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18-09-2008, 06:03 PM

- Recently many people have noticed a sub standard level of performance from Twiggie. It is unsure at this time what the issues are, but many belive he has taken his gimmick into his personal life and may have a serious problem with perscription medication.

- With the contract of Barry Gower still not having been signed people are starting to wonder if he will be in TWOStars for much longer, rumours of film offers abound, as do reports that TWOStars is starting to affect his family life.

- Backstage rumours indicate a former Superstar may soon be returning, but nothing concrete has been confirmed by anyone.

- The recent Sickness/Gower title match, considered a flop by many hardcore fans, was ended in an odd fashion. A source has informed us that the booking was changed as a result of someone in the locker room using their influence on head booker Arron Winter. The booking first had Sickness winning via count out, but that was vetoed at the last minute. Gower and Sickness were both said to be frustrated that Winter changed the plans, Sickness in paticular felt it made him look weak.

- TWOStars superstar Draven Cage recently broke character and attended a home for terminally ill children and handed out presents to the young fans.

- An insider source has reported that the creative team are considering changing the alignement of some of the current superstars.

- The recent "Board of Directors" angle was said to have contained at least two of the real life TWOstars board members. Part of the purpose of the current plot is to draw attention away from leaks recently as to exactly who controls the direction of the company. Paul "Darkstar" Kelly is said to be eager to underplay how much involvement he actually has with the current product since his semi-retirement last year.

- Famous was recently granted use of the TWOstars company jet making him one of only 4 people on the roster to currently be granted that privelege.

Credit: Melv Deltzer.

Hope you all enjoyed. ;)

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Here you go

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Young man you are a star. :)

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Don't expect a push though :P


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Don't expect a push though :P


Any refusal of a push results in a Triple H style hissy fit when eventually I shatter the glass ceiling that I was held down.

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Cage didn't go to some stinkin' children's home; must've been an imposter.

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Cage didn't go to some stinkin' children's home; must've been an imposter.

Hired by Apollo :P

25-09-2008, 11:31 AM

- Twiggie has left TWOStars to attend rehab both for the physical injuries he has been carrying and also to deal with a substance issue which had been concerning thos in charge in the promotion. there is no word on a possible return date

- Genocide did good numbers last night. Management are pleased that their main monthly shows are remaining soldily popular

- With sevreal high level departures in the company TWOstars Academy is on a recruitment drive. Applicants should visit www.twostars.proboards30.com for details.

- Joseph Helms has been asked by management if he would mind perhaps getting some tatoos to compliment his iamge. Helms is said to be fairly happy to try any ideas that the bookers have for him.

- Apollo Cambers recent "firing" is not worked and the american-samoan is indeed done with TWOStars. Wether he continues to wrestle or chooses to persue his acting career is yet to be seen.

Credit: Melv Deltzer.

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Good luck to Apollo in his future endevours. :lol

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By the way if anyone want to add anything to this PM me or Darkstar and we'll add it. remeber it's only for fun though.

09-10-2008, 05:00 PM

- Lucas Thorp was recently asked to do a series of talks at Minnestota's esteemed Brown College about David Hume - a man he specialised in during his university career.
Unfortunately the series was cancelled after the second talk ended with the 'Lord Justice' threatening various students...

The students in question took it all in good humour but the University officials made a statement saying that "the behaviour was unnacceptable for anyone - especially a former teacher."

Thorp refused to comment.

- There are conflicting reports saying that Randy Roko is either on a warning or has been granted limited time off between shows.

- Joseph Helms has been picked up by the same agent who is dealing with Apollo Chambers fledgling movie career but no deals have yet been struck as Helms is still under contract with TWOstars at the present time.

- Last weeks main event did 4.2 in the ratings on a night of 3.9 on average.

- Several former TWOstars alumni as well as several ex-WWE/WCW/ECW employees have been contacted by management with regards to either long term or temporary runs with the company.

- Randy Roko was genuinely annoyed that "Speak Like A Pirate" Day (September 19 and the surrounding days for those interested) was not given more exposure and his idea to have a pirate themed comedy dress-up contest was completely ignored.

- reports suggest that it seems that the rift between Draven Cage and TWOStars management has been mended. The two sides started to become distant after "The Bulldozer" lost the Triple Crown Title and the TWO World Tag Team Titles.

Cage felt that the decision was a poor one and vented his spleen in more than one backstage meeting, while TWOStars management, feeling that the decision was best for the company, stood firm with their plans.

It is believed that the Submission Match main-event victory, and subsequent spot in the End of Days Elimination Chamber were given to Cage in a bid to re-motivate the angry Scot.

TWOstars management have been quick to point out that they re-signed Cage less than 6 months ago and that everything is working smoothly between the two parties.

- With Kelly Kelly acknowledging that she is not interested in 2009's Playboy/Diva shoot, and with WWE not willing to promote any other female roster member to the role, it is rumoured that Hugh Hefner's monthly magazine is looking outside the Stamford-based company for a replacement, with TWOStars redhead, Angel, the favourite to get the nod.

Has been claimed that this is the big announcement that Draven Cage mentioned during last week's XTV television taping.

We'll keep you informed of any updates.

Credit: Melv Deltzer.

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28-10-2008, 12:12 PM

- Barry Gower's recent "firing" is cover for the former triple crown champion rehabing a very serious shoulder injury. At present there is no set return date for Gower. On a related note Gower asked to be busted open the hardway on Thursday night since it would be the last big knock he'd take. The chair used by Arron Winter is now available in a chairty auction on TWOShop.TWOStars.com

- Edward Samson, Joseph Helms, Iagan and Chris Eaglestein will be running a halloween special on TWOstars.com where clips of some of the scariest gimmicks and moments will be shown as well as a quick Q+A session for those in attendance. tickets available online.

- TWOStars proposed trip to the far east has run into a few visa issue regarding the exact nationlisation of a couple of superstars. One source says that Evil Gringo's slightly dubious dual status is causing headaches for the admin team at TWOstars headquaters

- TWOstars recently signed a multi-million sponsorship deal with clothing giant GAP. Expect to see the wrestlers dressed in heavily branded clothing when outside of the ring.

- rumours suggest Arron Winter is gearing up for an in ring return despite the fact he's been out of permenant action for more than a year.

Evil Gringo
06-11-2008, 06:51 PM

As requested by a large portion of the English speaking only viewers of TWOStars we are proud to present to you a translated transcript of Gringo and Jun Sasaki's interview from the past XTV....

EG: Hey ese and nice to see you landed ON your feet after that chico Meg' s kicked you out…

Across from Gringo sits none other then former downthesun commrade Jun ' J-Sas' Sasaki…

JS: That is ese the right! All saki and the week 30,000 Yen which can hire the person!

EG: Must be though though homes… managing the bar of the Dome…. seeing all those chicos like Kawada and Muto pass through and not getting any ring time…

JS: It' If that and obtains in many, without something to say as for Gringo of s, in three easy steps which after all, you follow… One - saki, pour 2 - the mouth and 3 where you opened - the beverage!

J-Sause as he should now be known slams his cup down ON the bar and pours himself another shot…

JS: Still, as for her what to Rob and nowadays being hard and going without Mami the world in order now to make circle…It becomes certain?

EG: She' s doing okay homes, it was getting too rough to have her at the arenas you know and I mean I had El Sangano Famous hitting ON her, J- **** stealing her…. hell even that chico assed Cage tortured her once…

JS: Therefore what until now her? Desire she' Does not reach to the limit of the house of the old credit card s… which

EG: Nah ese… Winter' s got her working in the marketing department over in the head office and plus she' s got a shoot with FHM US next week as well….

JS: 1 it is good Gringo…So the toast… to BECKI!


Both raise their saki cups into the air before tossing them back and necking the rice fermented hell brew in one go…

EG: Damn homes and thats good stuff… look it' s been nice catching up Sas but homes I gotta get going… I' ve got a big match tonight…

JS: Famous?

EG: Yeah ese and somehow that chico managed to bury his head so far into Winter' s ass that he got the US title… well for now anyhow…

JS: Therefore is the fact that it goes after that done?

EG: Hell yeah homes… you think I like seeing some K-Fed chico ass wannabe walking around with gold belonging to the company I built? Starting tonight ol' Fa-Moose is gonna get a reality check… Gringo style…

JS: Doing Gringo…Those which it needs the well then…You have known

EG: What's that homes?


Gringo laughs and nods his head and patting his former commrade ON the shoulder…

EG: Sounds like a plan homes… sounds like a plan… catch ya later ese…

Gringo hops down OFF his bar stool and heads to the exit as Sasaki pours himself another drink and whispering to himself…

JS: bbbrraaaiinnnbbbuuussttaaaahhh

Somehow, like the appeal of the film, it is Lost in Translation...

In other news

- Rumours are abound at the moment that Terry Funk is considering coming out of retirement for the 74th time to face the winner of Samson v Sickness... if the price is right of course...

- As revealed on XTV it seems Becki Moss will no longer be used as an on air talent. With the chance of a womens division scuppered due to a lack of suitable trainees as well as Gringo's wish to keep her out of harms way then Miss Moss will be working in the TWOStars head office as part of our merchandising and marketing team

- Finally it seems resident Vampire/Goth Joseph Helms decided to turn heads at the annual TWOStars Halloween Gala by coming as the Chav - something the rest of the roster found much amusing. all except Chris Eagles who tried to sue all party goers for gimmick infringement... so far the case has not progressed but we will be sure to keep you all updated

06-01-2009, 09:03 PM

- Johnny Rockefeller return was a surprise addition to the card and was kept from the other roster members to ensure no leaks before the PPV

- Iagan's return is seen by many as perhaps his last chance to prove himself to the management team. He's jobbed his way around the company in the last few years but the bookers thought there was a place for Iagan once more and it seems he is relishing the chance to show what he can do

- Former on screen GM Darkstar chipped a tooth on a half frozen Dime bar recently.

- Lucian Jones has joined TWOstars from a highly respected British federation and management are looking at him to have a bright future.

- Edward Samson had to undergo some minor plastic surgery to help close up a wound he had stitched backstage after his barbed wire match against Sickness. The original wound had become infected and required 26 medical staples to reclose. Samson is not set to miss any ring time because of it.

Credit: Melv Deltzer.

11-02-2009, 12:46 PM
The things you didn't see on XTV 4:44...


- General Manager Arron Winter was in a rather foul mood as he entered the building for XTV 4:44. He had been mobbed by a angry gang of devoted TWOStars fans before the show, they called him de-grading names, based on his Estonian background. The GM shrugged it off, and entered the building, leaving security to deal with the mob.

Then, after the show, as the Estonian General Manager left the building, accompanied by fellow superstar Sickness, a different mob comprised up of homosexuals de-graded Arron Winter for his comments to the TWOStars superstar Keith Jaxx during the show. Winter angrily warned them off, before him and Sickness left the scene with the mob behind them.

- This week on XTV, Jason `The Phoenix` Bell personally insulted Randy Roko, by killing off his beloved parrot, Petey. This was seen by many as despicable, but in reality, it was a fake stuffed parrot with black paint painted on, the real Parrot Petey has been called away to be the spokes-parrot for the TV show `Animals do the funniest things` and this was the best way to increase the growing dislike between Jason and Randy and give Petey a reason not to be on live TV any more. Randy gave permission for the work, and whole heartedly agrees that it is the best way to kill two birds with one stone, TWOStars wishes Petey all the best in his future endeavours.

- Before the show, Randy and Angus took on Intermental and Ashton in a dark match, the match was made at the last moment, it was supposed to be fitted in to the normal XTV show, but it was replaced with The Immortals vs The Brotherhood. Angus and Randy dominated the match until Intermental `accidentally` took out the referee, and then hitting the duo with chair shots, they looked set to get the win until Willard came out made the save, Randy won via a roll up.

- In a recent interview, Harry `Hardcore` Hart recently stated that he is very happy with his current position in TWOStars, the following is a quote from Mr. Hart.

“I went from being nothing, to Mr Money In The Bank, I have been part of many factions before, including The Chosen and Image Ink, but they were just stepping stones towards my current position.”

When asked about his on screen relationship with Famous, he replied;

“Me and Famous? We don't get along, we're not supposed to be, we never will be `Two peas in a pod`.”

Off screen, Hart and Famous can not stand each other, and row over booking's repeatedly.

On the other hand, Jason Bell and Angus and Randy are extremely chummy off screen.

- Recently, Lucian Jones, the newest member to the roster, was declined by Arron Winter to join The Immortal Highlanders as Winter feels that Lucian should continue work as a singles superstar and develop farther before moving on. Lucian is genuinely disappointed, but somewhat relieved after seeing the Tartan against his ward robe.

Credit: Dave Metzler.


Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a Dirt Sheet, PM's between me and DS about a weekly Dirt sheet have been going on, and Omega said I could give it a go and see how it works out! So I'll explain the way I would like to do it.

Each week, or XTV, I will invent things to go on the DS, five things, about five different superstars.
Either I invent them, or the bookers can tell me something they want included, and I will included the bookers idea.

If the idea I invent is about a curretn TWOstars superstar, say DC or Sickness, then I will PM the idea to the writer of that character with my idea, if they like it, it can be posted, if they don't, I ask them what they would rather have instead, if you do not reply to my PM, I will assume you are fine with the idea.

Then, I simply put the ideas down on a Open Office doc. Wait for the end of the XTV, and post the DS, which will include backstage happenings on each XTV, a bit like Wrestlezone and there “Things you didnt see on RAW/Smackdown/ECW”.

If you guys like this idea, then It will happen weekly I believe, I will do this every week for every XTV (And one for a PPV) . And, if the bookers need it, I can do a `BREAKING NEWS` one, where only one, important news is discussed.

If you want anything in the dirt sheet, just PM me and I'll add it! :)

So, what do you guys think eh?



Dark Dodo
11-02-2009, 05:55 PM
love it.

back stage scoops would be nice such as gossip, ect.

11-02-2009, 06:04 PM
Just pulled this from Gerweck.net

Just to follow up from the story from TWOStars' Dirt Sheet this past week in regards to Harry Hart and Famous.

It seems there is a small amount of heat on both men for their backstage bickering. The two have nearly come to blows on more than one occasion. The current storyline with them teaming up was thought to have watered the fire, but in fact has inflamed the situation.

Management are unhappy that neither man can work together, but has utilised this into some of the recent promos.

Bookers had hoped they could try and ease the conflict, but should it continue or eleveate then the plan could be to split them up permanantly.

Famous of course wan unhappy when Hart was brought into the original Image Inc stable, and the situation has worsened from there.

Melv Deltzer

11-02-2009, 09:55 PM
We've just been given word that the Wrestlenova (previously Wrestlemania)edition of Playboy with Angel, the resident hottie in the TWOStars promotion, will go on sale April 2nd.

Angel, the first non-WWE female performer to achieve this honor in the current era, is reportedly excited about the possibilities and that she edged out WWE Divas like Maryse, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool in being chosen for the cover shoot.

Although not confirmed, it is rumoured that the lacklustre response to last year's edition, with Maria on the cover, is the reason Hugh Hefner's publication decided to widen the net for the 2009 edition.Credit: The Wrestler Observing (www.myspace.com/dravencage)

12-02-2009, 07:24 AM
Just a reminder:

If you want anything in the dirt sheet, just PM me and I'll add it! :)

Please dont be doing your own. Thanks guys.

12-02-2009, 07:36 AM
Again I've deleted the excess posts in here. This is for Dirt Sheet posts only not discussion of same or discussing Jayfunks porn habits. Help and feedeback is the place to discuss aspects of TWOstars. If you want anything in the Dirt Sheet you PM rudie as he is running it now.

19-02-2009, 09:52 PM
The things you didn't see on XTV 4:45...


Backstage, Twiggie was found hanging around talking to some Road Agents, when asked what was going on, he just said “Chill dude, I'm just chilling about” He was talking to C2K and Jimmy Redman about the going's on in TWOStars, and was very friendly to the staff who was about at the time, including Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews.

TWOStars management is considering a new gimmick for Iagan, an insider source revealed in the early hours of the morning. They think that Iagan can be so much more and are considering it, they have yet to ask Iagan about the change, but the idea's they have for him are said to be something along the likes of Angus McDonald, minus the Scottish and Train part. The insider claims that Heyman and Iagans hatred for each other caused this, as Heyman continously moaned about how Iagan was being used.

A insider deep into TWOStars revealed to us that the TWOStars training academy is not going well. The last entrant, The Kotzebue Kid, apparently gave up after starting and stopped coming to the academy, Other recent entries that have failed to continue are `Tsunami` Foxx, Hurricane Hitman, `The Estonian Dream` Andres Terehov and Dragon Kid. TWOStars management are very frustrated with the lack of applicants and follow through s.

There was a technical difficulty during the show, and during a dark jobber vs jobber before the show match, the lights cut out, everyone was genuinly surprised, and they thought that Evil Gringo was comign down to the ring, but it was not to be and Heyman and Styles apologised, the wrestling in the ring continued with a huge spotlight over the two men as the lights returned to normal, people backstage are saying “Now, that's a Dark Match”.

Credit: Wrestlezone

Dark Dodo
20-02-2009, 10:24 AM
excellent piece of work there. iagan might incorparate become more english lol

25-02-2009, 10:22 PM
The things you didn't see on XTV 4:46...


TWOStars management have required that Randy Roko use less Scottish when on live TV, an insider source says this is because some viewers complained about not understanding the Pirate's mix of Scottish/Pirate speech, it is expected that Randy will try harder to use normal English, strangely enough, there is hardly any complaints about Angus McDonalds speech.

In a Non Kayfabe shoot, Jason `The Phoneix` Bell shared an interview with one lucky lucky fan, the said interview is on TWOStars.com, but we have posted it here for you all to view.

Fan: What do you really think about your hated rival, Randy Roko?

Jason: Randy is a talent no doubt about it, he is a pleasure to work with and, given our current programme, it gives out the best in both myself, and Randy. I can honestly see, in the next six months, Randy as a champion, whether it be the TV champion, or Tag champion. Needless to say, I am a fan of his gimmick.

Fan: That's cool...Who, in your opinion, is the next rising star in TWOStars?

Jason: Ah, for that I would have to say Lucian...L...Jones. He has a fresh and unique gimmick, and is talented inside the ring as well, I have had the fortune to work with him twice now, and I have nothing but good things to say about the man.

Fan: He rocks man! Now, Portia, will we ever see her wrestle?

Jason: I hope so, but I am aware that there is no current woman's division in TWOStars. She is extremely good inside the ring, but we have only seen little bit's of her potential in TWOStars as of yet, but trust me, the best, is yet to come. I hope she can get a chance, even if it's in a mixed tag match!

Fan: Portia's hot man! Can you give her my number...no? Ok....Will we ever see Master Yoko make another appearance?

Jason: Ah, the Master Yoko character, the man who plays him is a very charming man, and he reminds me other the master in kick boxer. Yoko was useful in the beginning, to give Jason some credibility as a pure fighter, but as `The Phoenix` turned more heelish, the honourable fighting skills of Master Yoko didn't fit in. Maybe, if Jason were to turn face, or go back to Japan, then we would see him again.

Fan: Master Yoko was bald...If you had to tag up with anyone in this company, who would it be?

Jason: Ahhh, there is only one master of tag matches in TWOStars, and to work with him in a team would be an honour. We have done the whole dysfunctional tag team thing already, but to work on the same page as him, would be awesome. Of course, I am referring to tag team legend Draven Cage.

Fan: I hope he kicks Rocky's ass! Last question...will we ever see Bang! In TWOStars?

Jason: Ah, I thought this would come up. Never say never. As a heel, `The Phoenix` would never go back as Bang! As a face however, it is possible. Personally, I don't want to go back to the mask wearing that had a place and a time, but as face, I could see a nice mixture of both characters `The Phoenix` and `Bang!`.

Fan: Cool! Thanks man, see ya.

Jason: Peace.

In other news, Lucas Thrope and the bookers have not been getting along recently. Apparently, he felt the stipulation of the main event created confusion and possibly conflict about his story with Angus McDonald and felt the stipulation was unnecessary. He saddles some of the blame, for timing issues, but still feels there were more effective ways around it. The Bookers were mostly unsympathetic as they felt it was Thorpe's fault more than theirs – the plans had been set for weeks and it was all part of a bigger mission. The actual feedback from the show says that the stuff came across clearly enough so it appears Thorpe was moaning for the sake of moaning.

04-03-2009, 09:55 PM

The word is with TWOStars insiders is that TWOStars management is considering breaking up the long standing team of `The Immortal Highlanders`. The team have all went away with their own single feuds anyway, and Management are wondering if it is worth having them as a team anymore. The wondering was started when Paul Heyman commented on the fact that TIH would be rusty in a tag team match if given one. Randy, Angus and Willard are unaware of the idea's.

Flyin' Brian Flynn was more than happy to job to J-Rock, as Winter had promised him a bonus to boot if he co-operated with the idea. Management are considering bringing back some old time favourites like Flyin' Brian Flynn to the company to even out the Face/ Heel situation.

Insiders are reporting that the Thug Family used in the Jason memorial service segment were payed only in double digits to do the job, apparently, TWOStars literally went out into the streets of Irvine Scotland and picked up some homeless people, the `family` treated themselves to some nice chicken burgers at the nearest McDonald's after the show.

The TWOStars Awards Show of 2009 was officially posted, the clip can be shown at:


The results were:

Best Triple Crown Champion – Edward Samson.
Best PPV – World War.
Best Match – Iron Man, Gringo vs Gower.
Best Angle – Samson vs Sickness: The Submission Storyline.
Best United States Champion – Famous.
Best Television Champion – Joseph Helms.
TWOStars Most Valuable Player – Sickness.
Best Newcomer – Edward Samson.
Most Improved – Randy Roko.
Best Heel – Edward Samson.
Best Face – Evil Gringo.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer.

John Hancock
04-03-2009, 10:02 PM
Johnny Rockefeller seems to be living up to his on screen gimmick after he reportedly started obnoxiously shouting at anyone who came near him during a recent house show about how the recent TWOStars awards were rigged against him.

Reported by Gabe Nezter.

04-03-2009, 10:13 PM
Dude all dirst sheet stuff through Rudie-poo please.

John Hancock
04-03-2009, 10:20 PM
Dude all dirst sheet stuff through Rudie-poo please.

Since when?

Fair enough though, delete my post if you'd be so kind.

04-03-2009, 10:22 PM

sorry John, need to read up the thread a bit ;)

John Hancock
04-03-2009, 10:30 PM
Screw your rules man! You can't control me!

*Walks back out*

*Walks back in again*

Yeah, didn't know that little rule Megz, lesson learnt.

