View Full Version : What day do you want to start?

11-10-2011, 01:13 PM
I've popped this poll in till Friday, so please vote on which day you would like the booking started.

As we have an 8 day writing turn around the day after a week later is the final submission day, so, for example:

Friday 1st - Booking day (Writers nominate)
Saturday 8th Final day of booking
Sunday 9th Critique and editing.

And so on for other days.

Let me know the day you's wish to start.

11-10-2011, 04:39 PM
I'm pretty flexible.

Also, I'm fine to start any day.

The B-Man
11-10-2011, 06:05 PM
Don't think this should matter too much myself, but I'll vote Sunday

11-10-2011, 06:19 PM
I voted wednesday since that gives a couple of weekdays for planning and such and discussions to be had and then the weekend immediatly comes up to write for everyone so that both thoe who love to get in with ideas can do so but there is a good chance for those who wish to plan and not feel swamped by what other people have written.

Craig Van Dam
11-10-2011, 07:54 PM
Don't think it needs changing to how it was before to be honest

11-10-2011, 07:56 PM
Im easy, as long as I know what Im working to Im fine.

12-10-2011, 08:52 AM
I'm with craig, doesnt need to change as it was before.

12-10-2011, 10:06 AM
Currently it's tied 2 for 2 between Wednesday and Friday.

12-10-2011, 10:39 AM
Not anymore!

12-10-2011, 11:06 AM
Not anymore anymore.

The B-Man
12-10-2011, 11:31 AM
I actually change my mind after listening to Omega's idea

12-10-2011, 04:19 PM
Friday might be quite cool, as it kinda gives you two weekends(ish) to get stuff done, but I'm not really fussy.

13-10-2011, 10:34 PM
I have voted but please slot me in where you would like =)