one minute before philosophising on the true nature of man.

Igor walks with a limp but that doesn't mean he's slow by any means and can run as quick as a normal man. His arms look long and extremely muscular and are topped by huge calloused hands with knuckles like walnuts. He is stooped meaning is full height is not always obvious when looking at him. Should he unfurl himself to his full height the cracking of his joints arranging themselves into an unfamiliar position is often audible.

In the ring he's a smash mouth competitor trying to beat his opponents into a pulp rather than spend time in tricky holds or flying through the air. out of
the ring he's a mixture of childlike naivety and an insane asylums back
catalogue. He rarely feels any direct pain so tapping out is not really an
option but he's a human being capable of bleeding and being hurt and put down for a 3 count or more.

Entrance(s): TBA

Normal Moves :Short Arm clothesline, headbut, Elbow Smash, General milling punches to the body and head, Yakuza kick, DDT,. Gut Kick, Shoulder Block, Gorrila Press Slam (in front or behind or into things), Gorrila Press into Gut Buster.

Signature Move(s) : Niagara Driver, Nail in the Coffin, Biting! (Igor likes a nibble when he can get away with it), Red Mist (almost certainly his own blood or an opponents), Dribbling on someone during a move (eiher on someone he has hold of or on someone who's trying to hold him)

Finishing Move(s) : Edge of Terror (Sliding D): Seated opponent, Igor bounces of the opposite ropes and slides into his opponent smashing his elbow at speed into their face. If feeling vicious then will do this to the back of someone's neck instead

Chill o' the Grave (Sleeper Hold): Seems innocuous but the fact Igor's arms are so long and thick he can apply insane pressure meaning most people end up being put to sleep within a few seconds. IF the opponent is light enough then Igor will straighten himself and lift them off the ground (accompanied by the cracking of his own spine as it moves into the unusual position).

Taunts: N/A

Known To Dislike: n/a

Has Teamed With: n/a

Has Feuded With: n/a

Debut: n/a

Favourite Weapon: Igor doesn't use weapons, his immense strength means he doesn't feel it necessary. However he'll happily put someone through almost anything, perhaps just to see what happens.

Titles Held: n/a


Alignment: Tweener (in the true sense that he flips and flops between his own moral compass which may mean saving someone he likes whether they are good or bad or simply being overly aggressive at whoever is angering him).