12-03-2009, 11:01 PM

-Reports are saying that TWOStars management recently threw out idea for an Aston vs Randy feud, with most of the management not trusting Ashton with having the feud. Ashton is very disappointed.

-It is final, Chris Eagles has been fired by the company, no showing a PPV match lost TWOStars a lot of money, and TWOStars had to have a jobber vs jobber match to cover up, this was the last string as Eagles has had plenty of mis haps in the past.

-Insiders are claiming that TWOStars management do not know what to do with Willard at the moment. Willard has shown a lack of input recently, and management are just frustrated with the lack of TV time he's getting.

-In other not so serious news, Angus McDonald has recently accepted the invitation to become the spokesperson for Burger King's new burger `Angus Burger` he ingredieants are:

And irn bru.

It actually tastes quite good!

-Iagan has been offered a part in a up coming horror remake.

The original was The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Vincent Price playedAnton Phibes, a famous organist with doctorates in Music and Theology was thought to have been killed in a car crash in 1921 while rushing to the side of his sick wife, Victoria. He was in fact horribly disfigured in the accident but survived only to discover his wife had died on the operating table. Phibes, convinced that his beloved wife was a victim of incompetent doctors, spends several years planning a vendetta against those who operated on his wife, and begins killing them in 1925.

He uses the ten plagues of eygept as inspiration ot kill those responsible.

in the remake it is based on a manager'wrestler caled phibes who did on a tour bus with his wife. He holds those responsible for the accident and screwing him out of the title. Iagan plays on of those responsibe.

Iagan and Hart had a rather unorthodox segment during this XTV, with Iagan running around with Hart's TV belt, Iagan came up with the idea and bought it to management, who gave it the green light and gave it some TV time.

Credit – Dave Metzler.

Dark Dodo
13-03-2009, 09:35 AM
nice one MRB

18-03-2009, 11:22 PM

Reports are saying that Chris Eagles appearance on this weeks Walk of Fame was one of his last with the company. TWOStars wishes Christopher Eagles all the best in his future endevours.

Rumours are going about that the Eric angle on this weeks show was indeed the start of a new superstar.

WWE wrestlers Morrison and the Miz have filed a complaint due to the name of this sheet, they have claimed that the `Dirt Sheet` is their trademark name. We will inform you all of any progresses.

Credit: Dave Metzler.

(PS: I have only had the time to do a quick one, and this might be the same for the next few weeks, as I have exams and revision + TWOStars + anything else is not good. So itmight lack in quality or quantity.


25-03-2009, 07:28 AM

A TWOStars insider is reporting that TWOStars is possibly going to unveil Angel's playboy shoot at Hell 2 Pay. This is still undecided, but it is a chance of happening. The show will be rated M for Mature if the playboy unveiling goes ahead. (;) :lol)

Credit: Wrestlezone.

(Again, sorry for lacking in quality and qauntity, I am in the middle of my exams right now.

07-04-2009, 06:52 PM
The new look Dirt Sheet should be debuting after this weeks show...


I say 'new look' but it's probably going to look the same as the old one (possibly with the same news items as well).

It's going to be fortnightly and just a bit of fun to be had - hope at least one person is looking forward to it.

07-04-2009, 08:18 PM
*raises hand*

Me is, Thanks for taking it over Paul. :)

07-04-2009, 09:37 PM
Who is this Paul.... ? :P

(Kayfaybe killer :()

I'm glad you are though.

The way I'm taking the Dirt Sheet is that I am a smarky d*ck pessimist (hey Meltzer). I won't be out and out cruel or whatever else but will try to put a little bit of character into the articles - I hope it comes across okay.

10-04-2009, 02:15 PM

This week a list of names were let slip of possibly candidates for the mysterious stalker that has been following Iagan around for the past few months. Apparently bookers were hoping for a major return from it but the wrestler in question withdrew all interest, but instead of dropping the angle they have continued and are trying to come up with a satisfying ending.

Names on the list included:

• Boyo
• Evil Twin Brother ?
• Boogeyman
• Cult Leader

Obviously they are more character ideas then anything – but it will be interesting to see where (if !) they eventually take it anywhere, what they go with... as none of these raise particularly much hope for the story.

Arron Winter being taken off screen is being seen as an unofficial retirement. The former GM apparently hid from most people in the company the bad shape of his body during his return to the ring. It has been rumoured that much of the theme of Arron dodging title defences was due to not wanting to risk his health (especially when such a big pay off was coming).

The speed at which Sickness has lost the titles is a sensitive spot among many fans, but not with the superstar himself. In an interview last week with Jay Leno the Triple Crown champion was quoted (when asked about the Grand Slam win and quick loses) as saying “It was a fantastic moment for me, I’ve re-watched the end of the match - when there were four or five referees having to hand me all the belts... and just wow, it’s incredible; I can barely believe it was me. I don’t mind losing the belts, how CAN I mind really, after that ?!”

The team of Maxximum Definition were brought back into TWOstars with the sole intention of teaming them up. The two men, over the past year in their absence from the company, had done tours in Japan and just happened to get teamed up. They showed an incredible chemistry and had a very impressive list of cracking matches (Their bout against the Motor City Machine Guns in the Zero-1 Tag Title Tournament 2008 finals being a personal favourite). They are very happy to be back in the company and are looking forward to showing how far they’ve come since last time.

The television show Samoan P.I. which starred former TWOstar wrestler Apollo Chambers has been unfortunately dropped after only one season. Although Apollo tried his best, the script was dire and his ginger sidekick (and his supposed ‘acting’) did nothing to help the matter.

Credit: Mave Deltzer

10-04-2009, 02:28 PM


10-04-2009, 02:31 PM
I was really hoping for a second season of Samoan P.I. :( Apollo ruled in it!

10-04-2009, 09:23 PM
DC was hoping for a second season as well; he was up for a four-episode recurring role after his former partner pulled a few favours.


23-04-2009, 08:58 AM

An interesting bit of information for you all – in the past two weeks we’ve seen both Joey Styles and Paul Heyman taking to the microphone for some absolutely blistering speeches. What is worth noting is that Styles was allowed to write his interaction with Rockefeller and was given complete creative freedom. Unfortunately Heyman didn’t have this same pleasure and instead was repeating words chosen for him. It’s been suggested that due to Styles little rant on Raw a few years back, this put him in a good place of being “very well spoken while always being professional”. Meanwhile, as many of you know, when Paul Heyman is given some freedom can be a dangerous force.
Both these men put a couple of the roster to shame with their fantastic, and incredibly convincing, delivery and I can’t help but miss the days of Heyman as a manager...

Apparently there’s talk that Reno Taylor has already annoyed some people in the back. Although details are sketchy, I’ve been told he’s taking constructive criticism quite badly – especially from some of the more experienced, and respected, road agents.

There has been serious talk of bringing in a female division to try and create some diversity and cater to every fans needs. I would like to imagine that they will take the women seriously – but as we’ve all seen the world of wrestling is very cruel to the fairer gender.
Portia is driving incredibly hard for it (she was a full time wrestler on the indys before being brought into TWOstars – and was promised ‘prospects of wrestling’, I’m sure she isn’t about to pass this opportunity up); although apparently Jason isn’t interrupting in his friend’s business. The female member of the Wrestling Revolution is actually bringing in tapes along with names and numbers of other independent women in hope that this will pressure the bosses into making a decision.

As with every year the results to WrestleNova are changing week in and week out as the bosses continue to change their minds. This is the time of year when writers lower down jump at the chance to really make a name for themselves – those who can suggest a good and sensible way to move into, and away, from Nova are always seen as more worthwhile as they were able to ‘step up’ when necessary. If it feels like some of the matches are quite hard to predict a winner it’s almost definitely because they keep switching who they’re planning to be the winner and so try to build one for a week, before switching and starting on the other wrestler. This could lead to some disjointed content in the shows.

TWOstars has approached a number of bands to appear live at Nova and, unsurprisingly, most have turned down offers. Unfortunately for us TWOstars is, although a fantastic example, still a wrestling company. The stigma is still there and the mainstream entertainment will still hate them.

With WrestleNova V coming up, after next week’s XTV there will be my usual WrestleNova-Prediction issue.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

30-04-2009, 07:02 PM

WrestleNova V Review

So here we are, the fifth anniversary of TWOstars and we’re celebrating it with an incredibly full card made up of, on paper, solid matches.

I’m sitting with a cooler full of beers, have ordered the PPV (but not needed to pay for it because this is my job, thanks boss) and have taken up position in my favourite chair... let the show begin.

We’ve started with an absolutely blistering video package – going over the past WrestleNova’s was a brilliant idea, very nicely brought together... in the past year we’ve really seen TWOstars do what TNA seem to be incapable of, and actually daring to improve.

A nice little rundown of the matches and I’m willing to admit it, the excitement is really setting in...

So first off, we’ve got Eastwood and Valentine fighting it out in Falls Count Anywhere... now since we don’t have Eric doing any talking expect a lot of shortcuts and tomfoolery to fill up the five or ten minutes that this goes on for.
We’ve yet really to see Jack in proper action, so I’m hoping for something fairly impressive tonight – the way they’ve been protecting and keeping him away from proper action doesn’t give much hope.
Admittedly pairing them up was a brilliant idea – just looking at the mass that is Eastwood standing next to the human skeleton Valentine is incredible.
And so he’s tried to do a runner... Jack has caught him... there’s time to stop in the Cage’s locker room – and apparently DC warms up with a good bonking, has nobody ever told him that women weaken the legs... oh and now he’s abusing a midget (Jack, not DC... although that would be quite the pre-match ritual).
What are they doing with Eastwood – he charms women then ruthlessly beats everyone; no wonder the fans aren’t reacting to him – they don’t know how they’re supposed to feel about him.
Match is over and I’m a little bit annoyed by how short it was, starting the biggest show your company has ever ran with a match that goes barely five minutes... hmm... but now he has a microphone.
Jack has basically challenged Draven Cage... that has made this entire segment for me, and explained all those very subtle (haha...) nudges towards DC, although I don’t feel WrestleNova is the time to start new feuds – rather the time to end them. Really got to wait and see where we go from here with it...

And the TWOstars Gods heard me complaining about the weak start, they have decided to deliver me Maxximum Definition; as I’ve said previously these guys can GO if given the chance, so I’m hoping for something excellent from this match. Gilmore is a solid worker who can easily cover up his partner’s shortcomings in the charisma department. Then we have Taylor who, although appearing a little uncomfortable in front of the cameras, appears to be stellar... if a little bland.
All four men are playing very nicely – I am going to sing the praises of Maxx Def for a while yet, but you can just FEEL the chemistry between them...
Having Kori attack the ref from behind and sending him into Gilmore was brilliant – it would be so easy to play up the ‘Body’ part of his gimmick in the ring and the ‘Intellect’ part outside... to be able to keep both up all the time will be tricky but so-very worthwhile.
The highflying was superb... Kori taking that nasty looking bump off the top rope into his partner was superb !
I’m going to complain that the enziguri wasn’t caught as well as it should’ve been... a replay would have been nice but Maxx made it up to me by delivering a DVD to Taylor onto the apron ! He could do that every week as far as I’m concerned, just come out and knock a new youngster senseless – absolutely gorgeous.
And a couple of near falls... and no replay of the enziguri but instead of the DVD – thank you lads :D
It’s great that they are isolating Gilmore – real selfless of the experienced man, means they should put Taylor over as the ‘super face’.
HOLY HELL ! Maxx locked in the cobra clutch and was heading towards the turnbuckle... and then Taylor reversed out of it... only to go into a Burning Hammer. I’m annoyed, and yet on top of the world, this kid has won my respect.
And they end it on a double countout ?! Aww I wish I could be angry, I feel like I should be angry... but that was just fantastic. This means the feud is going to be continuing, let it play on !
It had no psychology – but damn it they needed a match to get the fans excited, full of action and lots of hard hitting attacks... these four men were determined to steal the show and they’ve set a high standard to follow from !

Ahh, now here we are, coming up is the Money in the Bank match. If you asked me to go out on a limb and choose what was going to be match of the night I’d have gone safe and put my money on these three men.
We have a nice little summary of how we got here, obviously the new production team have been working their socks off to make this show stand out and BAH GAWD~! it’s working.
Oooooh, and I just finished saying that and there was a technical screw up. Did anyone notice, just before Lucian’s music started there was a short few moments of Nine Inch Nails... obviously the guys in the back pressed the wrong button.
The entrances were very nice from all three guys, the third girl down during Lucian’s entrance can turn up unannounced at my apartment anytime and I won’t complain.
FAMOUS takes the briefcase in a nice little bout. It was good, pretty darn good... but just not what I was expecting.
They booked Edward nicely as a nasty monster, but I never genuinely felt like Lucian was ever walking out with the MitB, which I think is a real shame as he has been the STANDOUT man in the build towards this.
My huge problem is that Famous hit four finishers (I’m counting the top rope spear – it’s a finisher with added POW) and yet neither of the other two men hit ANY... that robbed the match of any serious tension.
I’m glad about the result – Famous is a damn hard worker and can’t wait to see where he takes it.

Next up we are taken to my unofficial toilet break. As readers will know I have absolutely no interest in this match and am not impressed by the rumours of a new female division starting up. HOWEVER I am always open to being proven wrong so will hold my pee and see if they can impress.
Hot-diggety-damn-dog Angel is looking fantastic – if for nothing else I’m glad I stuck about for that unveiling.
On that note, even if Portia turns out to be a useless wrestler she is a fantastic second-fiddle comic heel; her face at her opponent’s costume was priceless.
And what’s this... I actually quite enjoyed that match ?! They booked it brilliantly; it made a lot of sense and created the dynamics very nicely with no previous knowledge of the competitors. Putting over Portia as the technician compared to the brawler Angel – and then to have the screw job ending, superb.
These two women really surpassed what I expected, and I’m big enough to admit that.
The “clit kick” should also become an official move name.

Next up... we’re onto the TV title match. Now I’m almost guaranteeing a Randy victory here (making his first title win seem pointless and in the same moment diluting what a big deal this win should have been) but we’ll wait and see.
I’ve enjoyed this feud because it’s been a proper classic wrestling feud... they made it personal by killing a PARROT... and yet somehow this has sailed beautifully and the fans have bought into it – a huge credit to Randy as far as that goes.
Having Tony Chimel speaking over the flashbacks was silly... where did the usual deep-voiced-guy go to ?
Once again, just Portia is fantastic – I love her slightly ridiculous introductions for Jason and the way they’re getting bigger and bigger every week... I can best describe how I feel about her as a female William Regal.
What’s in the bag ? I’m betting the parrot... almost definitely the parrot... or possibly Randy’s baby sister ?
Another new song by Roko... Gud the company do like to change his music. Come on and stick with something m’lad... However that entrance was nothing short of spectacular (Chimel making it all the better, I’d like to imagine that was completely improvised).
Those two kids exploded into this match – now that is the way you show hatred... absolutely superb.
It was excellent to see Randy not fall for the handshake, if he had taken it I would’ve seriously demanded him to have his head examined and whoever laid out the spot to get fired.
I’m just going to mention just now how on-form Joey and Paul are tonight – it’s great to see them both really giving it all and enjoying it as much as the fans are.
You cut to an ad... and then don’t even show us a replay of the moment things turnaround. What was I saying about diluting this victory (unless Jason retains of course ?) ?
I’m calling it now – Portia to be funniest wrestler 2009... absolutely BRILLIANT faces – she’s just one of these properly funny people who realises the importance of body language ! Sorry, she’s been sent backstage due to removing her man from the ring.
Some very nice back and forth action – excellent close falls and a few that had me ready to jump out of my seat. The reversal into the Third Time’s A Charm was absolutely fantastic... Chokeslam/RKO type great, really.
We’re suddenly a No DQ... the change at this point feels like the bosses have genuinely decided right at this moment to change it, literally no previous thought put into it. Oh well, let’s see where it goes now... I can’t say the announcement, at this point, adds any excitement (except for the probable Portia return...).
Paul claims he’s never seen Randy with a weapon – he must’ve forgotten that infamous save when he charged down to the ring armed with a wooden leg.
Okay two count outs in one night is NOT okay...
THERE IT IS... The TWOstars Gods are listening to me – the Wooden Leg makes its return, huzzah.
That was an excellent ending sequence, when the commentators were discussing the Coma I was wincing my face up in displeasure... but now Roko has a nice new move (when I say that... it’s an F5... Harry Hart should sue) to add to the arsenal and we have a new Television champion.
That was an excellent wee bout, a great way to top off the feud and the No DQ did add to everything.

We’re doing a rundown of the Hart/Vam Dam feud... and gosh it’s gone on a while. It’s a real shame, as they talked me through it all these memories came back and yet when Styles first said it went back to World War I was completely blank. These two guys have been quietly working away and I feel it’s due to an incredibly frantic card surrounding them that they’ve got lost in the shuffle a bit. However, in retrospect, the build has been fantastic. Going to pick a winner ? I have to say Harry... I am looking at him, along with Lucian Jones to be headlining PPVs by the end of 2009.
Some nice chain wrestling here, a little breather (thank goodness) and hopefully something a little more technical after the more brawl-like TV match.
We’ve seen some excellent move – as I’ve said about all very technical and I’m loving it. It’s like watching dancing, just so smooth and well executed.
Harry’s trying to walk away, spoilt brat that he is and I’m hoping to see CVD take us up into fifth gear... ach no, I was hoping for some leaping action but Hart was too quick.
Oh, I spoke too soon, we’re back in the ring with a springboard DDT – I guess I can’t have everything.
WOAAAH – a nasty little botch there sent both men over the top rope... a bit of a suplex screw up there... Harry looks like he might’ve caught his shoulder on the way down. Whoops... And Harry has thrown Craig into the guardrail, obviously he isn’t about to forgive and forget.
I won’t lie for a second – when the Codebreaker connected I was ready for the 3-count... I was READY.
The headbutt was nice, but after the Rolling Thunder having him deliver a Frog Splash would’ve been nice... and does anyone else feel just a little uncomfortable by the ‘Benoit Tribute’ Harry seems to be doing... whether by accident or not... at WrestleNova... REALLY ?!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH the referee is down – stupid idiot getting in the way... what the hell is TWOstars paying you for, honestly....
That midair Codebreaker was beautiful... the reason we watch wrestling, RIGHT THERE.
Craig is the new champion after an incredibly enjoyable bout – so far I would put these guys as match of the night. Starting things off with fantastic technical wrestling, moving into a slight brawl, having a little bit of Russo before finally a brilliant and decisive ending.

We’re only about halfway and I’m feeling exhausted... what else can they pull out, honestly ?

Ahaha... I dared to question the Gods and they will show me what-for. TLC for the Tag titles... with Gringo... what isn’t to love ?
We’ve also got Helms in there who I’m expecting to hopefully shine and then Iggy who’s going to take some kind of absolutely crazy dive because he doesn’t fear death. Willard will be the muscle, used to throw his opponent’s into stuff... and then we’ve got DC and his partner. I don’t know how to feel... Draven is a big guy – but not as big as Willard... I don’t know how this is going to go... the Brotherhood haven’t done anything and the setup of the Gringo/Willard team (“you’ve got nothing else... so have a title shot”) leaves me doubting either of them walking out with the gold.
So I’m guessing this mysterious Shadow is going to play a big part... I’m as in the dark about him as anybody else so let’s get rolling...
I’ve just read spoilers that Jim Ross is going to be doing some commentating, personally I don’t believe it for a second...
Ha, they’re having the champions enter before DC... that underlines the fact this whole ‘mystery partner’ thing is more important than the actual titles being defended (some people say I look too far into things ?)...
No mention of the Shadow at all in the starting moments ?
Willard has never been the best guy in the ring, he hasn’t... but he can sure swing a chair pretty damn well.
HO... LY... F*CK... I mean when Cage interfered with the EI killing the Brotherhood I thought we were going to just fall apart and go back to ‘filler action’... but no.. no, no, no... CAGE KILLED WILLARD ! ! The two biggest men in this thing took one of the craziest bumps I’ve ever seen... IT WAS INSANE ! ! THE SLOW MOTION REPEAT... HE LANDS ON HIS HEAD – HIS FREAKIN’ HEAD ! !
Oh... sh*t... by the looks of it he is hurt... wow, is anyone surprised ?! That was absolutely amazing, and Gringo showing his experience trying to keep things moving between himself and Cage as they remove the Big Man... Look at the Brotherhood, they look shaken by the whole thing...
The match is going on ? Wow... a little bit tasteless don’t you think while the injured man is STILL IN THE RING...
THE SHADOW IS GRINGO ?!?! YOU’RE KIDDING ME... YES, YES, YES ! ! No... no, oh well... I knew it was too good to be true. Knew there was no way in hell... but wow, I was literally out of my chair and jumping in the air... shame it died so quickly.
ANOTHER ONE !? IAGAN ON HIS HEAD NOW... CAGE IS TRYING TO GET RID OF EVERYONE IN THIS MATCH... PERMANENTLY ! ! Dear goodness, with Willy out of the match I guess it’s down to Cage to be the ‘muscle’... and you sometimes forget what kind of a freak he is.
That Mother’s Touch on the top of the ladder was crazily tense... I had goose bumps watching it... bravo to Iagan for being crazy enough to follow the madman Cage.
I told Joseph to stay away from that ladder... but oh well... although technically that was Gringo who is guilty this time.
And these two proving why they are two of the most important wrestlers in the world today – they are dedicated and don’t fear having to suffer for their art... getting hung upside down and Gored to hell... Gringo will do anything for this company and I hope they never lose him.
There aren’t enough capital letters to sum up how absolutely awesome the next bunch of bumps and spots are... everyone risks everything – again, and again, and again.
GOWER IS BACK ?! How haven’t I heard about this... Barry Gower has made a very surprise return as the real partner... he’s the Shadow ? Well that’s intriguing.
That. Match. Was. Phenomenal.

And... oh Joey’s off to get killed, I can’t wait. This one is interesting because they might play up Styles hard right (hey JBL) to punish Rockefeller a bit for the walkout last year... but then again the bosses are generally quite good at looking out for business over petty hatred.
AND JIM ROSS is joining us... oh great, Styles and Heyman have been on fire all night and we bring him in to ruin this... oh well, I’ll live with it – Paul sounds about as impressed as I am.
Oh, we have Kayne West performing live... I suppose it’s a good way to fill out what is surely going to be a short (not necessarily terrible) match. This man is horrendous and should be banned from television.
You know... they’ve had women come out for two people’s entrances... I really, REALLY want two lines of Angus’ to come out for the main event – maybe thirty men dressed in tartan with ginger wigs all “Blowing the Whistle”, let’s make it happen TWOstars Gods.
Rocky’s looking pretty much the same, why downgrade to silver when you have gold ? Maybe his bat manufacturer ran out of paint or...
Johnny telling it like it is – after that positive reception there must be a slight tinge of guilt about all the cheap heat he’s trying to get together. Oh good, insult Bret Hart... give him something to whinge about in another three or four books. OH, OH, OH though – the National Anthem... very, very nice. Loved it – now you’ve properly got these fans wanting your blood. Well done Johnny-son, those cheers are long forgotten now.
Styles enters from the crowd and looks weedy.
We’ve got them giving Styles some nicely balanced offence – little dribs and drabs while always keeping Johnny in overall control, a nice balance and Styles is selling like a dream.
Bret Hart has interfered, after two ref bumps, and has hit Johnny HARD in the face... expect a chipped tooth from that one.
THEY HAD HIM KICK OUT OF THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH ?!?!?!!? That is suuuuuperb, absolutely superb. A commentator kicked out of one of your biggest heels finishers. A lovely “WrestleNova moment” I suppose, just make sure to get it legitimised again quickly...
That was a very fun little match, Joey did his best (the less said about his embarrassing frog splash the better) and Rocky pulled his usual magic to get the crowd on fire... the audience just helped make this into something special, well done to both guys.

And now onto our main event – the build to this match has been incredibly on/off so I really don’t know what to expect. The last match these two had against one another was filled with comedy spots... now we’re at the biggest card of the year, somehow I don’t think that’ll quite cut it.
AND JR is coming out again, second music problem of the night. Having it on Sky+ I was able to rewind it, and yes old Jim Ross does stand up when the music starts playing and waves his cowboy hat around, taking the screw up in his stride. Excellent.
We have some very nice back and forth action, Angus looking quite the star in the bout which I really approve of.
Sickness is teasing a rather heel side, but rather than ‘bad guy’ heel just ‘psychotic’ which is exactly what he should be doing.
We’ve seen them kick out of each other’s finishers, absolutely excellent – the way we’re going I genuinely can’t see who is coming out on top.
And Angus has won; the Flying Scotsman has taken the biggest title in the game.
WHAT THE, excuse me, F*CK WAS THAT ?!
I’m genuinely asking anybody who can offer me a sensible answer... we’re ending the show... on THAT ?! Famous comes out, cashes in his briefcase and takes the Triple Crown... you’re kidding me ?
Now, don’t get me wrong, I admire the absolute madness of it... but come-on, that was completely MAD ! !
You have left the entire world with a b*llsh*t ending... don’t be surprised if there’s a huge fan backlash in the ratings.
They’ve built Angus McDonald up for months now and, after a cracking match that really helped to prove his main event material, throw his moment away and hand it to a midcarder who’s entire gimmick for the same amount of time has been indifference and a lack of motivation... can anybody else see why I’m questioning the move ? No wonder the build of McDonald has been so half-baked, they were never properly banking (pun fully intended) on him...
Gagh, what a sh*t ending... I’m really angry about this. Really, really angry... I’m hoping the bookers have some brilliant plan to fix this.

Well, we’ve ended the show. A full house for new champions which is always nice to see and a fantastic show that was made up of new stars who are most certainly future legends in the business. Although there were a few slip ups and one of the worst endings to a wrestling show I’ve ever seen, TWOstars should be proud of themselves.

They catered to everybody with some technical, some proper brawls, some laughs, some women, a whole host of crazy hardcore, some happy endings and a fantastic non-wrestler bout.

If this is the way they celebrate five years... I can’t imagine how they’ll top it for VI ?

Thanks for joining me for my WrestleNova Review – we’ll be back to normal next week with all the biggest backstage gossip and sneak peeks from the world of wrestling.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

John Hancock
30-04-2009, 07:12 PM
Absolutely love it.

30-04-2009, 07:15 PM
That was awesome, JJ. :D

30-04-2009, 07:33 PM
Good job JJ.

30-04-2009, 07:55 PM
Nice take JJ, very well Role played I's like to know your own thoughts as well though...

30-04-2009, 09:23 PM
Awesomely done.

02-05-2009, 07:27 PM

Former(?) TWOstars wrestler Twiggie, has been spotted in the Wisconsin state capitol, Madison.

He was seen outside of a WalMart begging for change with a cardboard sign, that is reported to read "Traveling, Broke, and Ugly. Anything Helps."

Upon being recognized, Twiggie cheerfully signed an autograph, spoke candidly with the fan, and then asked for a quarter. He has claimed to have traveled from his hometown in Colorado to Florida and most recently to Wisconsin, begging for the gas money to fuel his 1937 Ford Roadster the whole trip.

Apparently Twig told the anonymous fan that upon his release from rehab he was equally ashamed with his betrayal of the Dark Alliance, as he was with his decadent lifestyle. And so after donating his entire TWOstars earnings to various charities (with the largest portion going to NORML), he took to the road, sleeping in his car, or on the couch of anyone who would take him in.

Twiggie has not been reached for further comment, but I did a little investigating, and the Madison Police Department recently arrested a man by the name of Mark Renton for "menacing panhandling" Twiggie's real name is Matt Leone, however Mr. Renton bares an uncanny likeness of Twiggie, including his dreads, and even his tattoo...

-Mave Deltzer

That's 95% true. I haven't been to Colorado on this trip yet, and I don't have a Ford Roadster.

02-05-2009, 11:32 PM
All Dirt Sheet stuff goes through me :info7:

Nah, in all seriousness, it's very good to hear from you Twigs - it sounds like you've been having a bit of a rough time... I hope it's at least been an enjoyable rough time !

03-05-2009, 12:01 AM
Ah, my bad JJ. I thought one person posted the DS, but flipped thru the thread and saw others posting random blurbs. So I figured it wasn't an issue. But yeah, I figured this would be a fun way to recap what I've been up to. I only spent a night in jail, and they had cable, so it was alright. But yeah, for the most part I've been having fun... Starting to get the shakes if I don't have a drink though.

14-05-2009, 01:21 PM

At WrestleNova we all saw Willard land on his head in a moment that wrestling fans around the world will remember for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games, the big man did seriously hurt himself and the emergency folk we saw all coming down at the event were genuine. He has suffered a broken neck and caused some nasty damage to some of the higher vertebrates in his spine, causing minor paralysis down his right side (don’t ask me what that means, just repeating what I was told).
The big news is that it’s going to cost him a ridiculous amount of money and he has very little health insurance. However the big man has a good number of friends in the back and the bosses have come to an agreement with him. Unfortunately, for now, Willard is leaving TWOstars after agreeing to break his contract and in return the company will pay for a number of the operations to get him back to a point where he can work, probably outside of the wrestling business.
We’ll keep you updated on how Willie is doing but for now we send our best wishes to his family, friends and wish him a speedy recovery.

Jack Eastwood lost his first official match this week in TWOstars. Although this in itself isn’t huge news, it’s interesting to know there have been heated arguments in the back about whether or not they were giving him a huge ‘undefeated’ run or not. Although a few of the bookers have been incredibly keen on the idea, and therefore keeping the rest of them at bay it was finally decided that there just weren’t the numbers on the roster to feed to Eastwood. Jack himself was very heavily behind the idea, going so far as to argue about the way the MitB qualifying match between himself and Edward Samson was supposed to go, getting it changed to the promo that we all saw.

There is a story going around that nobody knew the end to WrestleNova except for the chairman. Apparently Famous came back from his first contest and was immediately called into the big office where Angus and Sickness were already waiting – and the surprise ending was explained to them all... it’s insane to think that’s the extent to which the big bosses was willing to keep things quiet just to avoid internet spoilers.

The replacement of Jim Ross onto the commentary team came about as Joey Styles requested a change of position in the company, hoping to get a chance to work from home a little more with the birth of his third daughter. Styles is now working heavily on the TWOstars.com website and everybody was very happy when JR showed interest in taking up a full time job.
Fans may have noticed Styles first day in his new position as a poll appeared on TWOstars.com asking whether or not Paul Heyman was an idiot. The three choices offered were "yes", "double yes" or "more definitely than anything ever". Of course it was all a joke and had disappeared within a few hours, but it's good to see that Joey's sense of humour will continue to entertain us even offscreen..

I’m sure some people were a little surprised to see the Bra and Panties match a week ago on XTV; well an interesting fact for you... it was Portia who put the idea forward. She has an absolutely fantastic mind for building feuds, like probably one of the best female wrestling minds I’ve ever seen... and she’s continuing to nudge away at how much a permanent female division would help the company.

Just on the note of divisions, TWOstars are continuing to look at strengthening their tag division. At the moment they have The Wreckoning, The Brotherhood, Maxximum Definition, Ride the Lightening and Taylor/Gilmore (although that isn’t official). The Immortal Highlanders are there but they’re generally doing more singles stuff; and I guess if they really wanted they could always run an Image Inc reunion... and so because of this they are looking to getting a few more teams in just to create continued competition. Although, to be fair, what they have just now is a very good start.

Different people in the back have reported that there have been new negotiations between TWOstars and former employee Twiggie. While in the company he made a lot of friends who have kept in close contact with him and many are trying to talk him into a return to the company. There is a space waiting for Twiggie, but as ever the selfless hippy worries about a lack of conviction although has said there is always a chance down the line.
I’m personally hoping they don’t sign him back up quite yet... as I am hoping to get hold of a very special treat the readers.

Finally, I've heard rumours that TWOstars is thinking about bringing in a character who is a superhero from the future... I'll leave you with that to mull over for the next fortnight.

Source: Mave Deltzer

14-05-2009, 04:53 PM
At WrestleNova we all saw Willard land on his head in a moment that wrestling fans around the world will remember for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games, the big man did seriously hurt himself and the emergency folk we saw all coming down at the event were genuine. He has suffered a broken neck and caused some nasty damage to some of the higher vertebrates in his spine, causing minor paralysis down his right side (don’t ask me what that means, just repeating what I was told).Another one to add to the DC-put-me-out-of-wrestling list. :lol

14-05-2009, 06:45 PM
Because of his clumsyness. :P

Willard was written as actually injured. :lol

15-05-2009, 12:36 PM
Which was his clumsiness in not breaking his fall correctly; all DC had to do was throw. :lol

21-05-2009, 11:57 PM

In quite shocking news Joseph Helms has turned down all offers to resign his contract. Helms has been a steadfast in TWOstars for a number of years but apparently had grown quite tired of the way the booking team were using The Brotherhood.
The final nail in the coffin was the letdown that was their title win – obviously he wasn’t blind to the fact they won it, basically, to lose it to Cage and the returning Gower... There are varying reports to his attitude; some are arguing that he’s simply frustrated and tired with the heavy schedule while others claim that he’s being quite arrogant about the whole thing, feeling that he’s “paid his dues” and so deserves more respect.
Whatever the case Helms revealed to the world through his facebook that he is certainly not going to lose any sleep over his departure as none other than TNA have snapped him up.
I hope that Joey gets what he’s looking for over there and look forward to seeing how Russo ruins him.

Drips and drabs have been coming through for weeks now about this next story – and I’ve been keeping it quiet until I was able to give something more concrete. Alas instead I just keep getting more and more disjointed pieces, but these are just as intriguing. The team of Ride The Lightening have been slowly teasing a breakup but bookers continue to put things off and are not sure where to take it. There was a big idea about getting the feud ready for a huge Nova payoff but the head booker felt that having a title involved somewhere, at least to start with, would be better... and so we now have Craig holding the US title. That would immediately suggest that Gringo will turn on him, but there is interest in giving the champ a whole gimmick shakeup and also feel a big programme with Gringo would help to cement CVD as a main event player.
To say that everything is up in the air at the moment is an understatement; there is even the chance that they’re not going to bother with a breakup and instead just play out the teasing, only to lead to nothing (as they did earlier this year with the Immortal Highlanders)...

A very small piece of news has been passed onto me and it’s with intrigue that I let you all in on it – TWOstars has approached none other than England’s own Doncaster Dome about putting on a show in about 6 months time. To say this is a surprise doesn’t quite capture it – compared to the massive arenas the company are enjoying selling out, the Dome can only accommodate about 1,600 people.
This huge drop suggests they have something specific in mind, but at the moment people in the company are being tight-lipped about it.

We’ve got good news and bad news for two men stuck in the middle of a feud at the moment – Sickness and Johnny Rockefeller are experiencing the complete polar sides of life at the moment:

First of all we have J-Rock who makes his movie debut this week with the release of “See No Marines: Columbia”. Yours truly was lucky enough to be at the premiere, and what can I say it was surprisingly good. Johnny carries the lead role very well and from all the reviews I’ve read people seem to be agreeing (rottentomatoes.com gave it an average rating of 86% - which for the opening week is pretty damn good from the cruel and uncaring reviewers). Rockefeller’s luck doesn’t end there though; with this new found mainstream attention are coming lots of rumours of him being offered invitations for various things – apparently including as a guest on David Letterman, and also possibly as a host for Saturday Night Live.
All things are very, very good in the world of Rocky.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for his on-screen rival, Sickness. After this week’s show in Portugal, the monster has got into a lot of trouble over a fight at the local airport that all the wrestlers were leaving from. Apparently Sickness ended up attacking a person at the airport... stories is saying a fan of TWOstars but except for that we know nothing.
The only details known are the fan was dressed in jeans and... http://www.bbcicecream.com/store/bbc_19110048.php... this t-shirt.
Very worrying, hopefully I’ll have updates for you as soon as possible.

In more sad news, I’m sorry to be the one to inform many of you but Sin City Wrestling has officially gone under. For many fans it was a true ‘third option’ after WWE and TWOstars (if we continue to ignore TNA hopefully it will just eventually give up and go away). With it very suddenly gaining a large fan base, getting a television deal sometimes can solve all your problems, it looked like we may have been returning to the glory days of the Monday Night Wars. Unfortunately the economy is a cruel mistress and an accountant who can’t count is bad business. With some of the best up and coming talent in the country, it seemed that owner Matt Denton’s brilliant eye for good wrestlers wasn’t as great at spotting dodgy business partners; and so very suddenly money started disappearing and a number of shareholders were permanently-vacationing off to remote islands in their new personal jets... let’s just say this has opened a whole can of legal worms that could go on a long time.
TWOstars has shown little interest in picking up any of the roster that are now out of jobs, although WWE have been quick to dip their fingers in the pie... that’s not to say there are no negotiations going on as far as TWOstars goes. Let’s just say you could all be in for a big surprise.

We have Redemption coming up and I’ll be here with my show review as ever – I hope you join me then.

Source: Mave Deltzer.


I hope this is okay for everybody who requested an article to be mentioned.
It was nice to have people actually putting stuff forward - makes me feel useful. :P

John Hancock
31-05-2009, 05:02 PM
I wonder what Mave Delter thought of Redemption...

01-06-2009, 02:22 PM

Redemption 2009

Before we start I’m sure you’re all wondering why this wasn’t up the same night of the PPV. “Mave,” I bet you were all thinking, “What’s happened to you ?”
Well I am absolutely fine, just unfortunately on the night of the PPV I was tied up in family engagements (read: party) and so was unable to watch the show live.
So to all my diehard fans out there I sincerely apologise, I know it must be hard not knowing what to think.

But I’m here now and ready to watch Redemption; the fallout of WrestleNova V... a card that has a very shaky foundation but certainly looks nice from a distance; I only say this because the majority of the undercard have suffered from nearly no build while the main event is ridiculously solid.

It could go either way, I guess we’re going to strap ourselves in and pray they don’t crash and burn...

We start with a very nice little video package. They have a good song this month which always helps get me psyched up. Just here you can see exactly what I mean by the shaky build in some parts of the card (Mitb I’m looking at you). It ran down everything nicely and made sure to mention everybody which is everything I can ask for, really.

We’re starting off with probably the weakest looking match on the card – the build to this feels like the bookers suddenly realised on the last XTV that they should probably have the TV title being defended...
I’m predicting Roko retaining because there’s no way anything else is happening.
HOWEVER given twenty minutes and I’m sure Roko and Maxx can get the crowd warmed up.
Did anyone else notice that Chimel didn’t make the announcements for the two men – strange.
What was Maxx doing during his entrance... it was, what I can best describe as “power-walking” – his elbows were swinging and only one foot touching the ground at a time, by goodness I hope that isn’t a permanent thing cause I can’t think of anything less intimidating than power walking (although anybody familiar with the Malcolm in the Middle episode when Hal takes it up may wish to disagree).
So far the action has been pretty nice, and my goodness Maxx is going up to the top rope... he looks like he’s going to jump out and on to... he just missed ?! That was a nasty looking bump as he landed more or less right across the guard rail...
Wow, well that just suddenly ended. I won’t lie it probably wasn’t a technically bad match – although the ending was pretty jerky – but I just wasn’t into it at all.
Roko retains and gets to go forwards; hopefully next month he’ll be booked into a proper feud. The youngster is one of the company’s future headliners and I just don’t want to see him squandered (although then again many of the longest lasting wrestlers in the business were punished to prove their dedication; take that for what it’s worth).

Ooh, next we have the Money in the Bank briefcase match.
Apparently it’s Scramble rules and Mr. Chimel who wasn’t around for the last match now won’t shut up as he takes five minutes to make sure we completely understand the rules – why thank you Sir, we all saw it in WWE last year.
For who’s coming out the winner... this one is a little bit more open... Eastwood I would say is still too much of a baby although I expect him to do well, possibly hold it for the majority of the match. I’d say Kori is going to be focusing on MaxxDef so no victory for him. Gilmore or Hart... I’m going to go out on a limb and say they make Harry the first ever two time champ – his US reign was over before it started, so this will make up for it.
And just as I type that we get a close up of Harry looking like one bad MF’er – he looks quite determined to steal this show one way or another.
Oh, Maxx is appearing with Kori (strange after he JUST lost a match, but whatever) so expect some kind of shenanigans (is there a better word in the English language – send your answers on a postcard to the usual address).
Maxx nearly breaking up on camera was very funny, Kori seems to be in a pretty good mood tonight... taking a slightly lighter approach to things which is nice to see I guess.
Now as nice as all this ‘join in cheering’ is for the live audience, I’m wanting some fighting – hurry up Kyle ! AND HE’S RUNNING DOWN THE RAMP ! No need to thank me – I just told me to do that.
So we’re counting up the way... I always prefer going down, sort of creates more tension when you see “5:00” compared to “25:00” when you then have to work out there’s only five minutes left.
The commentators did, admittedly, make a nice deal out of what strange repercussions this stipulation can have – which is pretty important I feel.
Gilmore going for it almost immediately but he never had a real chance. I’m holding out for Eastwood just controlling this match all the way through.
“The Fifth Element” – I like that as a nickname for Eastwood and applaud JR for it. At the moment he’s holding Kyle up by the neck and has been doing so for about a minute and a half – he is a MONSTER...
5 minutes into this and Kyle looks like he’s going for his finisher already... WOW Damon Kori is awesome. Right there he sidestepped the kick; I mean his eyes literally followed the foot flying inches away from his face as it hit his opponent. There wasn’t a dive to avoid it or any melodramatics, just a cool calculated dodge.
Kyle’s reversal from being hung up on the top rope was very nice – it looked almost improvised but don’t hold me to it.
Kyle’s little trampoline jump to the outside was very nice, it’s just lucky that Kori is built like a tank – it’s a shame for Gilmore the way this bout is. He’s the only face so he 1) will probably be doing the craziest bumps and 2) spend the majority of the match being beaten up... that isn’t any way to make your fortune.
AND BOOM! Harry just proving that he was probably the best standing lariat in the company... I mean you talk about superkicks and rkos being great “out of nowhere” moves... if they decided to really run with his lariat as a serious finisher I’d say they would be onto a winner... oh and Harry’s got the first pin.
A three-way test of strength ?! That’s a bit ridiculous don’t you think... but at the same time you watch it and I know you’re thinking “I have to try that with a few friends... just to see”.
And here we are, just under fifteen minutes in and Eastwood is taking control like I predicted. Credit to them all, they’ve built Damon up as a big tough guy then had him run from Eastwood – a very nice, smart move and puts the giant over nicely.
OH – they’re teasing an Eastwood victory instead... cheeky.
Ahh, if you look above to my (2) on the uses for Gilmore in this match we’ve just seen the perfect example as Jack just crushed his spine a bit with a horrific looking running knee.
That entire spot, with Damon taking the briefcase, was beautifully done – the ref’s attention being crucial and him losing it... once again teasing Eastwood, nice, nice, nice.
And in a moment that has me giggling in excitement, Gilmore has taken the briefcase with a small package. Aww I don’t care that there’s been no build, this match has been fun.
At the 20 minute point and Harry has just repeated an absolutely spectacular Battle Royal spot and thrown Kori over the top rope with a Miner’s Strike. Eastwood, no matter how hard he tries, just can’t seem to get a break... and I’m loving it. I’m almost willing him to get a victory, maybe not win it, but certainly become interim champ at least once.
And we’ve collapsed into two men just hitting each other – and really that is what wrestling is all about... over the top, heated, brutal looking violence
GAGH and this is just sensible ! We’ve fallen to Kori holding the briefcase again... and low and behold Jack Eastwood is the other man still standing. I have to mention that a standoff, three of them armed with chairs, was very entertaining.
This is surprisingly slow... like, I would expect the match to really hit a climax with all four of them trading finishers in the classic RoH fashion. But instead we’re getting Damon really controlling things, with only 3 minutes to go I would seriously get the man who booked this idea a mental check up.
We’re on the last minute, Eastwood is in control. It’s been a rollercoaster journey but finally it’s paying off for him. He drops Kori onto the chairs with a powerbomb and is in for the win...
MAXXXXXXX just pulled the ref out – Eastwood is frozen, he doesn’t look angry... just... nothing... the time has ran out, victory literally pulled out of Jack’s grip.
Very nice little bout, the ending seemed a little bit shaky but picked up again in the last two minutes... having two of the competitors completely out for the last part of the match seemed like a really odd choice in my opinion.
But well done to Damon who is acting like he’s achieved the boyhood dream.

And now we’re taken to the backstage. Oh, and look its stupid Maria and fat Lindy... look out funny bone, here comes some classic wrestling comedy.
Midget, nerd, yummy mummy love... I’ll leave you simply with the question “What’s not to love ?”
That’s a lie; I’m going to answer it for you... everything. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time that could have been dedicated to, I don’t know, Kid Rock or something...

Next up is Craig, Gringo and Jason for the US belt. This is a symbolic shift in match importance... this bout has had incredibly slow, well thought out build and having Jason in there is the perfect third man to compliment the other two’s styles and really stir things between them.
A man of few words ?! Jason Bell ?! Few words ?! Heyman, what are you on tonight ?
Portia is refused entry into the ring – I’m assuming because Chimel is sick of her making the announcements and is in fear of her replacing him permanently.
This is quite nice – like all through the teased breakup we’ve had Craig and Gringo fighting each other. And the bouts started all respectful and just a tiny bit homo-erotic, yet as things go on the tensions are growing outside the ring and both of them are really do everything in their power to put over the problems. Their attitudes, ring manners, expressions... just lots of tiny details helping to make the eventual (I’m sure there’s going to be one) split extra special.
Listen to me rambling on and there they are double teaming Bell...
Three double team finishers in minutes – nice that the first connected, the second only half and then the third completely missed... Something slightly funny there in my opinion.
They teased Ride the Lightening going at it but they’ve instead realised that couples counselling is the best solution and are now taking out their stresses on Jason’s back.
Gringo is entering back into this match and suddenly lays into Craig... I guess he didn’t notice that it was Jason who shoved his partner into him. I was surprised by how little a deal that commentary made of them coming to blows.
However outside of these tiny niggles these three guys are putting on a fantastic bout; I mean they all hit hard and are willing to be smacked about just as badly and it shines through in the action.
We’ve had Gringo crotched on the top rope and suddenly set up for Seek & Destroy on Bell – that was very, very nice and... yes, this is the pin where the commentary notice the difference of interests between the teammates (better late than never).
One other great thing about having these ‘teasing’ interactions is that the guys backstage can notice the reactions between the fans, they can see what is and isn’t working... not only that but RtL get to notice what the fans are enjoying – hopefully leading them to a much more rounded bout when they do meet one on one.
NICE – and something we don’t see a lot of – Craig being victim to a double submission move. Even more rarely do we see opponents using them on the same man, rather than partners. I’ve not seen the Gringo Lock in a while so this is excellent.
Having escaped that, tonight is not one of luck for Craig as he’s knocked from the top rope to the arena floor... it’s a bump that I always think looks really sick no matter who is taking it. Just one that still makes me cringe a little bit.
And Gringo has shame upon him, as the old saying goes, because he’s been crotched again. Jason going up, this time to succ... A FALCON ARROW ! Jason has just failed, epically.
Craig just saved his belt and partners fighting again. I bet I’m the only one in the world who would like the CVD Driver renamed to the “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Driver”, or maybe the “Van Dam Busters Driver”.
We’ve had some very nice close falls, even Jason connecting with a SUPER-Go-To-Hell (credit to CVD for making the force of the kick look incredibly convincing as he toppled out of the ring).
We’ve had a Gringo-Plex and now a Dragon Suplex... I’ve said it before but these men play rough – a lot of neck-ey moves going on, all three quite puro-ish and it’s a very enjoyable change of pace.
And they’ve built us beautifully, finishers being pulled out everywhere... they just keep getting up and appearing out of nowhere like some kind of 80’s serial killer... and Craig’s finally on the top rope.
YES – well done, he’s retained his title, scoring the Frog Splash on a certain Gringo.
And they shake hands... although it seems like a resentful shaking – that was a cracking bout, really, really enjoyable and gave Jason a chance to show off against men he’s got very similar styles with.

Phew, next we’re going into the tag team title match. I’m a bit annoyed at this bout – they had quite an unusual build to it (although consequentially made Iagan look stronger than he has in years) when we have MaxxDef standing as the number one contenders to the belts... ?
ALTHOUGH the mystery partner sounds like fun... I’ve heard very big rumours that they’re bringing in a main event wrestler from Sin City Wrestling – the infamous Silent Assassin. With him now out of a job I would love to see his sword swinging antics in TWOstars. But I guess we’ll wait and see.
Whoever the hell it is though is in for a seriously nasty a*skicking – the Wreckoning seem to get bigger with every passing week.
You’re kidding me... they went through with it... Iagan’s secret partner is a superhero from the future... that is fantastic... I mean I’m with Heyman... I just can’t get over this ?! Admittedly that costume is pretty neat; at least they’ve gone all out with the crazy idea.
And they’re not even starting the match with him – what a way to tease us... gagh what a pain.
But only a few moments later and Lightening is tagged in and I think most of the world has been shocked with his surprising athleticism.
Cage went for a Frog Splash – a nice little version for such a big guy if I dare be so cheeky.
THE AWESOMEBOMB REVERSAL WAS AMAZING ! I have never seen that before in my life and I am just stunned from it – suddenly this mystery partner isn’t such a big joke...
..... I don’t know what to say... he just performed a double moonsault. That is NO exaggeration. He delivered a moonsault, but flipped right round an extra time... how in holy hell did he do a DOUBLE moonsault ?! Buy this PPV for that, youtube it, just find this footage. Find it and be absolutely amazed. All I can really say is that maybe he really is from the future...
Angel is faking injury and the referee is running to her rescue – what a gentleman... I would like if they ran a rematch on XTV where Iagan brought out a female referee to battle Angel’s interference.
Kaijin has just been smacked with the title belts as he slingshot himself over the top rope – I would say from this match this kid has been an amazing find; incredible athleticism, a ridiculous but entertaining gimmick and a great bumper.
That was a nice little match, really just a highlight reel to put over the newcomer the best they could – risky but I think they scored with it.

And it’s the “date match” up next. Is Lindy getting a date with Dirk or Eric... I would love for it to be Dirk. I want Rosentine to become a real couple, and I think them just hanging out backstage could be great fun. But realistically he can’t wrestle and he’s against a woman who’s 100lbs heavier than him... there is only one way this is going.
Did anybody notice as Dirk made his way down to the ring he tried to high-5 some fans and they just refused him – it was hilarious, I really like the fact the fans are playing up to him being an out-and-out loser.
The one thing that Lindy has really going for her, and I mean really, really going for her is the fact she is so carefree. She genuinely doesn’t seem to realise that everybody in the world is laughing at her and it is marvellous. She’s so into the character and it feels so natural, it’s just nice to see. Most people who were lumped with that kind of gimmick would do everything to sabotage it, but she just seems to be here to (haha) have fun...
It was kept nice and short with Rose winning, therefore getting a date with Eric... I can’t say I’m looking forward to the following skits. Although maybe if they include Dirk following them about and continually trying to get in the middle of it all... we’ll grit our teeth and see I guess.

A tiny short backstage bit with Darkstar, talking about newcomers... and I know who it is. I think this talent could easily shake up the ranks of TWOstars if he has the same impact he has everywhere else in his career... but you folks are just going to have to wait and see.

Next up is what most are predicting to be match of the night. It’s Lucian Jones VS Edward Samson in the first ever Jonestown Street Fight. If I was predicting the winner then I would have to say... God, this is a tricky one because both men have a case to it. I’m going to say Edward, I think they’ll keep running with these two for a while yet and really play up Jones just being unable to defeat him.
We start off with a loooooooong video package (but then again it’s been three months of absolutely gripping television) before being taken to the arena.
Lucian is hiding at the side of the stage, armed with a chair, and has just blindsided Edward before things even get going. Fantastic stuff !
From the way Lucian was talking on the last XTV expect some pretty wild stuff... although then again he might’ve just been trying to get a few extra PPV buys at the last minute.
And the referee is just starting the match – they’ve not hit the ring but with no rules it doesn’t really matter.
They’re really using Lucas in the early-goings... but it makes sense and I approve. My big problem is that if he continues throughout the match it might become a bit annoying.
Wow... they might have just been teasing this bout, Edward has got the old chain noose round Lucian’s through and is hanging him. What a screwy ending if they finish it... HE HID BOLT CUTTERS UNDER THE RING ! ! ! !! ! !! Lucian just produced f*cking bolt cutters and got himself out of a very dangerous situation .
They’re heading to the backstage, just brawling away and hitting each other into everything and anything.
We’ve lost the feed – they’re having to find a new camera, what a pain in the a*s.
And Jones has produced a fire extinguisher... the camera watched the two men, we watched the two men and yet from somewhere he found an extinguisher... I don’t know where it came from. Possibly Lucian is a magician of sorts, who knows...
FINALLY LUCIAN HAS B*TCH SLAPPED LUCAS AGAIN ! ! This match is great. But he’s not finished, he’s tying up Lucas, he’s called for the elevator. What the.. ?! He’s THROWN Lucas, restrained, into the elevator and sent him to the top floor. That was fantastic; what a brilliant way just to get rid of the Lord Justice.
They’re running through ever door they come through, smashing through them and just absolutely wrecking the arena... how on Earth they got permission for this I don’t know but it makes blistering viewing.
Unsurprisingly Jones is bleeding and they’ve now gone through a glass window – a huge big one – at the FRONT OF THE FREAKIN’ ARENA ! !
They’ve had Jones be thrown into his own merchandise stall, absolutely destroying it under his weight, and now Edward is choking him with a t-shirt. My goodness this is pretty frantic so far.
Having the referee unable to make a fair count because of the glass across the floor was a brilliant idea.
I’m looking at the people in the foyer and wondering if they’re plants or not... from the reaction of the overweight woman in the polkadot dress when Lucian was thrown into the merch stand (where she was examining a t-shirt) I would say they’re legitimate fans.
HE JUST PUSHED LUCIAN DOWN THE STAIRS ! ! And JR making possibly the best call of his TWOstars career so far pointing out that “these men do not practise falling down stairs”. And I’ve not even mentioned Jones sliding down the banister... this bout just has so much going on it and it’s all just absolutely brilliant.
They must be joking... Lucian is heading up to the roof. There is no way they can be seriously taking a match up onto the roof of the arena. That is stupidly dangerous, I mean we’re talking life and death here and no playing about... there is no...
And now they’re both up there. My toes are curled just watching them... I think I’m going to throw up... JONES JUST HIT THE KTFO... I MEAN HE REALLY HIT IT ! ! EDWARD THREW HIMSELF RIGHT OVER ONTO THE ROOF OF THE F*CKING ARENA... THESE TWO ARE INSANE ! !
And just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier they fall off the roof...
That’s right... they fell of the roof. Edward tossed Lucian off like he was nothing, but Jones pulled the Executioner down.
They fell off of the arena roof... They landed on a massive production truck and have killed it and themselves.
I am barely able to type from the shock, they’re showing replays – the shot from the ground is absolutely spectacular... they fell God knows how far...
I just... holy hell that must be it over. We’re not getting to see the action properly because the camera men are running about and trying to fix everything, so instead we’re being treated to lots of replays... and each time it just gets that little bit more terrifying as you realise what those two men just risked.
Thank God, it looks like they’re ending it – medical folk have been called in and that’s going to be it. I’m just concerned for the two guy’s heal... LUCIAN IS UP ?!?! HE’S SAYING NO ! !
Haha, he’s crawled over and pinned Edward; he’s won the match.
My god, we’ve still got some of the card to go but I’m absolutely exhausted... those two men just stole the show right there and I loved every second of it.

Wow... well, ahem, next up is Rockefeller/Sickness. These two have a very hard act to follow but I think they’ll give it a fantastic shot.
Rockefeller has fantastic banners made up in the form of Obama’s during his election campaign. Very nice.
And listen to that – as Sickness is making his entrance you can hear boos. Oh dear, that’s not good at all. Obviously a number of the fans are very unimpressed with the way he’s been acting outside of the ring... maybe the family of the fan he attacked have turned up to get revenge...
Rocky is wearing a BOYO t-shirt, what f*cking epicness. And look at Sickness... that is the look of a man who had no idea what was going on. Aww my goodness, fantastic.
The action has been stellar – easily moving between brawling and the more technical side of things. Both men are holding their own and showing a great understanding of controlling the audience, really pulling the people in attendance into it.
Rocky just moonsaulted off the top rope... to the outside... AND landed on his feet onto the commentary booth. The man is part cat, at least three fifths...
And then almost immediately from that Sickness delivers an absolutely insane, and incredibly innovative, Boyo Bulldog on the outside to Rockefeller. As he was going for it I was waiting for him to slip – however it didn’t come and instead J-Rock’s going to be using all that money of his to buy him a new face.
This match has been very good – it’s just been a full out wrestling match which we’ve not properly had on the card yet. We have two men who have issues with one another and as the action is going on you can genuinely feel the feud evolving, both the men growing and the hatred expanding.
The shooting star press onto J-Rock’s back was absolutely phenomenal; Sickness had started jumping as his opponent was sliding into the ring, so many things could have gone wrong right there and yet it all just clicked.
Holy f*ck... somehow... somehow he reached the ropes. It felt like you didn’t even notice his slow move towards them, just every second seemed to matter and... I’m just stretched from watching that.
And using Sickness shirt Rocky is able to escape the Coma, deliver the Diamond in the Rough and pick up the victory.
I was convinced Rocky was going to make Sickness tap there... really, really was.
This was a good match, which was brilliantly placed. They started it very slowly to give the fans time to recover after the Street Fight, offering the occasional bigger spot to start to pull the crowd in and then as things went on they just let it all hang out and by that point, even though the crowd didn’t have any energy, they were still giving it their all. Superb gentlemen, superb.

And finally we’ve got our main event – the feud that has the wrestling world divided straight down the middle. I’ve discussed the feud with lots of people and, grudgingly, I’ve come round to agree that the end to Nova was ballsy and well worth it. The past month of story between the champ and Angus has been great fun with an incredibly straight forward idea behind it.
But here we are now and I’m predicting that Famous keeps the belt – after his b*stardy win I can’t imagine he’s going to lose it so soon.
The entrances felt surprisingly rushed for the main event, although they did have time to do in-ring introductions... a strange misbalance...
I would give a lot of money to somebody if they had Angus stealing some of Famous’ moves in this match – or at least a finisher to either win the belt (which I don’t think will happen) or get an incredibly close count.
The match starts a little differently to most, nevertheless a very nice and well performed beginning, with Famous heading to the ropes a few times to avoid any fighting with Angus.
Angus taking a camera from the fan was very funny; so far the match has been good fun with Famous hinting towards use of chairs... fingers crossed they don’t end two PPVs on a screwjob ending.
We’ve seen both men hitting moves to lots of close falls, and Famous has just speared the referee. It looks like we may be in for a very bumpy ride...
As I say it the two security guards come out... but Angus has decked them with a splash... and now he’s being chased by one of them ?! Something I love about Angus’ big push is that they’re keeping the fun about him. It would be too easy to forget what brought him to the table but he’s doing a good job of keeping his natural charm and wit present.
Both guards have been taken out and, on sliding back to the ring, the A-Lister lies waiting with a spear.
It was a nice match, if a little shor... ANGUS BROKE OUT ! ! YOU’RE KIDDING ME ?!
This is very nice, Famous just took out the ref and is inviting his cronies in.
After a few moments of bad timing on the champ’s behalf, the security are out and Angus has just SPEARED (as in his finisher, pat on the back to me) Famous.
He’s taking it and I can’t believe it – what a great end to the night.
OH F*CK – not only is he not taking it but they’re running a screwjob ending... Famous is heading up the ramp as his guards keep Angus trapped in the ring. God f*cking dammit... just jump over the ropes Angus and restart the count... do something you silly Spartan...
And that’s that, apparently, Famous is still champion even though Angus wins the match. They’re taking huge risks with this story, really, really pushing the audience and their patience. But I appreciate the work that Famous is putting in to making the character work and Angus is getting over like Hogan during the 80’s because of it all.

That rounds up my review and the show. I thought it was good, certainly got stronger as it went along and I think it’s safe to say that TWOstars are only moving from strength to strength just now.

Source: Mave Deltzer

John Hancock
01-06-2009, 03:45 PM
Thanks Mave!

I really do like these PPVs reviews. They're better than some matches.

01-06-2009, 05:25 PM
Completely awesome as always.

I'd just like to point out to Mave that fire extinguishers are quite frequent along the walls in arenas. It wouldn't have taken much for Lucian to find one and detach it.

(I used to do health and safety stuff for exhibitions, as boring as that was it actually came in useful, yay!)

The B-Man
01-06-2009, 10:05 PM
I do love the Dirt sheet, but a little bit of spacing would be cool :)

04-06-2009, 11:14 AM

In very happy news Randy Roko has been offered a part in a film. The part itself is of absolutely no surprise to anybody with more than five brain cells, but just the fact he’s genuinely been asked is really fantastic (not only for him but TWOstars and wrestling as a whole). Disney have approached the superstar – that’s right, he was HEADHUNTED – to appear in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. At the moment they are offering him to play the part of Jack Sparrow’s younger brother, who was lost at sea when they were barely boys.
It really is an amazing opportunity which I hope Roko takes and runs with – well done to him and I laugh at the people who mocked the gimmick when TWOstars first brought it in.

I have a very big story for you all (who says that Deltzer doesn’t deliver ?) concerning Arron Winter. The news going round is that the former GM has agreed to stay off of television for the foreseeable future. He had been seriously considering it, and when talking to Paul Kelly (Darkstar) they came up with the idea of finding out what the fans wanted. And so with that they posted a poll on TWOstars.com asking who the fans preferred as General Manager. The results came back with Darkstar on top and so Arron graciously admitted defeat and was happy to move into a backstage role.
The person best affected by this is Arron’s new wife who is over the moon to hear he’s finally going to be spending more time with her as he’s not travelling to every show anymore.
Winter has kept a hold of the shares he held with the company – as he knows his wealth of knowledge will only be a help to the company during the next few, rather globally dangerous, financial years.
Apparently the reaction around the locker room is mixed as Winter has been quite the face of controversy during his run as GM and head booker. He was accused on a number of occasions, once or twice even going as far as to physical fighting, of being favourable towards the roster members who came through while he was head of the training school – an accusation he’s always denied, but it’s worth noting this change has come just as Helms has given up on TWOstars... the two men were very good pals off screen so don’t be surprised if the stories are linked to one degree or another.
Apparently there are quiet rubbing of hands between the older generation of TWOstars wrestlers who have long-running friendships with Paul and are looking forward to cashing in any favours that may still be owed.
Portia has been out-and-out over the moon about it as Arron took her aside when the announcement was made to the roster and revealed he has admired the effort she’s been putting in and wants to take control of the female division and help it to flourish, Arron has done amazing things everywhere he’s been in the company so don’t expect this to be any different.
Expect things over the next few months to feel a little strange as the transition between the two bookers, and their two styles, takes place.

On return to America, a few of the TWOstars wrestlers were asked to take part in the “Make a Wish” Foundation project. And so with that Draven Cage, Barry Gower and Angus McDonald were whisked off to an orphanage in Illinois. With nearly seventy kids living in the building, the wrestlers were met with an incredible reaction.
Angus was absolutely amazing with them, connecting with the kids in such a natural way and even joined in with a game of hide and seek...
Apparently one or two of the children started crying when they saw the massive Barry Gower but were quickly brought round when he let them hold his tag belt.
Draven spent a lot of the day talking with the people who run the orphanage, hearing some of the horror stories about where the kids came from... apparently he was quite shaken (although didn’t show it during the trip) by the whole thing, being heard to quote “It’s really scary, I mean, I have kids and you look around at these guys and just can’t understand what kind of sick b*stard would want to hurt them.”
So a very well done to the three guys who took time out of their day, went unpaid and gave a whole host of kids in need a few great memories.

Having done my research I have found out that the production truck at Redemption that Edward and Lucian fell down onto was specially made to collapse under the impact and, basically, take the brunt of the fall. Edward is apparently a little bit nervy about heights and so demanded a number of trials to be run, unwilling to risk anything going wrong... this ended up with both men being weighed and containers of equal mass being dropped onto a ‘trial production truck’ to prove that they’d be fine. On one of the first times they filled the containers with fruit and, from the impact, much of the fruit was crushed... it was said that when Edward saw this he was ready to call the stunt off, worried that his insides were going to end up like that.
However they were okay, as we saw on the last XTV Lucian has a nasty cut across his forehead from one of the various crazy bumps he took and Edward’s ribs are fairly bruised after having Lucian land on him at the end of the match.

Source: Mave Deltzer

03-07-2009, 01:51 AM

There’s a funny story going about from last week’s XTV taping. Apparently Draven Cage wasn’t best pleased about dropping HIS (as we all know, his possessiveness over the belts is a very real thing) tag titles – especially to such a new time who’d barely had any proper time to get over. He was being subtle as ever, taking a few jabs here and there in a bar after the PPV where most of the roster went out to celebrate and got the new champs a little bit wound up. This led to, at the arena last week for XTV4.12, Gilmore and Jones sticking a blown up photo of them holding the belts at the end of the TLC match all around Mr. Cage’s locker room for the night. I was told that the yells of anger could be heard all through the floor of the building. Immediately after it Draven was furious but after shouting it out with tag champs they all seem to be over it – just all needed to vent a little.

There have been serious talks going on about running a Sin City Wrestling invasion-style angle. With Matt Denton coming into TWOstars, the head bookers feel it will be a wasted opportunity not to run with the various connections he’s made over the years. At the very least expect him to end up leading some kind of rebel group within the company – maybe disillusioned home grown stars if they don’t think they can stretch to a new bunch of contracts.

On talk of new contracts the return of Dammage has been heavily due to Famous. Many in the back can’t understand why he’s needed and much preferred the impersonal and very threatening aura the German security brought. Adding personality, they argue, is only going to subtract from Famous being the centre point... but the Triple Crown champion was determined to have his old friend back in and so pulled all the strings he could and for at least six months he’s back – don’t expect much ring action time though as he’s pretty broken down (another reason the same people in the back begrudged bringing him back in).

Then we have Chris Eagles making his triumphant return to TWOstars. He was very rusty in the ring during his PPV appearance... but was really, really trying. That might sound silly but you can see that he WANTS to be here so it’s nice. Backstage he’s been met with mixed receptions – most are happy to have the talkative and friendly Eagles back, he was one of the guys who always tried to dispel any problems and felt life was one big game, while others can’t believe that the joker has been let back in. My best advice is to keep watching on television to see whether he’s back and better than ever or not.

Something slipped out this week concerning Edward Samson. A source close to Lucas Thorp has passed onto me that the Executioner is feeling incredibly tired and uninspired at the moment. He’s been working non-stop for a year and a few niggling injuries are starting to catch up on him – I believe including slight breathing problems linked back to the legendary World War match last year against Sickness. The former champ has been seriously considering taking a step back, but at the moment this is only rumours.

We saw a Women’s title come into play for the first time ever at the PPV – the first champ was always going to be a Portia and is being seen as an unofficial congratulation for all the hard work she put in to pushing for the division.

Bobby Banks is being brought back in as manager to new female Jenny McKellan. Ever since Apollo Chambers very short return last year, Banks has been kept under contract and used as a road agents to teach many of the younger people to talk properly. TWOstars were always looking to bring him back onto screen and are hoping to run with an idea that was thrown about at the turn of the year – that of a ‘manager for hire’. Much like the Darkstar only cares about profits – if somebody offers Bobby some money he will provide them with the wealth of his knowledge. It sounds like a good idea and could lead to some very entertaining one-off run-ins.

It looks like Maxximum Definition might be over. I am heartbroken to say this but it looks like Damon Kori is asking to be released from his contract. The partners are still on good terms and Maxx is torn over what to do. Problems have arisen since they became number one contenders for the titles and yet continued to be “treated like absolute jokes” in the online words of Kori (source: myspace.com/bodyintellect). Look out for him going back over to Japan where TWOstars found him.

Source: Mave Deltzer

Dark Dodo
27-07-2009, 08:42 PM
whens the next one\?

27-07-2009, 11:57 PM
:( I'm desperately trying to get through a Dirt Sheet review of Endgame... it's proving difficult...

29-07-2009, 12:26 AM

There was a backstage altercation after the July 14th broadcast of XTV (5:14) between Draven Cage, Jack Eastwood and Barry Gower. The heat stems from the after match assault from Gower to his former partner. The planned attack was only supposed to be a Burning Hammer to the mat and nothing else. Cage knew nothing about being put through the table until his frame was heading towards it. The Burning Hammer onto the chair (that was on Eastwood) was also unplanned and could have gone disastrously wrong. Luckily, no-one was seriously hurt. Both men confronted Gower backstage and a heated argument ensued. Cage and Eastwood citing a lack of professionalism, while Gower saying that it made good TV, both guys have enough experience to adapt and nobody got hurt. Eventually, road agents and management calmed the situation down and all three men have put it behind them.

The photoshoot and audition for Angel Cage that has been mentioned on TWO television is, according to sources, legit. SFX approached the redhead and asked if she would be interested in doing a photoshoot for their magazine. She, of course, jumped at the chance. At the same time Marvel contacted Mrs. Cage about auditioning for the upcoming Daredevil reboot. The studio were going to cast a more famous actress in the role, but have decided to go for an unknown (much like Brandon Routh getting the Superman gig, Hugh Jackman in X-Men or what Marvel have planned for their upcoming Thor movie), with the TWOStars hottie being front-runner to nab the part.

Sticking with the Cage family, some of the more eagle-eared (?) fans may have noticed that Angel's husband, Draven, has been losing weight. There is a reason for this (outside of health issues) and it's that, in conjunction with the Daredevil reboot, Marvel are getting set to reboot a number of franchises and are looking to have an ongoing collaboration with TWOStars (a move that has greatly interested Darkstar, who has been working solidly to build the company's reputation outside the wrestling business). The three mentioned in conjuction with "The Hangman" were The Punisher, Eddie Brock/Venom and Ghost Rider.

Word is that the Venom movie will have a "name" actor in the role to help kickstart that along, but both Ghost Rider and The Punisher are open after Marvel said they have no plans for Nick Cage to star in a sequel/reboot of the former, while the lacklustre reaction to Ray Stevenson's turn in Frank Castle's last outing has left the studio looking for a new man to don the white skull. Draven Cage has been losing weight in an attempt to get in shape for either of these roles. The plan is for him to drop to around 235-240lbs and then add some muscle-mass to his frame and bring him up to around 260-270lbs before the end of the year.

The budding friendship (romance?) between Cari-Dee and Angus McDonald is catching the interest of fans who are looking for something light to contrast with the seriousness of the main-event feuds. Backstage sources have hinted that the twosome are also spending a lot of time together off-camera too... so let the speculation commence.

With Randy Roko's Christianity being explicitly brought up on screen, many folk backstage are just waiting for the moment that his beliefs start getting made fun of and God is booked to tag with him. I, like most of you, just can't wait...

As was said on this weeks XTV - the reason that Famous lost the Triple Crown was due to him going off to start filming for a new movie.

I'm getting in some more stories from Endgame - hopefully I'll get to finish watching the show tomorrow and will have my review up along with any news I hear for you all... eyes and ears open for this one getting edited.

Source: Mave Deltzer

02-09-2009, 09:03 AM

02-09-2009, 10:04 AM

After an extended absence, the Dirt Sheet returns in a blaze of glory and pretty colours, and unsurprisingly I deliver the goods.

Sickness has been legitimately injured after his big fall at this week’s PPV – details of what has put him on the shelf haven’t been let out yet. However I have been told that he could be out for anywhere up to between six and eight months... that is a pretty scary number and probably couldn’t have come at a worse time.

There are big plans for Christopher Eagles at the moment – most of the men in the back were incredibly sceptical when he was let back in (again) but he has really proven the neigh-sayers wrong. They are impressed to such a point that he is being played up as a second in command in the invasion story, which is really quite the honour and shows that the bosses are repaying his efforts.

The SCW invasion story has finally kicked off and is in full swing. Since Matt Denton was brought under contract, the bigwigs in the back have been working out the best way to pull it all off. It ended up being Denton himself who put forward the idea of holding out until the Sickness/Rockefeller feud climaxed and use it to propel the invasion story.

The bookers are trying to put pressure on Angus McDonald and Cari-Dee to make their supposed off-screen relationship a part of the show... but apparently the two champions are a little bit unwilling to have something so personal directed for them as the powers-that-be demand.

I’ve been told that we’ve not seen the end of old faces returning... unfortunately my source couldn’t go into any more details but I think that the next few months are going to be a hell of a ride for the fans who have been watching for years.

For anybody who’s worried, the off screen relationship between Angel and Draven Cage is absolutely fine. The story they’re portraying for television is completely acted and the couple are still as happy as ever.

The story going around that Stuie Kool issued a challenge to Tonkatsuman Kaijin to a shoot fight is NOT true. People are claiming there was a youtube video up which had the former TWOstars wrestler screaming abuse about how Kaijin stole his thunder and threatening to kill him. I went looking for said video and couldn’t find it - not even any remains or suggestions it ever existed. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet folks.

The German Security that stood around behind Famous during his Triple Crown reign have been released by TWOstars. They showed a nice aura of looking tough, but when they stepped into the ring... well suddenly they didn't look quite as hard with sloppy performances from both men. With Famous out for a number of months, the company didn't see any need to have them kicking about just collecting dust - another case of the bookers not having anything for them.

At the moment I believe they are keeping Dammage under a contract just in case they want to involve him in the invasion storyline at some point.

For the next issue, I'm wanting to try out a new idea. I get a lot of letters from different readers asking various questions and expecting me to have all the answers... and unfortunately I rarely have the time, or care enough, to answer these folk.

Well that all changes.

I want you, the readers, to send in any question that you've ever wanted to know the answer to that revolves around the people you watch every week in TWOstars. I'll pick ten of the most interesting and you get to read them and be disappointed that your one wasn't chosen.

Source: Mave Deltzer

(The last bit is a silly idea. I would like some folk to PM me questions for me to 'find out' the answers to. I think it could be entertaining if people help out :P)

02-09-2009, 10:41 AM
Sent. ;)

19-09-2009, 09:30 PM


Yes, yes, it's here. By goodness you lot have set me some tricky, tricky questions that really tried me to the very end of my teather. In actual fact I considered just making up some of the answers, but I realised that was not the way of the Dirt Sheet.

So here we are, questions from the four corners of the Earth sent every which way all in the name of discovery... you better enjoy it after all the effort I put into it.


How much do the highest and the lowest paid wrestler earn ? (e-mail: C. A. Shaman)

This is a tricky one to answer – most wrestlers are signed to a standard $24,000/annum contract but are guaranteed a nice cut from their merchandise sales.
When you get up to serious main event (so we’re talking Sickness, Gringo, Cage and probably McDonald under his new contract) you can start earning between $50,000 all the way up to $100,000.
Of course with the bigger guaranteed salaries come other bonuses.

Out of merchandise sales, those who do very well are Angus McDonald and Randy Roko – as is evident when you look round an arena. Other favourites are Johnny Rockefeller, Sickness and (with a growing rate) Lucian Jones.

Are any wrestlers gay? I heard a story about Samson and Thorp... (e-mail: gayritesluva)

Whoever your source was is relatively reliable – or just great at guessing.

Lucas Thorp is in fact gay; however I can safely say that Edward Samson isn’t.
Keith Jaxx is also very openly gay and his gimmick was his own personality turned up to eleven (like all the greats...).
Jacey Baby was not gay, rather just a very flamboyant personality.
There are rumours about Jason Bell - but I cannot deny or confirm them either way, sorry.
Although technically not gay, there is a very funny story in Kyle Gilmore’s autobiography “Kicking the Cat” about him picking up a post-op hooker after one too many drinks.

Is it true that Iagan used to be a MMA fighter? (letter: Chuck Fertson)

During Iagan’s extensive break from TWOstars he looked into competing in MMA but discovered very quickly that his heart just wasn’t in it – and really for something so incredibly gruelling you either need to be in it completely, or not at all. Iagan was smart enough to realise that.

Which wrestlers are the biggest draws on TV? I remember a few months ago Darkstar told Rockefeller that his segments get fewer viewers than Iagans. (fax: Sean Teller)

I believe that Darkstar was exaggerating a little bit when he said that but nonetheless I’ll see what I can find.
Apparently Evil Gringo really brings in the ratings over the long term – he’s been one of the few constants in the world of wrestling.
Ratings were very high for Ride the Lightening – and although a slight drop since CVD has been able to keep the majority watching him.
Johnny Rockefeller suffered a little bit when he first returned but has been climbing up with ratings again since the start of the Sickness story.
Iagan appears to have a fairly loyal fan base – where no matter where he is or what he’s doing the same general numbers seem to be watching... that’s very nice to hear.

Are the rumours true that SCW is actually a subsidiary name of TWOstars now that Matt Denton is signed with them ? (letter: Anonymous)

It is true, yes –or at least sort of; from what I’m aware TWOstars don’t actually own all the Sin City Wrestling material. That still belongs to Denton’s Zenith Entertainment but the two companies are working together to make this story into something special.

Let’s just all hope that Darkstar and Denton don’t fall out in the middle of it or else we could see things falling apart very, very badly.

Is it true that Acid Christ will make a few one off return dates ? (pigeon mail: Old School Fan)

I have not heard anything about Acid Christ being contacted for any return dates. There is always the chance they’ll ask him to make a surprise appearance at the Battle Royal – or maybe even have something planned for Nova but none of my sources know anything.

So I would advise you not to get your hopes up.

How come there aren't any major families in TWOStars when you have the Harts, Ortons, DiBiases, McMahons and Snukas etc...in rival federations? (e-mail: Anonymous)

You missed the Jarretts... oh wait, you said “rival”. Hoho, TNA... wrestling’s funniest joke.
As a serious answer Cari-Dee is from a wrestling family although her parents have spent many years successfully running their own company in Wales (World Class Welsh Wrestling or WCWW if you’re interested) rather than trying to make an impact over in America.
And a story is going around that TWOstars are looking into bringing up a second generation superstar... I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know much truth there is to the tale.

Is Lucian L Jones a big diva or what? (e-mail: "Lucas T")

I'm putting the name in speech marks because I'm assuming that this isn't from the real Lucas Thorp... however just in case it is, yes, yes he is.

Will ERE be brought back as a third brand to compete with TWOStars and SCW ? (letter: Yardid Ranshaw)

I can’t definitely say one way or another – although it would certainly be interesting to see. I asked around and the general consensus was that there just weren’t enough ERE originals to make up an entire roster while leaving the other two strong.

If it were to return I imagine it would become a sort of ‘WWECW’ type affair – same name, different spirit.

Are Sickness and Iagan really brothers ? (e-mail: Dr. Pickman)

No, like all the greatest angles it is complete fiction.

Was the Randy Roko/Portia angle solely to keep down the rumours that Roko is openly gay ? (e-mail: gayritesluva)

I understand that Roko’s heartbroken acting wasn’t as convincing as some might have liked – and he has a slightly camp pirate look around him, but I can promise you that these rumours are completely false.
The Portia angle was invented, and then badly rushed, just to give the two men a reason to feud. They’d fought over a dead parrot and a title belt... really what else did the bookers have to work with except for the female ?!

Is there real heat between DC and MBR ? (letter: Shona Grimm)

Apparently there is genuine heat which goes back to their time as a tag team. The story goes that everyone was out partying and having a good time when MBR got a little bit too friendly with Angel for Cage’s liking. Although nothing serious happened, Draven reacted incredibly badly and a scuffle started between the two. Fortunately it was broken up before anybody got badly hurt and the Cage’s stormed out there and then.
There are a few stories going about as to why the two don’t get on but this is the one I’ve been told by a number of eye witnesses and so it’s what I believe.

Who would win in a fight? Barry Gower or Evil Gringo ? (e-mail: Anonymous)

I’m assuming you’re talking about a ‘real fight’. If the two were to get into a serious brawl then I would probably give the edge to Barry. Although Gringo is a very tough cookie – and his fiery onscreen persona isn’t any kind of exaggeration – Barry is just the more legitimate fighter. I imagine his wrestling background would allow him to control the fight... although never count out Gringo’s left leg.

Who has the biggest ego in the current roster ? (e-mail: Randall Jenkins)

Draven Cage was renowned for his ego over the period of his Triple Crown reign.
Apparently both Chris Eagles and Famous have egos on them as well – although not to an annoying extent. Just both men are more than aware of how talented they are and have been known to say rather spiteful things when they think nobody is listening.
Matt Denton is another who is known to be a little bit touchy – when he entered the company a lot of people didn’t seem to care about his previous achievements in the business. That one will split those reading – some will feel that when you enter a new company you start from the bottom, others will believe you should respect what each individual has gone through...
There are a number of stories about Barry Gower being unable to take jokes very well and being a little touchy to criticism from those he sees as ‘under’ him.
Randy Roko is also known for being an aggressive drunk - go figure.

Will Arron Winter ever be back on screen ? (website: Arron4Life)

Almost definitely at some point – but if it’s in a wrestling role don’t expect much. Arron is still held in very high esteem in the back and is respected by most people in the company.
As I said in a previous issue he’s taken on the Women’s division as his baby so is spending most of his time on that at the moment.

Why doesn't Darkstar just release Eagles, allowing him to join SCW ? (letter: Donny Brighouse)

I won’t lie... apparently wrestling is predetermined and bookers are involved somehow... I don’t quite understand it but seemingly it’s all part of a story or something ?!

Is the rumour true Edward Samson, Angus McDonald and Lucas Thorp are family ? (e-mail: Anonymous)

It is a lie. Angus McDonald is born and bred in Scotland, Edward is American and Lucas is English...

What is it with TWOStars and commercial breaks ? Are they sponsored by like, 15 company’s ? (e-mail: AnnoyedViewer)

Unfortunately commercials are becoming an increasingly major problem for all wrestling – for a long while TWOstars weren’t running their shows the full two hours that they were supposed to and so started filling up the extra time with adverts to try and cover up the problems... however the shows have started to fill up again and so we should see less of these damn commercials in the coming months.

Is Johnny Rockefeller the most overrated heel in TWOStars (e-mail: "D. Rush")

No, I don’t think so. Especially when you listen to the reactions he gets from the crowds. I think most of the heels in the company are very good to be honest – although admittedly I wasn’t a fan of Jack Eastwood.

Is it true that Kyle Gilmore is actually Gay cuz Ive read that he is. (e-mail: Thom Dani, Akron Ohio)

As I covered above, he isn't.

Who writes this crap? (e-mail: "Aaron W")

It's nice to see so much Arron Winter love throughout these e-mails, but next time I do this please don't spam up my inbox with your abuse that should be directed at TWOstars.

Is it true that Twiggie is coming back within the month ? (e-mail: Twig-head)

There were talks with Twiggie – as I mentioned in a previous issue – but the former superstar just isn’t interested in making a return anytime soon. He is still very friendly with a number of people in the company and has promised that if he were to return he is going to better than ever.

What's the deal with Tonkatuman's quick loss to Maxx at MSND? Is Lightning in the doghouse, or are the bookers building Maxx up for something bigger than the TV title? (e-mail: ConcernedFutureDweller)

I believe it's a bit of everything. They are wanting to keep Kaijin as a face within SCW and also make Maxx into a proper psycho - so figured that a quick squash would help both causes.
However some people in the back are also a little unhappy that the incredible athleticism that was put on show during Tonkatsuman's try-out matches isn't being reflected in his usual performances.


Well that's us. As you can see I got a good reception and I hope the answers have been insightful and helpful to you all.

If I didn't include you then don't worry too much, it was simply because you weren't interesting enough.

I'll be back next time with more proper news for you all so until next time - keep watching and keep complaining.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

Thank you very much to everybody who did take a wee bit of time and send me some questions to make this a success :)

19-09-2009, 09:52 PM
:lol Brilliant!

19-09-2009, 10:11 PM
I'm not touchy! I'm not a prima-donna!


19-09-2009, 10:26 PM
Lotta gay inquiries in that Dirt Sheet. Makes me wonder what's really going on backstage.

19-09-2009, 10:29 PM
Cari got a mention YAY!!!

19-09-2009, 11:04 PM
Eagles + Ego = Some idiot wrong.

19-09-2009, 11:10 PM
Careful with the "i" word Wayne. :P

I think you should change his name to Chris Egoles.

Evil Gringo
20-09-2009, 12:13 AM
Pffftt... £100,000 - I wouldn't get out of bed for that ese!

Last year my downside was £500,000 ese and with PPV cuts and merch plus my apperance fee for stealing the show at Nova, like I always do homes, I pulled in a cool £2,000,000.

That's around $2,500,000 to our American hombres... and for my Mexican bro's, lets just say it's a lot of Dinero.

As for me and Gower in a fight, are you loco homes? He'd go for one single leg chico ass takedown and WHAM! That sangano would be on the end of Ol' Maisie quicker then my Uncle Sancho can dance round a hat ese!

So what if I call my left leg Maisie as well chico... don't judge what you can't touch!

20-09-2009, 12:27 AM
Pffftt... £100,000 - I wouldn't get out of bed for that ese!

Last year my downside was £500,000 ese and with PPV cuts and merch plus my apperance fee for stealing the show at Nova, like I always do homes, I pulled in a cool £2,000,000.

That's around $2,500,000 to our American hombres... and for my Mexican bro's, lets just say it's a lot of Dinero.

Oh right... sorry...

:P Well I'd make sure your accountant keeps an eye on the figures cause the numbers I got promise a very different outcome for this year.

20-09-2009, 12:33 AM
Pffftt... £100,000 - I wouldn't get out of bed for that ese!

Last year my downside was £500,000 ese and with PPV cuts and merch plus my apperance fee for stealing the show at Nova, like I always do homes, I pulled in a cool £2,000,000.

That's around $2,500,000 to our American hombres... and for my Mexican bro's, lets just say it's a lot of Dinero.

As for me and Gower in a fight, are you loco homes? He'd go for one single leg chico ass takedown and WHAM! That sangano would be on the end of Ol' Maisie quicker then my Uncle Sancho can dance round a hat ese!

So what if I call my left leg Maisie as well chico... don't judge what you can't touch!

That all?

Matt Denton pays that in Bonuses, and I'm not even contracted to him.

20-09-2009, 12:36 AM
Ouch. Gringo's getting shafted 9 ways from Sunday, with a wig on a stick. :lol

Evil Gringo
20-09-2009, 02:18 AM
That all?

Matt Denton pays that in Bonuses, and I'm not even contracted to him.

Yeah homes, but at least I don't have to do the things you allegro chico's do to get your bonuses.... I don't know how you can look yourself in the mirror ese, seriously...

Oh right... sorry...

:P Well I'd make sure your accountant keeps an eye on the figures cause the numbers I got promise a very different outcome for this year.

Well homes, I know it is hard for some people right now with this left turn or something I heard was going, something to do with chico assed banks but hey, Gringo's 'Ol' Evil Tequilla' is selling well and of course their is my money I have coming when I am done with my tank... you know some loco ese in spme African backwater wants to give me &#163;500,000 in diamonds homes?

Someone said make sure there is no blood on them ese, but why would they have blood on them? Huh, some people are just loco I guess...

The B-Man
20-09-2009, 03:37 PM
Enjoyed that read.

20-09-2009, 08:02 PM
That was cool. But you could've answered all the gay q's at once.

22-09-2009, 10:53 AM
I'd just like to say for the record that Gilmore is my TAG partner, and nothing else.

That was cracking JJ, I just wish I could of thought of a decent question...

22-09-2009, 01:55 PM
Oh, I also would've expected the wrestlers to be paid more than that. Thought TWO is equal to WWE, and don't even WWE's midcarders & jobbers make six figures?

22-09-2009, 02:25 PM
No, we manage our money correctly. Hence the reason we can fund such a well established training facility.

22-09-2009, 03:44 PM
I'll admit the contract one was the most difficult for me to answer.

I was sure I'd read a question in a Powerslam years back asking about wages and the average wrestler had been getting paid ridiculously low salaries, but maybe I remember wrong.

I tried to have a look about for a list of salaries but didn't find very much so had to take a sort of good guess.

The guess turned out to not be very good :(

22-09-2009, 03:58 PM
Seriously Joe, don't worry about it. I actually thought it was a pretty poor showing from people to start arguing their "wages", even if it was in fun. No one else bothers to do the Dirt Sheet and you do a great job. People will just have to live with what gets written in future. We'll get you Modship on here and then lock the thread to stop this in future.

22-09-2009, 04:17 PM
:lol Sorry, I wasn't being nearly as serious as that post might have come about - more providing feedback on the feedback.

I'm happy to hear the what people have to say, both negative and positive, and I've actually been given a bit of an idea.


22-09-2009, 05:11 PM
The average WWE wage for a midcarder is around $250,000 (with the talent having to pay their own travel and accomodation out of that), so they don't get paid that much in the realms of the industry.

You could always, to make the figures balance a bit better, say that TWO does pay travel and accomodation for its talents (thus making it an attractive place to work) and meaning the $100,000 quoted seem, in comparison, a respectable amount.

22-09-2009, 05:22 PM
After paying travel and digs I seem to remember they had about $50,000 a year left. Unless I am really misremembering.

22-09-2009, 05:29 PM
I would trust your memory before mine a thousand times over !

22-09-2009, 05:42 PM
I would trust your memory before mine a thousand times over !


23-09-2009, 04:09 PM
A tidbit I picked up

Reports are rife that Dammage has left the company following his no show at the Pay Per View and the previous XtremeTV. Rumours have spread that the company were unhappy with the Dammage/Famous return program and nixxed it altogether before the pay off.

This isn't the case. Dammage has been at home with a bout of swine flu he contracted. He was worried the program was over following his no show but has been told it will be put off until he returns to XTV this Friday.

23-09-2009, 04:13 PM
You know the rules Fletch, nobody but JJ is allowed to post the news bits here. :P

23-09-2009, 04:20 PM
I eat rules and wash em down with a hot steamy cup of order

08-10-2009, 12:05 PM

Some bad news to start this issue off – Draven Cage is indeed off on injury time. Poor Mr. Cage is suffering a serious neck injury (although not nearly as bad as what he gave Willard back at ‘Nova) and will be off for up to a year. The Hangman has been suffering for a wee while and some really have to question the fashion in which the company decided to take him out – apparently it was on DC’s insistence. He has had an operation on it already and it went absolutely fine – he’s due in for another one in the next week and shall be starting his rehab training as soon after that as possible.

We at the Dirt Sheet send all our best wishes to him.

The drop of the Triple Crown title to Edward Samson might have come as a surprise to many people. You aren’t the only ones – as the bookers had to change a lot of plans, very quickly, when Angus McDonald came out of nowhere requesting some time off. The happy-go-lucky Scot has been suffering from personal demons since his big push started at the beginning of the year and has been seriously struggling on and off screen due to self-inflicted-pressure. The company were incredibly understanding to the 2-time champion and took the belt off of him in a great fashion, leaving the door open for him to return when he feels ready.

Some have to think back to Eddie Guerrero and the problems he had when WWE took the leap and made him champion… let’s just say nobody wants Angus to follow in his footsteps.

Deadman is back in the company. Stories are going around that he was actually the one to contact his old friend Darkstar after seeing the SCW starting to flourish and brought the idea of an ERE invasion to the table. He was welcomed back with open arms and has actually been let into many creative meetings simply down to his vast experience in the wrestling business. It’s great to see him back looking better than ever… but will we be saying that when he steps back into the ring at End of Days.

In such a big match, we all just hope he still has ‘it’.

A little story from the TWOstars training ground for you. Just a little over a week ago a fight broke about between rising star The Great Ken and recent jobber Jimmy Tsunami. Both men have been in the Academy for some time now and apparently Ken had finally received the letter to be called up. For unknown reasons he said he didn’t feel ready and so turned down the offer – this enraged Jimmy and the two men ended up in a shouting war that spilled into a small brawl.

Apparently there is still bad blood between the two men, with both claiming they “couldn’t work with the other”; the problems are part of the reason Tsunami has been brought up to the main roster.

Guess it’s not all bad then – and I’d expect to see the very talented Ken suffering from a booking point of view for turning down the companies offer.

It is nice when exciting stuff happens off the radar – reminds you that the next generation of superstars are going to be as petty as the last.

Famous has returned, and so has Chris Care… could we see a war between the two chat show hosts in the future… ?

In minor news, Lucas Thorp has been brought into the creative fold in TWOstars. He has been put in charge of the Tag Team division and is looking to really shake things up over the next few months. This major push heading towards End of Days is a move in the right direction…

And don’t worry, this promotion isn’t going to affect his onscreen character in any way.

Cari-Dee is finding fantastic levels of internet fame with her cracking the google “Top 10 most searched women” (actually beating Megan Fox) over the past month. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up to you lot to decide, but “well done” none the less.

Poor Lindy Rose is still playing catch-up.

Source: Mave Deltzer

08-10-2009, 05:14 PM
Nice, like how it was bulletpointed.

13-10-2009, 10:45 PM
Haha, I like the Jimmy Tsunami story. Comes across as him acting like a big fish in the smalkl pond of the training fed, cuz he got jobbed out on TV.

13-10-2009, 10:53 PM
Poor lost Jimmy Tsunami. I wonder if we will ever see him again.

14-10-2009, 07:41 AM
If someone restores his profile then yes.....

14-10-2009, 08:12 AM

Jimmy Tsunami lives! (http://ewrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Jimmy_Tsunami)

20-11-2009, 02:24 PM

Darkstar was apparently furious backstage at World War – the reason that the Television barbed wire cage match never took place was because it hadn’t been made. The consensus had been that the cage was going to have barbed wire wound through the walls (compared to WWE’s rather tame version with it only on the top) and the company was promised it would be delivered early on the day.

Darkstar spent much of the day screaming down the phone towards various people as one of his biggest draws fell apart before him. He refused to cheat the fans out of their promised bout, and so instead ran a screwy backstage attack… well sometimes the pressure gets to you…

Expect Roko and Maxx to continue feuding with the blow off at Season’s Beatings

The invasion storyline is finished finally – the booking team have been suffering from all-nighters on their way towards World War and deciding how they were going to take it.

It was an incredibly tough decision to bring it to an end but they felt it gives them a month to recover from it, play out some of the aftermath, and then really get started afresh with the New Year.

If you are wondering what happened last week between Chris Care/Gower and MBR then I unfortunately can’t help you. The two bigger men attacked Care before a tag bout and took him backstage… yet post main-event out came all three right as rain… your guess is as good as mine.

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Deadman’s body bag yet…

A nice thing to note about the Angel/Cari-Dee reveal story is that they were actually a Tag Team a number of years ago – Angel worked for her old partner’s parents before heading off to America in hope of achieving bigger things… how that story will be twisted for TV I couldn’t tell you.

Kaijin Tonkatsuman no-showed the PPV again – very little has been heard from the superhero, with him apparently being very quiet backstage and generally turning up, performing and leaving to return to his hotel again… people are growing quite unhappy at his behaviour.

Many might have been surprised at The Great Ken being Boyo’s son… all I’m going to say is that I tried to point you in the right direction for a few weeks, and if you couldn’t work it out then I’m not taking the wrap.

With Christmas coming the booking team are looking to try and incorporate some real Christmas silliness into the shows… I can’t wait to see what that means.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

20-11-2009, 02:41 PM
It's true about the "Boyo's son" thing being teased for a few months. Read the last couple of Dirt Sheets, especially the Q&A one...and despite Jubby's rather cryptic klooz throughout, when you re-read them you think "aaaah, it was obviousl". :P

Plus, if you just kept up with the training forum then the big reveal was in plain view from day 1.


20-11-2009, 02:48 PM
please can everyone stop replying in this god damn thread!!!

31-12-2009, 01:28 AM

Season’s Beatings 2009

Well it’s Christmas time and, for most of you out there, this means a time of hair-pulling, stressing-out and getting drunk in a desperate attempt to forget how sad your lives really are... and so from my comfortable leather computer chair in my twenty-two bathroom mansion I feel like I have the opportunity to make a difference.

While there are some of you out there suffering so badly from the Credit Crunch that you’re having to sell your souls to the devil to buy your kid that computer game they wanted, I am free to do a few laps in my swimming pool of money without any sort of disturbance as I’m a single, orphan, bachelor – the best kind of orphan.

But then I realise that there are others who are a step below that, those who live in third world countries and have no access to food, water or televisions... those out there who will not have the luxury of knowing what goes down at the final TWOstars PPV of 2009... and that is why we are here. Your old friend Mave Deltzer has decided to put back on his cynical and critical hat (a bowler if you must know) and provide these poorest of the poor the only gift they could ever really desire – a man on the internet telling them what to think.

And so it is with bells-a-jingling that we prepare for Season’s Beatings... and what a fart it starts on. With no intro at all, I’m left genuinely pretty disappointed. Instead we’re straight into the first match... which is...

Tag Team championship match
(special referee: Chris Eagles)
The PTP (c) VS The Banks’ Family

Okay, I guess old Deltzer is going to use his super powers right now and predict a victory for THE PRIME TIME PLAYAS – my reasoning is that TWOstars has tried to push the Chambers and Care combination but the fans just don’t seem to care about them. No way are they throwing away the longest reigning champs on two guys who aren’t ready... we’re not quite at WWE stupidity yet... are we ?

Eagles looks pretty good, he’s looked good for too long and ended up being vastly overlooked in the Consortium storyline as things went along (that was partly due to him getting lost in the shuffle and partly because Rockefeller was incredible) – this little PTP feud has been doing him good, although I can’t understand where they are taking it with him a singles wrestler and the champs, well, holding tag gold...

I liked Eagles taking over the announcing of the champs – they’ve been doing a great job of really making Eagles into an out-and-out @sshole, just a man with an almost crazy vendetta.

Starting with them brawling in the aisle is nice, puts over the rougher, heel side of Chris Care and Apollo Chambers.
The fall-away slam that threw Gilmore into Jones was absolutely incredible – and the reaction for it was great.

Apollo has been controlling the match so far and he’s just SUCH A MONSTER. We’re talking a Brock Lesnar type monster... and yet in this most recent run the general aura of this guy has been a huge let down, he just doesn’t seem to be the same AC we’ve watched many times before.

Did JR just call Lucian “Lucius” ? What an odd, odd slip up...

It was nice to build up some tension between Chambers and Eagles – just because Bobby and the ref have come to an agreement doesn’t mean the loose cannon AC is going to be okay with him.

Apollo was just able to cut Gilmore off from the tag – and it was beautifully done... the champs were a whisker away from getting the tag – it was fantastic. And that is quickly followed by an enziguri dodge and finally mule kick that leads to the tag. Great little spot and the crowd want Lucian to come firing out !

That was a cracker, two minutes into the ring and Jones delivers his tribute to the Stinger Splash while Chambers is on the ropes and goes tumbling over them. Really very nice delivery.

The classic Care brass knuckles has come into play from the man who’s been absent from the start (a strange decision to leave the heels with the numbers disadvantage, just to note). He’s now got Lucian locked in the crossface,

Well he escaped but this left Apollo less than happy – he’s attacked Eagles and the other two in the team aren’t best pleased, as you can imagine... Care has turned into the Clap and, with another referee from the back, that’s all she wrote.

It was quite a good match, Apollo was really the star of the entire thing.
I was incredibly surprised, after the past month and even the entrances how little part Eagles had to play in trying to screw the PTP out of their belts. For a man who wants to “destroy them” he really called it down the middle.

A fair start to the last PPV of the year, and gives me one-for-one with my predictions... onto the next match though, which is:

OH! Hold on... not yet it seems. Apparently there’s an Edward Samson appreciation night going on. Wow, well that’s certainly something. From what I’ve heard this rumour about Ed’s humble beginnings have come from a facebook group – first Rage Against the Machine as Christmas number one... and now this; the power of the internet is a terrifying thing.
I am intrigued to see if it catches on with the larger audience – or if TWOstars are able to run with a real life fad and bring it into stories somewhere.
I might be trying to get myself one of those construction hats.

However next is:

Television championship match
(barbed wire steel cage)
The Maxx (c) VS Randy Roko

Well starting with my prediction and I’m really quite stuck. Because they pushed the match back a month after the no-go at World War, I’d assume that they’re going to be doing a title switch. But then Maxx has been such a terrifying and dominate force, why would they really want to take the belt off of him ? Are we going to have our first ever three time Television champion ? I don’t think so... I think that TWOstars are going to throw us a curveball and THE MAXX is retaining.

Credit given that cage looks immense. I mean it was completely the right call to refuse to have the match last month without it, wow... I’m not sure how real all that stuff is but I sure wouldn’t like to find out the hard way.

Haha, when Randy was just walking down the ramp I thought to myself “exactly what we need, a serious Roko who is really focused... it helps to stress how important this match is”. Then he throws golden coins... and then does the cut throat taunt to the camera. For me personally, that’s mixed messages.

The commentators are doing a FANTASTIC job of hyping up the cage – big props to them.

Wow, cripes, Maxx hand has just been cut open... I guess that answers my question...

What a start, the two just starting was great, as was the referee rushing to lock the door... almost afraid for his own safety.

One thing I do love about these kinds of matches is the build towards who goes into the cage first – the evading, the desperation, the teasing and the playing of the crowd. We had Randy get out of trouble with a nice dodge and arm drag, but can he really take advantage ?

Haha, I thought the odd Michael Jackson one-gloved thing was strange for Maxx but now it’s making sense – he’s wrapping it round his arm and maybe looking to repeat last month...
Getting his fist stuck was pretty nice, it could’ve looked stupid but Maxx didn’t pull back at all.
That flapjack was fantastic !

:lol A low blow is sometimes the best way out of any situation... and now Roko is going for barbed-boxing gloves. This is getting interesting... Obviously we weren’t expecting much wrestling going into this but I think this pretty much cements that we’re not getting it.

Holy hell – that charge impact was incredible. You can see Roko’s trousers being pulled at by the barbed wire... wow that is a sick, sick sight (I love it).

Maxx has just ripped the door from its hinges, I cannot wait to see what he’s going to do with it...and ROKO JUST DROPPED HIM FACE FIRST ONTO IT !!!! That was pure out-and-out twiiiisted (as Maxx would say). And Roko has lifted up Maxx’s shoulder – the little pirate has decided that he’s not had enough... this is crazy...

OHHHH MAAAAAAAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWD – THE SWANTON OFF THE CAGE ??!!?!?!?!?!? ONTO MAXX WHO’S LYING ON THE DOOR !?!?!?! Quite rightly they end the match there and we have a new champion.

That was great – really, really great. The blood loss was a little dramatic, but then again the two really needed a messy fight. Although not the most imaginative brawl, we really got a feeling of the two men hating each other and the crowd were more than into it – and possibly my favourite part was making a deal out of Roko pulling the title out of the black bag, a true sign that Maxx’s reign has ended.

Oh, next up is (I’m sure) going to be a rather more technical match:

The Hot Critters VS William Hunter and Edward Samson

My prediction for this match has to go to THE HOT CRITTERS – there is no way that this new tag team are losing this early. I expect Hunter to take the fall although it probably wouldn’t hurt Edward too much if he did...

The little video introduction was very nice – sometimes TWOstars can be accused of not editing their footage down enough, but that was a very good length and helped highlight what had gone on to lead us to this match.

Nice near slip up from JR, we’re not allowed to mention the Dark Alliance anymore, remember, haha.

Ken looks a little bit nervous out there, doing his best to look comfortable... if that makes sense ?! On the other hand Hunter looks like he was born to p*ss off large numbers of people. I’m looking forward to seeing the two youngsters get to show off their talents on a bigger stage, the two had a few phenomenal matches back in the Training School.

The action has been great so far, good quick tags between the Critters to put over them as a proper team. We’ve had Hunter outwitting Boyo so helping to legitimise him as an opponent. I’m assuming that ol’ Ed is going to come in and start tearing things up soon enough...

This has been a cracking match – although I question the smarts of having Ken RUN from Edward, they totally made up for it by having him break out from a pin after the Incapacitator.

You know, that’s good of Edward to hit the Lethal Injection – in my memory I genuinely can’t tell you the last time he connected with all three...

It’s quite funny to watch Ken and Boyo – like they’re clearly family... just tiny little mannerisms and the such-like, keep your eyes open and see if you notice what I mean.

What a cracking end – I’m a tiny bit gutted that we didn’t get to have a Cloverleaf war between Samson and Boyo, but I’ll forgive them.

Yeah, the match was superb and really helped to put over everyone involved... although post-match and it’s not quite over yet. Hunter was going to get hung, but no luck for Lucas. Poor chubs plans never go the way he wants, I feel bad for him. The Hot Critters however come out of this looking like superheroes that puts aside their personal issues in the name of good, awww.

Back to the Blue Oyster and the many in attendance haven’t been affected by their hero’s loss. The highlight here was Jacey LaRoque making an appearance – who was always a fantastic addition anytime he appeared on television back in the day.

Next match is a big grudge and one that I’m looking forward to:

Johnny Rockefeller VS Sickness

Well who I am taking as my pic ? Sickness really needs the victory, but J-Rock has just returned to his former glory... the feud has been going on a long time, could they stretch it another month ? I’m going to say that JOHNNY ROCKEFELLER takes another victory through some serious cheating which will lead to one final match at Battle Royal and Sicky gets total revenge... however will the month be one too many for this feud ? Well I’ll let you know.

Sickness has come out from under the commentary table – I don’t want to know what he’s been doing under there all this time... let’s just say Heyman has seemed a little distracted during the show.

And with Sickness now out from under the table, Paul is getting pretty touchy... I’m just saying add 2 and 2 together...

Sickness is really taking it to Rocky, and he’s fighting with basically one eye... the guy never lets an injury slow him down.

WOW – the Diamond in the Rough VERY early on in the match... but crickey, Sickness has broken out. That was a very interesting move... and one that is swaying me slightly in my prediction.

And after a few attempts at another DitR, Sickness hits a Coma and wins. Wow... that was a surprise. It felt... a little bit underwhelming... don’t get me wrong, it was a fine match. Just pretty short and not enough J-Rock REALLY “being” J-Rock. I am intrigued to see where they’re taking it from here – if indeed they are...

So yeah - a bit of a surprise and one I’m not totally satisfied with (and not only that but another prediction wrong), but no time to be concerned with that as we move swiftly onto the next match.

Triple Crown championship match
Evil Gringo (c) VS Craig Van Dam

This is tough... Craig hasn’t lost a match in a long while (although more recently than TWOstars would try and have you believe)... but Gringo is Gringo and his title run is yet to really have the energy it so rightfully deserves. I really believe that TWOstars are going to pull the trigger and start the New Year with a new top guy and give it to CRAIG VAN DAM, his victory over Gringo won’t look out of place at all with all their history – there is no one better for him to take it from...

It’s nice to see that Tony has finally got the message with introducing Craig properly.

As the commentators mentioned, these two just aren’t wasting any time. Goodness me this could be a real cracker.

Some nice back and forth action, but it’s Craig escaping to the outside that leads to the first big move – with Gringo launching himself from the top rope over the crowd barrier. It’s an incredible spectacle but you’ve got to wonder how many times a month Gringo can do that before his body just gives up ?

Some great action with Craig generally controlling things and Gringo playing the plucky champion who just won’t give up; they’re really giving the challenger a big rub here, hoping to really make him stick up in the main event scene.

Gringo has missed the Mexican Eagle – a HUGE move relatively early on and it didn’t pay off. With Craig locking in a submission move it’s clearly just wear-down time... give the Sensation a wee break from throwing his body all over the store.

The knocking off the ropes was great, followed by the Falcon Arrow. The 10-double-count-out was phenomenal and Craig was able to leave his shoulder until the last millisecond. This guy has improved tenfold just in the last year. Him tagging with Gringo gave some seriously cracking experience.

GRINGO BROKE OUT OF THE 5-STAR ?!?!?!? I just jumped out of my seat, literally jumped out of my seat. Bugger me sideways, that was a surprise.

AND THEN GRINGO GOES CRAZY ?!?! Wow... that was a huge surprise. The Sensation just chickened out of the match, he hit Craig with a chair. That is very, very interesting. I mean... Craig is obviously the heel... but that was very cowardly for the Mexicutioner... we could be in for something special in the month of January between these two.

As an interesting note, Gringo is laid out by that Package Piledriver post match – just to teach him a lesson about being a p*ssy (and promised it isn’t over... I’m predicting a stipulation next month).

Thinking about it... we’re either going to see a very interesting month... or we’ve gone WWE-stupid.

Apparently our next match is the main event... and I’m as surprised as anybody... I’d heard rumours they wanted the ERE belt to come back and be seen as equal to the Triple Crown... but to be honest I didn’t think they REALLY meant it.

ERE championship match
Jason Bell (c) VS Barry Gower VS Deadman

Oh, but first, it’s a little backstage segment.

Deadman is still such a great promo – he might look a bit older but he looks gruff with it; grizzly even. Like Terry Funk...

Going into the match I’m going to go all out and say that JASON BELL retains – he’s probably the number one guy to become Triple Crown champ next year so that’s who I’m backing to go all the way for the next few months.

Although never count out Gower – the man has never held the ERE belt, and I imagine Darkstar would LOVE to be the man who awards him it.

But yeah, very nice little set up for the match – and the video package was great.

The set up for this has been pretty f*cking good (cripple side-plot ignored) and we’ve got a lot of great ways for it to go... so yeah, this is actually a damn fine main event to the last PPV (and f*ck it, it’s worth taking the risk with the new belt at this point, cause figures are going to be down anyway due to the date it’s aired :P).

I loved the black Santa hat – it’s nice that Dee Emm has returned with such a good spirit. Many in the old ERE days heavily accused him of booking himself to the top and he just seems like a completely changed man since those darker days.

Jason attacking from behind with the chair was great – the guy has a fire, an aura but it’s difficult to really control... the bookers have been doing a great job of angling the Jason character into a solid and likeable face, bravo to them.

It also makes him a SMART FACE – and that’s a GREAT thing to see in these times of stupid good guys.

HE JUST SMACKED THE REFEREE – wow, only minutes ago did I say what a great job the bookers are doing and here Jason becomes the coolest motherfunker on the planet.

Well Bazza doesn’t like being sneak attacked so he throws Jason into the turnbuckle with an overhead belly-to-belly. Su-perb.

There has been great back and forth action between Gower and Bell – they’re two very technical men and their styles blend beautifully; one faster, the other stronger but both meeting in the middle for a bit of grappling.

I’ve not written a whole lot... but there’s a reason for that... and wait for it... I’ve been watching the match. That thing just sucked me in – I loved every single moment of it. The story was brilliantly built, and the finish was just perfectly executed.

Jason won after getting rid of Gower moments after he Burning Hammered Deadman – the fact that Jason didn’t hit a second finisher just puts over how deadly the Hammer is (a great bit of consistency).

There are matches that people talk about “making” somebody – and THIS is the match that legitimised Jason Bell as a genuine big player. It was fantastic, and the best match of the card.

So that’s us... having a quick little review my predictions were 3 right to 3 wrong... what a nice way to wind things up; on a draw.

Not bad, overall – a good end to the year that left us with a warm feeling in our tummies. There were a few underwhelming moments and a few decisions I question... but overall I am happy. I’ll give it a successful 7/10, it rounded off a cracking year for TWOstars and I can’t wait to see what the next brings us.

I’ve got some news to post concerning a certain little thing that people might have noticed was missing... but don’t worry, I’ll keep you all right.

I wish you all a Merry Winterval and a jolly good New Year.

Until next time, don't miss me too badly.

Source: Mave Deltzer

31-12-2009, 01:42 AM

Following on from my hugely successful and critically acclaimed Season's Beatings review, I bring news about the match that was missed off of the card.

Yes indeed the Money in the Bank match was pulled from the card when it was decided by medical staff that Famous couldn't compete. He has been complaining about some problems in his right shoulder for a few weeks now (and it was a big reason he wasn't really involved in the 6-man). When asked to run through a few basic warm ups before the show, he couldn't complete them so the bosses decided just to drop the bout without mention.

Expect things to be resolved in the New Year - and hope, for the former champ's sake, that the A-Lister is feeling better.

With 2009 more or less gone a rather intriguing list has been let slip by one of my connections. Apparently there are quite a lot of people on the roster who the big-wigs have been less than happy with over the past few months and they've decided it's time to give them the most cruel Christmas gift of all - the pink slip.

Names include (although this isn't 100&#37;):

Apollo Chambers
Chris Care
Harry Hart
Man-Beast RHYNO
Dante Mueller (although disappeared from screen months ago, they've decided they've got no further plans for him)
Tonkatsuman Kaijin

I think we all agree that could be some big losses... although my source said that the announcements will be made after Battle Royal is up, as TWOstars want the numbers to make up their annual Royale Rumble.

It'll be interesting to see how our list reflects the reality in four short weeks.

With Hogan heading to TNA and Bret Hart back in WWE, I wouldn't be surprised if TWOstars don't try and pull out all the stops over the next month to make sure their ratings aren't affected too much. With only three weeks to build up their Janaury PPV, the work is cut out for them.

The story going around is that Maxx is being kept off television for the time being. The bookers have something big planned although are keeping very quiet about it... all I know is that he's disappearing for a little while...

I know who's being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year...

Source: Mave Deltzer.

30-01-2010, 12:26 AM

There is a story going around that due to the amount of rather brutal matches that Randy Roko has been through over the past two months (the Season's Beatings cage match, the hardcore match during XTV5:38 and then the NoDQ at Battle Royale) he has had to have minor surgery on his nose. Apparently all is well and it shouldn't stop his performances at all, just have a small look out to see if you can see any left-over swelling...

The big story going around the locker room is that there is quite a bit of disagreement going on between Deadman and bosses. The former ERE owner's contract with TWOstars runs out the night after WrestleNova and at the moment people are doubting that he's going to be resigning...

There is a story going around that Twiggie was over the moon to be back in the ring and was truly, truly touched by the reception that he got at the Doncaster Dome. The three members of the Dark Alliance spent close to three hours after the cameras went off mingling with the people in attedance, really just living up the entire evening.

The ponderings about Draven Cage's neck are justified - although TWOstars are playing it off as an angle slightly, the Hangman did suffer a very slight set back after taking the Diamond Dust. The match was supposed to be a small test to see how ready he actually was and unfortunately the impact has proven Cage still has a while to go yet.

The Tag Team titles are officially gone. The decision was a very hard one for the bookers to make apparently, with Lucas Thorp (the man put in charge of the division semi-recently) apparently heartbroken that it has come to this. Unfortunately due to dwindling roster members, it seemed like the right decision to make.

Expect something special from Johnny Rockefeller in the coming months - anyone that can tell me why wins a post card.

Some of you may have heard my name mentioned during Battle Royale by one Miss Portia. We are friends in real life and often talk so it must have just slipped out... from what she's said nobody seemed to mind too much, so that's good to hear.

Just because Darkstar says that Drake Rush is never going to wrestle in a TWOstars ring doesn't necessarily mean that he won't find a way...

There is so much news this week, but for all of you this will have to do. Join me next time, and make sure to comment on anything I've said with your thoughts and wonderings.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

31-01-2010, 01:30 PM
Good work Joe, I liked how you mentioned Dave being mentioned and DC's injury. The deadman issue thing was a good idea too.

Craig Van Dam
31-01-2010, 06:38 PM
I wonder what Deltzer thought of Battle Royale.... :P

31-01-2010, 10:29 PM
:lol I have no promises if we'll find out or not cause this week is all tutorial-y for me. I might try get a review up on Wednesday if you're all good and I get 5 PMs demanding it.

13-03-2010, 03:49 PM

The battles between Deadman and bosses have continued since my last report. Apparently he isn't pleased that he's, basically, being used as a glorified jobber. A close source said that Deadman agreed to come into TWOstars with the understanding he'd be treated with the respect he deserves and he really feels he hasn't been getting it. The big dog has still got a lot to offer the industry, and I'd hate to see him go to the competition after Nova when his contract is up...

You may have noticed that the Women's division has really been taking centre stage over the past month or so. With the loss of the Tag division, the company have decided that they want to really market themselves as having the "best of everything" and so are really putting the females to the front for a short spell to catch the fans attention. Except things to balance out in the lead up to Nova.

A teaser-Nova card was let slip just last week and I thought it was very interesting to see that the main event was going to be "Craig Van Dam VS Lucian Jones - Triple Crown & ERE"... although it sounds like it could be a great main event I don't believe that they would throw away two title matches in one... unless maybe (if rumours are true) and Deadman is leaving the company then they are looking to get rid of the ERE belt with this as well ? Other matches included were:

Draven Cage & Apollo Chambers VS The Hot Critters (definitely not going to happen for a number of reasons)
Angus McDonald VS Johnny Rockefeller (once again, now off the cards I'd assume)
A Television title Gauntlet match (names weren't mentioned, not even the champs...)
Famous VS Drake Rush (now that Famous is back as a heel, I don't imagine it will happen)

As you can see, it looks like either a) an old card or b) a fake... either way it's still interesting to see what they (might have) had planned.

Talking about the Total Package, apparently since he took the Triple Crown and ERE title, ratings have been slowly climbing. The 2-fall triple threat at No Remorse was received brilliantly and apparently has brought in record breaking numbers for the February PPV. I'm very glad to see that all of Craig's hard work is really paying off like this.

My final little piece of news is an article that was recommended to me by another writer. It's about Matt Denton and, I feel, is a really interesting read... so here we go:

Who Is The Darque Angel?
--Article by John Jolson

The year was 2006, Shockwave Sports Entertainment returned to the television screens for their farewell tour of Las Vegas. After what was an epic end to Shockwave Sports Entertainment’s third cycle in early 2005, the core fan base of SSE were clamouring from more from one of the most violent wrestling brands in history.

Many familiar faces of SSE’s past returned, including current TWOStars roster member Matt Denton. I’ve followed Matt Denton’s career from the very start, and served under him as the lead announcer of his Sin City Wrestling endeavour. He treated me well, because I was one of possibly five or six men who stuck with him through thick and thin, through all the trials and tribulations that SCW had gone through, and he respected that aspect of me.

Anyway, so it wasn’t surprising to find out that Denton went back to SSE to help out one of his old allies “Hollywood” Rob Michaels in his war with Draven Stark (also known as Darque), one of the most legendary figures in brutality, up there with D.J. Gallagher, Trip Eisen, Trent and even Rob Michaels himself. It all came to a head at the first Aftershock episode of the Farewell tour. It was a regular submission match, without any of the hassles of count outs or disqualifications. Denton happened to be tagging along with Michaels in his limousine which was parked at ringside.

Many have seen the footage and have cringed, at the very sight. I am one of those people, and it’s not an easy sight to see. Draven Stark had grabbed Denton in a rear waistlock during on of Denton’s escapades to help Michaels win the match. He then dragged Denton to the ropes, so Draven’s back was leaning against them, he popped his hips and sent Denton soaring over the ropes, head and neck first into the windshield of “Hollywood” Rob Michaels’s limo!

I thought he was dead! Or at the very least a paraplegic! But not Denton, no no. His wars in SCW instilled a hell of a lot of toughness in that man’s bones. He did have to rest up for 4 weeks afterwards, but who wouldn’t after being German Suplexed into the windshield of a limo?

I then saw a sight that had career ender written all over in 6 foot high letters. At Dark Intentions, SSE’s final show of the tour there was an epic suicidal six way match to crown the last ever SSE World Champion. Both Michaels and Draven Stark took part in it. Then mid match, there was a loud beeping that echoed through the arena. Rolling in reverse, was a dumper truck and in the cockpit?

Matt Denton.

I’ve seen it all in this business, but up until that point I had never seen anything like that because when Denton unleashed the cargo upon one side of the stage, it stunned the whole audience into silent awe.
Thumbtacks. Millions and millions of the thumbtacks! I believe the term they coined was Thumbtack City! And that’s exactly what it was! All laid out ready for some poor soul to be thrown into them... And the first victim of it was...

Matt Denton: Mayor of Thumbtack City!

He tried to powerbomb Stark into it, but Draven had none of it, instead sending Denton up and over into the pit! He then made the mistake of rolling on the impact, digging more and more of the damn things into his skin! EMTs couldn’t even get to him until half of it was cleared away! But after that... He wasn’t exactly the same as he used to be.

He started his transformation into the beast you see today! He wanted a piece of Draven Stark! Even as far to call his re-emergence the rising of the Darque Angel! He told the world how he suffered after the German Suplex into the limo and his fateful trip to Thumbtack City! But Stark didn’t respond. I doubt he even gave a damn, because that’s the last I heard of him.

Upon Matt’s return to SCW, he found that he had been overthrown as President due to a stipulation set by the Board of Directors stating that if a member of staff were to have no hand in SCW for 30 days, their position would become vacant. Naturally, this did little to quell the rage inside Denton, who was forced to return to the ring.

The new president Joseph Wolfe forced Matt into the tag team division, but that didn’t last long because by the end of any tag team match Denton was a part of, not only would the opponents be laying on their backs, but so did any partner paired with Denton.
From there, the path of rage went through numerous SCW mainstays including several originals such as El Diablo, Eric Angel and Blaze. All the way to the very top, where Matt faced his good friend Tim Matrix for the SCW World Championship.

During the lead up to the showdown, Matt showed the reigning champion that their friendship didn’t matter, despite Matrix’s attempts to appeal to the real Denton inside. The battle ended with Tim suffering a major injury when Denton debuted his Darque Side finisher, which is a modified version of Draven Stark’s Ganso Bomb, but to a new extreme.

Eventually the rage went away and Denton returned to normal. But I saw in his eyes that the Darque Angel wanted out from its cage! Ready to feast on the fresh blood of wrestlers put in front of him! But it never came. It bided it’s time.

Until late 2009, that is.

There’s no way that Matt had just let the Darque Angel out, though. It’s not something that Denton could just release and put away, like a pet bird! Somebody else had to do it, but the thing is... Nobody knows who actually did it. I can pin point the exact spot where it was released.

XTV Episode 5:21.

Denton was found knocked out in a pool of his own blood. Medics found him with head trauma, but let’s not kid ourselves. Denton didn’t suddenly don the blue face paint and become this evil entity. The entity chose to first get used to being free again. It took the chance to stretch its limbs! Start sucking in fresh oxygen! And feel freedom in all its glory!

During the week before the next episode, he was pretty normal, but mere minutes before the start of that episode. Denton was then seen wearing his blue war paint. But Denton’s regular personality was still shining through! It was a little bit strange, but most people thought nothing of it.

At World War, again everything seemed fine... That is until the final bell. Denton was nowhere to be seen. Some claim he left the arena in a hurry, others claim that they didn’t see him after his elimination. But what is clear is that nobody saw him in the week leading up to XTV 5:23. Nobody at Zenith Entertainment Network, nobody from Denton’s family... Not a single man, woman or child saw him until the roving reporters found him at the very peak of his company’s headquarters.

Sin City Wrestling’s demise sent him over the edge and allowed the Darque Angel to assume total control.
All I can say is that nobody is safe. The fans, the wrestlers, the staff aren’t safe. If you think that Denton is an ally, think again. Don’t think that you know him... Because in the immortal words of Judas Priest... You’ve got another thing coming.

13-03-2010, 06:06 PM
Nice possible card.

13-03-2010, 06:47 PM
Very nice article from Denton... very nice.

Dark Dodo
30-04-2010, 06:30 PM
when is the next one

15-06-2010, 12:21 AM

After an extensive absence - the Dirt Sheet is back and with some fun, fantastic news for you all:

Although most won't believe it, the Draw of Death last week was completely random. Once matches had been set up the bookers shaped the results as necessary, but the actual opponents and gimmicks were decided by chance and nothing else.

I genuinely couldn't stop laughing when Deadman/Portia was announced - a shame though that they went down the teaser route though... although at the same time... does that maybe mean something is a-coming?

If some of the names I've been hearing are true, fans are in for a fantastic couple of months.

Apollo Chambers returned this week to a very impressive reaction - the company have been in talks with him for a while now so it's good to see they've finally come to an agreement.

There's a story that he actually went to Sickness about using the G2S, looking for the Hall of Famer's blessing without informing the company.
That's real respect right there.

Apparently there are arguments in the creative team about the Kyle Gilmore return - with some people very unhappy with the 'happy ending' given at Redemption. Those who backed the way it went were looking for a bro-mance style resolution and thought it gave an incredibly happy ending that was maybe missing slightly from Nova VI.

Seemingly the co-champions won't be having to share for very much longer...

Randy dropping the pirate gimmick was a big surprise to me - and something I'm sceptical about as to where he'll go from here. HOWEVER he's spent two years getting himself over as just a nice guy, so fingers crossed he doesn't finish last now.

For all of those who are very worried, the Angel/DC divorce is in story only. The two are still very happy - but the company felt that Angel has done far too much with her husband on the sidelines so they didn't want to risk her being forced back into the role as second-fiddle. Personally I'm all for it.

The Iagan and Jason feud has been great fun so far in my opinion. Not done yet and a twist still to come? Can't wait.

Jenny McKellen getting the Women's title was basically, more or less, due to the fans making it happen. The booking team were sure she'd do a great job but wanted to try and hold it off for a bit longer. Well, it got to a point where they were risking killing all the anticipation so finally took the dive - I imagine that it'll pay off in more ways than one.

That's just a few tiny bits of news that I've been storing up for you all - I hope that this rather longer taster has got you desperate for more... maybe, hopefully I'll see you alll soon.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

13-07-2010, 03:24 PM

Welcome back to the Dirt Sheet my little Detlxzer-maniacs. A hot off the press edition for you.

There has been an major annoucement circulated on TWOStars.com regarding some major changes being proposed for the company. An inside source has confirmed that there will be a major shakeup to the way TWOstars is being presented to the fans.

Rumours are that it could be a reduction in the number of titles in the federation or even a culling of staff. TWOstars has managed to ride most of the financial meltdown but it is a public limited company and shareholders do demand a bottom line.

It may also be related to the fact that TWOstars Major TV contracts are all for for renewal within a matter of weeks of each other.

The Ferrara/Bell Wedding storyline was initially greeted with an amount of scepticism among some of the top talent who felt that possibly the most overdone angle in wrestling history wouldn't go anywhere. There's been wide spread praise for those involved who are working tirelessly to bring something exciting to the angle which has gone down well with the casual fans.

Rumours that The Great Ken and Jenny McKellen are on off screen item are still buzzing but pictures in Heat magazine of Miss McKellen out on a dinner date with a mysterious young man may have poured some fire on that. McKellen has so far dodged any questions on the matter and Ken appears to be towing the kayfabe line by pretending he's not alowed to talk about it.

If anyone was surprised to see Draven Cage at the last PPV then where have you been? Cage had been seen around several TWOstars events leading up to the PPV so whilst he received an great reception there may have been little surprise to it. However, what was surprising was the shape of Draven, his time out injured has allowed him to shed the excess pounds he'd gained during his Triple Crown run. Rumours persist that he'd been approached by Strike force AND the UFC regarding starting an MMA career but the Scot found it difficult to leave his first love of Pro-wrestling

There has been a surprise demand for Chris Eagles merchandise lately, so much so that the TWOstars warehouse recently ran out of his signature T-shirts. Fans have had to wait serveal weeks for the new gear to come through.

Kyle Gilmore and Lucian Jones are tipped to star in the sequel to "Dude, where's my ca?r" which has been tentatively title "Dude, where's my Mom"

Drake Rush was recently spotted at the World Cup final celebrating with soe of the Spanish players after the final.

Randy Roko and Cari-Dee will be appearing on ITV's "Mr and Mrs" in 3 weeks time.

Source: Mave Deltzer

24-09-2010, 12:32 AM
The end to the Deadman/Draven Cage match at Midsummer Night's Destruction met almost universal hatred, and yet the (to be frank ridiculous) segment on the next episode of XTV hinting that they'd just continued fighting since the PPV was praised everywhere I've been.

It shows how easily these smarks can be swayed...

The Night of Champions is being used as a break in a one-off 11 week build to the next PPV. Due to the way the new PPV line-up has fallen, there is a few extra XTVs than was originally expected so the company egg-heads threw together a special show to help the fans during the transition period.

With another mystery attack last week against Jenny McKellen, it appears that this angle isn't quite over yet. Possibly the Denton explanation was just used as an attempt to divert internet attention...

The return of Sickness was met with mixed reactions - for the most part people in the back are glad to have him back. Since his time off he has calmed down more and is overall in a healthier place both physically and mentally than towards the end of his run earlier in the year.
Rumours say that he's back to offer anything he can to the company as a whole... whatever that means.

Lucian L. Jones has indeed become the longest reigning Triple Crown champion in history - beating the previous reign of Famous who won the title at WrestleNova V in April and held it until Endgame three months later. This of course follows on from Jones' impressive reign as half of the longest Tag champs in TWOstars history as well... hopefully the TC belts don't follow the same fate.

Portia has been receiving a lot of praise for her heel work since the Bellgate wedding fiasco - apparently Darkstar himself came up and congratulated her on all the effort she's clearly putting in.

As an addition to an above note, with 11 weeks until World War we in turn only have 6 before the Battle Royal... maybe not the best juggling act in the world there now... do we have any predictions for BR winners yet?

There are rumours of concern in the upper echelons of the TWOstars company with a number of roster members suffering injuries or personal issues which are forcing them off screen - with the loss of Randy Roko, Kyle Gilmore and Johnny Rockefeller all within a few weeks of each other, you can't blame some of the more paranoid wrestlers for carrying rabbit paws.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

24-09-2010, 06:44 AM
Portia has been receiving a lot of praise for her heel work since the Bellgate wedding fiasco - apparently Darkstar himself came up and congratulated her on all the effort she's clearly putting in.

I love that.

07-10-2010, 10:17 AM

I've heard from a very reliable source that members on the booking team are starting to shape a rough outline heading to WrestleNova. With it being the most important time of year - there has been heavy emphasis from the top dogs to start getting things in line so there's time to change if (when, haha) things go wrong.
I imagine that this has come with a rumoured card for WrestleMania being leaked - so the TWOstars lot are panicking and trying to strike back.

So far Craig Van Dam hasn't been booked for Night of Champions - although this is only a rumour, I've heard that he might be in a bit of trouble for some of his conduct over the latter part of the summer... maybe this is a punishment?

I've been told that discussion over the direction of Edward Samson is an incredibly hot topic just now in the offices of TWOstars...

A number of talent agents have been sent out to approach different former employees about a possible return - with the Battle Royal coming up don't be surprised to see the usual one or two unexpected faces.

There was talks a little while ago about compiling a "WrestleCrap" style list of terrible (and hilarious) things that have happened over the years in TWOstars, but it was vetoed after a certain member of staff was particularly sensitive about skeletons being brought out of the closet...

I've heard rumours that the company are considering taking on the recent WWE trend of having a specific gimmick signify each PPV... no other details are known at this moment though.

A note has found it's way to my desk from an anonymous source... but if what is written on it is true, well, things could be getting incredibly interesting round about the Triple Crown title picture.

Rumours that Keith Jaxx is pregnant have proved to be false.

After such a successful issue last year, I would like to once again open up the chance to ask me any questions you have regarding TWOstars or the world of wrestling behind the curtain.

You have a fortnight, and I shall post the Q&A issue on Wednesday 20th October.

Send your inquiries to the usual address.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

21-10-2010, 03:11 PM


Is it true Christopher Ryan Eagles has twice asked for his release this year? (e-mail: Bird Watcher)

There is a story that Chris Eagles was mildly miffed over how his Television title reign went down and was seriously considering just throwing it all away. However some of the bigger men backstage sat down with him, talked through all the issues, and by the end of it Chris was willing to keep going. However Eagles requesting twice is apparently untrue.

When will we see Apollo Chambers challenging for the Triple Crown Title like he was due to before he left? (e-mail: Jones Is Going Down)

Well, as we’ve just seen at Night of Champions, Apollo has been given the Television title which is surely a nod of faith in him. And later in the show we saw a little square off between Lucian and AC – although it might be a little while off yet, it appears that the company have big plans for Chambers.

Is Draven Cage an a$$hole backstage? (e-mail: Archie Benoodle)

The pride of Draven Cage is no secret to anybody on the TWOstars roster – as I’ve said before his “Tag Team Kingpin” moniker is something that he holds very close to his heart. There have been arguments with the booking team about putting certain people over and the direction of angles – although some people would claim he’s just passionate about the business, depending which side of the argument you’re on.

Will Boyo wrestle for TWOstars again? (e-mail: Louis Smythe)

The last that I heard from Boyo, he was pulling the old “never say never” line. I totally believe that if the legend ever comes back to the ring it WILL be for TWOstars. I imagine though that at this point in Boyo’s career he will step back in the ring only for a) a great pay day or b) a great story.

WE WANT LUCAS THORP!!! (e-mail: Bobby Cornette)

Unfortunately, you can want and want as much as you like but it appears that Lucas Thorp will not be making a return anytime soon into the company. Although the two parties parted ways on good terms, Lucas wants to spend more time doing research for a new book – “Hegel: a feminist reading of the German philosopher”.

Is it true that even though on screen Craig Van Dam rips Chris Eagles, in fact he is a big fan of the former Three-Time TV Champion? (e-mail: Wendy Sanchez)

Craig and Chris are actually very good friends backstage. They are training and travelling partners – Chris Eagles was actually one of the men who provided tips and ideas for Craig when he turned heel way back last year. CVD, in turn, is well known for saying that Eagles is the “best men to ever win the Television title three times”.

Who is the Triple H of TWOstars? (e-mail: Big Nose Hater)

I don’t really believe that there is a “Triple H” in the same way as there is in WWE. Deadman is never afraid to use his experience to throw around his influence if there is something he thinks can be improved on.
Apparently, Ken – despite his onscreen gimmick – has been heard to drop the “don’t you know who I am?” line when things aren’t going quite as he’d like... which I think it quite interesting.
However, overall, there isn’t any ONE person who has a constant influence on the way that booking is shaped; sorry to disappoint.

When will we see TWOstars in Europe again? (e-mail: Europe)

There is a tour booked for next year – I believe in the lead up to WrestleNova VII with it taking place... although don’t hold me to it... in Spain? I may need to check up on that.
Having made sure – yeah, that definitely seems to be the case. So we’ll have a tour both pre-Nova and post-Nova as the fed makes their way back to the USA.

Will TWOstars ever start doing a "where are they now" with the former ERE/TWOstars superstars? (e-mail: Joey, A Long Term Fan)

With the new calendar layout – basically two months between every PPV – there has been talk about doing “specials” to help with the new length of time between the big shows. The first example of this we saw last week with the Night of Champions show. So you can expect a whole lot of these, and I know that a lot of ideas are being thrown about different kind of specials TWOstars can put out.
A “where they are now” will almost certainly be pushed, especially with so many former stars still friends with current roster members.

Was Barry Gower's return really taken in a bad light by fellow TWOies? (e-mail: He Ain't So Bad)

There are one or two people in the company who still to this day hold a grudge against Gower – I won’t name names but I’ve had a few pieces of news leak through which... well, are clearly untrue so just appear to be members of staff trying to start nasty rumours. However, from other (more reliable) sources I’ve heard that Barry has been incredibly apologetic over his attitude towards the end of his last stint and has been actually going down to the training camp to help out with some of the younger recruits – pass on his knowledge and what not.
It’s nice to see that the time off has given him a chance to cool his jets and screw his head on straight.

In order with one being the highest and five being the lowest, who are the top five people to watch out for next year? (e-mail: Kevin Maynard)

This is a very, very tough one but I’ll give it my best shot:

1. Jason Bell
TWOstars has been testing the waters with Jason for a long time now - and I totally believe that next year will see him burst into the main event picture and take the entire company by storm.

2. Matt Denton
He showed an incredible amount of potential during the SCW invasion, and in turn his build to the Television title was brilliant. He’s really found his angry groove and I’m looking forward to seeing him taking 2011 by storm. With a couple of the ‘bigger’ heels in the company disappearing for different reasons I totally believe that Denton will fill their shoes and then some.

3. Randy Roko
Some people might think I’m cheating here a little bit, but I totally believe that Roko will be back sooner rather than later. And I know that when he returns, he will be in the main event fighting with the best TWOstars has to offer. As has now become well known knowledge – he was the first pick to win the Battle Royale this year, so that just underlines the kind of plans the booking team had for him.

4. Portia
I thought it was important to include a woman in the list – and out of everybody in the division it is Portia who I believe we’re going to be seeing a lot more of. With her heel turn she’s found new life and is going to be the big bad for the foreseeable future, and personally I can’t wait.

5. The Great Ken
While some of the others I’ve named are people who are going to be climbing up into the main event, I’m picking out Ken because he’s very likely to finally take his first title and stop going on and on about getting out of his father’s shadow. Time for Ken to become Ken!

Using only people on the roster and likely returnees, as a fan, what would be your dream WrestleNova card? (e-mail: E-fedder)

Oh goodness me, what a tough, tough question. However I’m never one to back away from a challenge:

Triple Crown championship
Sickness(c) VS Barry Gower

Extreme Revolution championship
Twiggie(c) VS Matt Denton VS Kyle Gilmore

Television championship
Edward Samson(c) VS Maxx

Women’s championship
Cari-Dee(c) VS Charlotte DiMignotta VS Jenny McKellen

(one year on)
Craig Van Dam VS Lucian L. Jones

Draven Cage & Lindy Rose VS Deadman & ANGEL

With news that people are saying that TWOstars is hitting a drought, without me disagreeing or agreeing but let's assume they are right, what would be your suggestion to get them out of it? What matches would you run? Feuds? Segments? Pushes? Etc (e-mai: Nihilist Neil)

This is a difficult one to put a finger on because, as we’ve seen in the past, there’s just absolutely no predicting what will suddenly create a boom in wrestling.
I think that a heel turn for Jones relatively soon could do a LOT for the company – especially if they waited for Gilmore to get back. Turning either both members of the PTP or a feud between them I genuinely believe could do HUGE numbers... although a feud with Twiggie would certainly be a perfect second.
The Deadman/Draven Cage feud has been doing incredibly well – but I think they have to time the blow-off just perfectly or else they will lose out on the huge profit they could make.
The Battle Royale should be used as a chance to push somebody new to the main event – somebody shocking that will make everybody sit up and pay attention. I have faith that TWOstars will follow that win up with a consistent push (something that WWE would certainly fail at).
I would suggest that running a more hardcore style, but with TNA’s recent push towards that corner (and consequential failure to improve) maybe the modern wrestling fan is over the attitude error. I think the best ideas for TWOstars is to create a deeper women’s division where they are doing ridiculously well, and maybe seriously consider bringing back the tag division (something that some of the booking team would love to do).

What is your opinion of the new talent that is coming up from Developmental recently? (e-mail: Sally Sedgwick)

There is an incredibly impressive woman coming through – going by the name of Alexis Chang. She could really realign the entire shape of the women’s division single-handedly.
In turn there’s a very exciting young man coming up – an Irish powerhouse who has wow’ed a lot of people in IWW and RoH for a number of years.
Otherwise things are a little bit shaky, however as I mentioned above, Gower has been down there and is trying to work with a number of kids.
There was an unfortunate case a small while back when a wrestler by the name of Scott Jones... he was called up and then... nothing. He didn’t turn up to the first XTV he was booked on, and hasn’t been heard of since. Although people have tried to contact him – there’s been absolutely nothing... and it’s a shame because he seemed to have a lot of potential.
In turn, his no-show hurt morale slightly among a number of the students at the school which is a real shame.

Is it a concern with bookers and wrestlers about the lack of wrestlers that TWOstars have? (e-mail: WCCW Fan)

I believe there’s a general feeling that any additional people into the fed would be great, but to say that there’s concern over numbers would be putting too negative a spin on it.

What would be some of the gimmicks and kind of wrestlers that would get noticed straight away if they were in Developmental? What kind are TWOstars management hoping sign up? (e-mail: Hopeful in Waiting)

There’s a lack of cruiserweights in the company right now – have a think about back to when Angus McDonald. It was the exact same situation and he was shot up to the top of the company because of his unique look, style and gimmick.
Of course tag teams are a definite highlight – proper teams with matching tights, a few double teams etc. etc.
Outside of that I think you need to bring a very definite gimmick to the table; there are quite a lot of middle of the road tough guy wrestlers (DC, Gower, Chambers, even Samson) – and on top of that if there’s a really great heel out there... I imagine TWOstars would love to hear from you.

If TWOstars had enough roster members or a bunch signed up between now and Wrestlenova, could we see a six man or eight man Money in the Bank ladder match? (e-mail: Spot-a-Monkey?)

I guess it would depend if ANGEL cashes in or not, first of all.
However I wouldn’t be surprised if TWOstars went for some kind of huge multi-man match, although there’s a good chance that they will try and work with something ‘unique’ (I say it with an air of scepticism because everything is a rip off of something) rather than straight out copying the WWE.

Who has the biggest ego backstage? Who is the hardest to work with? (e-mail: James Dyson)

As far as hardest working, the top of that last has to be Apollo Chambers. Since his return he’s been working almost non-stop in an attempt to prove his worth. Another name that has to be mentioned here is that of Deadman – the Ex-Rev legend continues to be a model employee and putting many of the younger stars to shame. Craig Van Dam is another work-horse who is always doing his best to make himself better, both in the ring and out of it.

On the other side, people with terrible egos are Barry Gower (although as I mention elsewhere he’s not been nearly as bad since his return), Tom Liver (he really believes that he can still bring a lot to the table even though his transportation issues aren’t an act), and apparently Lucian Jones has started to show signs of believing his own hype. Maybe it’s time to take the title off of the golden boy. There is also talk that Professor McKellen is a little bit of a ‘snob’ where he doesn’t talk to general members of staff – only people above him or other roster members.

Will we ever see the United States Championship again? There has been an outcry from fans and wrestlers for it to return. (e-mail: Patriotic & Proud)

From what I’m aware, there are just now absolutely no plans to return the United States championship. The Ex-Rev title has proven popular among the booking team, with them seeing it as great an honour to hold as the actual Triple Crown belts.
If there was a huge influx of talent, then we might see the return or a new belt brought in – but otherwise I’m sorry to say the US is probably gone forever.

How many tag teams would be needed for the tag team division to return? (e-mail: Laura Steele)

I would say at the very minimum... five, six teams? And certainly there we’d need four teams dedicated to being teams, and then maybe we could work with one or two who are single stars just thrown together.
That, at least, is how I would do it.

Has being sponsored by a wrestling radio and news about TWOstars gathering over some websites, help the interest in TWO? Will we be seeing some new wrestlers joining thanks to these sort of things? (e-mail: Radio Listener)

The rumour going around is that Darkstar has been quite disappointed by the lack of immediate reward. There were those in the top positions in TWOstars who were confident that the new press would cause a whole new explosion of talent to show interest in the company – but as has been stressed, just because it isn’t as quick as some would’ve hoped it doesn’t mean there won’t be long term benefits.

With Bobby Banks and Thorp not on our screens any more. Is there a chance we could get a new wave of managers? Or are managers a thing of the past? (e-mail: 2Fat2Wrestle)

Overall TWOstars is very happy with the promo-skills that their stars display, although I’m sure that if anybody is struggling they will be quick, and smart, enough to call in a manager to help pick up the slack. I’m personally very sad to see the degree that managers, who were once an art-form in and of themselves, have been diluted to.
There has, however, been talk about Edward Samson getting another manager – they don’t want to bring Lucas back, but are considering maybe pairing the monster up with another wrestler in a Rockefeller/Samson style but this time it going a little better.

A few weeks ago we heard Sickness and Boyo talking about a 'Tag Team Dream'. What was that about? We haven’t heard any more since that skit. (e-mail: V. Russo)

Mr Russo, how very perceptive of you; I’ve done a little nosing around and it turns out that TWOstars has a special planned for Christmas time based around some of the best tag teams they’ve ever had. Although I don’t quite know what that means, or exactly which teams will be involved – I think it’s safe to say that the Dark Alliance are going to be involved somewhere.

With Randy Roko now off screen, how is the relationship between he and Cari-Dee? (e-mail: Harry Heart)

It was well known that Randy and Cari were an actual item while the two of them were on an screen couple, but it seems that since Roko has taken time off the two have agreed to put their relationship on hold. They continue to be incredibly good friends, but there is nothing intimate there.

A huge thank you to everybody who sent questions in - you made this issue a success and your input is always welcome.

Until next time though; keep moaning over nothing.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

21-10-2010, 03:59 PM
What a awesome read Joe. I been waiting for this and it was worth the wait because it was just amazing, some great questions were answered.

I do love these Q and A things. I think it is my favourite thing about the dirt sheets.

Gotta prove Mave Deltzer, I am going to be the one to watch next year and going to get on the Nova card! :lol

Craig Van Dam
21-10-2010, 04:11 PM
Fantastic articel there Joe a very good read

21-10-2010, 04:14 PM
Fun read. Nice one JJ. :)

The B-Man
21-10-2010, 04:23 PM
Good stuff as always:)

21-10-2010, 05:37 PM
Brilliant. :)

21-10-2010, 10:36 PM
Loved it, JJ!

I agree, Samson VS Maxx for the TV belt would be great. I can really see those two covered in blood and guts by the end of the match.

03-11-2010, 09:06 PM

Obviously the big news of this week is the return of a certain Sensation. News broke mid last week that the former Triple Crown champion, Evil Gringo, had been seen backstage at a live event and stories immediately started spreading that his return was imminent. Apparently TWOstars management were happy to get him in after a dark match showed he wasn't suffering any ring rust, so ushered him into 6:27's "Champion of Champions" match.
I've heard, from a few more reliable sources than other sites I could name, that plans heading up to Nova are being totally scrapped with this return. To say this is HUGE news is underplaying it - Gringo's return is, I'm quite sure, going to encourage a surge in morale, a lift in work-rate among those who have become comfortable, and brings one of the greatest mind TWOstars has ever had back to the forefront of the company.
Very... very exciting stuff.

In contrast to this story, I would like to put to an end the continuing rumours that Maxx will be returning. With Gringo's return, my inbox has started to burst with questions about the "inevitable" re-debut. That isn't the case folks, I'm sorry, but the darkest spirit is a certain no-no from every person I've spoken to. GET OVER IT AND STOP MESSAGING ME.

Craig Van Dam was said to be incredibly pleased after Night of Champions where he was able to attack a selection from the Hall of Fame. After the section, he went round backstage and offered them all a pint to make up for it - stories go that Holt was a bit unhappy about how close the pen did get to his eye, even though the spot was his idea in the first place.
Apparently Craig's very excited about where his character is going over the next few months...

There have been rumbles of discontent from some of members of staff - non-roster members - about the return of the Chav. He was quite the pest to a lot of the legal team and various other plebs during his last run, renowned for living his gimmick to sometimes dangerous extents, Chav is a troublemaker wherever he goes... expect things to bubble over very quickly, and for the Dirt Sheet to be full of his adventures.

I've heard through the grape-vine that Kyle Gilmore's news next week is going to surprise folk...

Night of Champions was generally considered a huge success, with great ratings throughout the entire show - the main event especially picked up an impressive 6.2. It shows that even though there is some scepticism within the company, the Jason/McKellen/Bang! story is paying off with the viewing audience... now just to see if it carries to PPV.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

The B-Man
03-11-2010, 09:22 PM
Great read as always jj

18-11-2010, 09:55 AM

An argument broke out last week at an airport between Chris Eagles and a member of the public. Eagles was supposedly calling home on a pay phone – talking with his kids – when a gentlemen came up looking to use it after the wrestler. The man was apparently very impatient and the two ended up in a shouting match that escalated into some pushing. It didn’t get any more serious – but many in the company had thought that Eagles’ temper was a thing of the past… clearly you don’t mess with him and his family!

There are stories going around that TWOstars is planning some sort of mini-competition in the run up to Christmas. With this, and the tag special that I was talking about a few issues ago, we could be in for a very enjoyable December. The only hint I’ve had is ‘early Christmas present’… send your ideas in on a postcard.

Twiggie being dropped from being an on-screen roster member has actually been a planned part of the story for a number of weeks now. Twiggie has been nursing a few on-going injuries for a few months now but refused to stop while the company needed him. Further proof of this can be seen from NoC where the 4-way was designed so he didn’t have to do too much work, and in turn the quick end between himself and Eagles. With the return of Gringo, the company was finally happy to let Twiggie take a step down and some time off. In the end, personally, I think Deadman/Drave Cage one-on-one is a better outcome anyway. Hopefully the hippy will be back by Battle Royale.

The booking team, apparently, over the past few weeks have been having an absolute ball just mixing and matching the massive talents of the 7-men in the TC scramble and the ERE title match. There is rumour that one of the booking team have been watching the “Smackdown Six” era and was just struck with inspiration and intends to continue booking with just a mix-and-match style.

There are apparently rumblings in the back about even more departures from the company. If this is true then it’s a real shame as currently the roster is brilliantly balanced – I’ll let you know the details as we get them.

With the story going that Sickness has to retire after World War if he can’t win the Triple Crown belt, is the PPV main event spoiled already…?

Reports suggest that at least one member if not more of the female roster have been tapped up by various other promotions. Most offers have either been for more money or reduced touring which has tempted a few of the ladies who feel that they are getting either short changed for the work they put in or burnt out from wrestling constantly to get the division off the ground.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

18-11-2010, 10:14 AM
sorry I tagged a story for the women's division as there wasn;t anything for it in there.

09-12-2010, 11:47 AM

The big news is that Darkstar apparently lost his rag at a ‘roster meeting’ earlier this week. He was incredibly frustrated over some reviews of the World War PPV that he had read after the show aired – especially since a lot within the company thought it went so well – and is demanding everyone to raise their game. The story going around is that there are going to be “big shake ups” going into 2011...

Congratulations are in order for Draven Cage who was given the Ex-Rev belt after an absolutely fantastic battle with Deadman. He was given the nod as, since his return, he’s been doing an absolutely sterling job in the ring, in the back and in a lot of PR stuff. He is said to be very proud of the title win and really feels like it cements his return to being back to full health.

Another returnee popped up this week in the form of Angus McDonald. It’s a pleasure to have the Tartan Spartan back on the show – and, although I can’t say for definite, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first ‘shake up’ that I mentioned in the first piece of news. Hopefully this second return goes much better than the one earlier in the year. News from the back is that the roster welcomed him with open arms even though neither Roko or Willard are active anymore.

The absolute beast Alexis Chang debut this week in TWOstars. As I’m sure all of you can see for yourselves, she has muscles for her muscles and is bigger than a lot of the men in the company. I’ve been reassured that she was given a full physical to make sure there was no foul play involved – and stories going around are that the plans are to show off just how strong the former body builder is.

Professor McKellen was thoroughly congratulated by the roster for his match against Jason Bell at World War. The man isn’t a wrestler and had only been taking basic ‘bump lessons’ for a few months in the lead up to the bout from some of the trainers. Jimmy Redman specifically was said to be very proud because he had been working so heavily with the academic – but when talking to me McKellen said that “there’s no way I’m doing that again anytime soon!” Smart thinking Prof.

Kyle Gilmore might be trying to hide nagging knee injuries from those above him...

Matt Denton seems to be very happy to be back on screen – I think that there might have been big promises made to the cunning businessman...

Jenny McKellen is off screen for the foreseeable future. Jenny injured her back after the battle royal at night of champions and she's been working a reduced schedule in the hopes it would heal itself. However surgery is going to be needed and so the plan changed to allow Jenny to go off screen to sort out her "family problems" and allow Car-Dee to become the new challenger to Portia. The change in angle caused a minor blip in the World War PPV as the originally scheduled match was scrapped in favour of the swerve ending. A few fans have been quick to voice displeasure at this way of opening a PPV but management hope that events leading from it quickly cover up this minor faux pas.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

22-12-2010, 10:43 PM

Welcome to the last Dirt Sheet of 2010. We’ve got, as a nice little change, a whole host of good news for you but I shall start by wishing all my dedicated readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Whatever you’re planning to do over your holidays - make sure to spend it drunk.

First of all we should start with the frankly shocking end to the last XTV of the year. I imagine that if you’d put money on ANGEL walking out with the Triple Crown championship you would’ve a) been laughed at by the bookie, and b) now not reading this as you spend Christmas on your own island. That’s right, you read it right, the prophecy that I reported last time – that of a ‘shake up in TWOstars’ – is more than coming true. I’m intrigued if I’m honest. ANGEL is a very capable woman, but it will be interesting to see how the bookers decide to present her against much larger male talent. Don’t be too surprised if the reign is getting inducted into the wrestlecrap Hall of Shame next year...
However I imagine it’s going to be a very happy Christmas in the Cage household this year.

In other female news, former Women’s champ Cari-Dee has passed her driving test. People have said that a surprise party was thrown for her after she succeeded with posters all over declaring “19th time’s a charm” – the self-proclaimed ‘ditzy driver’ is very proud and plans on spending as much of the fortnight off in a car as possible. What a silly idea, there will be plenty time for that once she’s back on the road...
Congratulations to her though, and hopefully she’s very careful with the bad weather!!

In case you’re wondering, the man who played Santa Clause for the Christopher Eagles beat down was none other than former New Blood member Ashton Butcher. On the same sort of topic, I’m sure there were people very happy to see Iagan pop up this week. Apparently TWOstars has discussed a few more appearances for the madman – although don’t expect him to be headlining PPVs anytime soon.

TWOstars has signed a new young man who’s down in the training – I’ve heard rumblings that there might be big plans for him off the bat if he continues to show the potential that he has so far...

Although I’m sure there were those of you who were hoping to have seen the back of Professor McKellen forever, I’ve got bad news. He was taken off screen to attend to a much more pressing matter – that of his real life wedding to his long time girlfriend – but is expected to return after the honeymoon and the initial settling in period. The couple are said to have had a wonderful day - with Jenny McKellen serving as a bridesmaid even though the two aren’t related outside of the TWOstars Universe.
Congratulations to the happy couple and I wish them many happy tomorrows.

I’ve heard a story that the Tag Team Dream special that had been planned for Christmas is being postponed with the imminent return of Randy Roko. People in the back thought it would only be fair to include the Immortal Highlanders in the event as they were incredibly popular during a period where the tag division was non-existent in the company.

You may have seen on the XTV an advert for a competition – claiming to be putting a spot in the Battle Royale up for grabs. Well I’ve been online and investigated and this open-door invitation has quite a few catches linked to it. There is a strenuous online application form that you have to fill out, with video footage a necessary attachment, AND contact details for your trainers. There’s also an important point that live auditions will be a necessary part of the decision period and on top of all that the closing date is the thirty-first of December. That’s right – TWOstars has decided to put out a competition with just over a week to apply and then made it nearly as difficult to get into as Guantanamo was to get out.
Good luck to any of you who think you’re up for it – personally, I’m betting on another Boyo return...

My last piece of news is one which might terrify the entire readership to its very core – but my sources (and let me tell you I double-checked them) are saying that this TV title reign is being used to test Eagles before pushing him towards the main event.
Chris Eagles as Triple Crown champ by the end of 2011?
By the sounds of it – this isn’t out of the question.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

23-12-2010, 07:59 AM
Pffft... they'll make a woman Triple Crown Champion before they think of giving it to Eagles. :lol


23-12-2010, 09:36 AM
Damn. I forgot to ask JJ to add a story in...

03-03-2011, 04:23 PM

Deadman, since winning the Triple Crown championships, has been on a non-stop media-fest in between shows. He keeps popping up on all sorts of chat shows at all times of the day. Credit to him, at least he's taking his responsibilities seriously and is using all the connections he's made over the years for good. Every single appearance he's sure to hype that Unification match at WrestleNova VII - looks like this is going to be a big deal.

There are rumours that the Rock's recent return to WWE happened after stories got out that TWOstars were looking to seal a short-return from their first ever World Heavywieght champion, Acid Christ. Still to this day, AC's popularity is there and I imagine it would've created an incredible buzz if they'd been able to come to an agreement - unfortunately deals broke down after his BR appearance. However this kick might end up profiting WWE, as Rock is getting a lot of attention himself - I'm sure Vince will be happy to thank Darkstar and co. for the profit.

Continuing on about unfortunate events - there have been long arguments in the back over Edward Samson being stripped of the traditional WrestleNova main event spot. People worry that it is going to devalue next year's winner, but Darkstar is having none of it - at the moment his entire attitude is "time to do, not to talk!" and it's apparently frustrating a lot of people.

El Hija de la Estrellas recently joined the TWOstars' women s division. El Hija had been an underused talent in an all female Mexican wrestling promotion but was recommended to the TWOstars' women's division by none other than Paul Heyman. Heyman was doing a meet and greet ahead of some meetings with arena owners and stopped in to see a show and found El Hija working two different matches, one masked and the other not and playing both face and heel.

Jenny McKellen should have been on her way back home to Oxford but due to a mass out pouring of love for the Flying Fox online a new running deal has been agreed. The terms are not known in detail but it's believed to run on a monthly basis which suits Jenny as she been trying to start up her own fitness centre back home which doesn't require her day to day input at the moment but should that change then she would be able to go back quickly if needed.

The partnership of Barry Gower and Brice Perrino apparently came after the King of the Mountain complained to creativity about his unhappiness over his direction since returning. Stories say they stuck him with Perrino to embarrass and make an example out of him, but it seems to have backfired slightly. The training skits have been getting rave reviews and many others in the back have been very won over with Barry's attitude towards the entire programme.

Randy Roko's heel turn shocked us all - but apparently it was 'inevitable'. I have heard that the idea was being thrown about as long back as before Randy left the company, and with him missing out on the Battle Royale title shot that was set for him, the bookers decided why not. It's nice to see that the big-wigs seem to still have big plans for Randy and are ready to let him sink or swim on his own.

Early last week you'll never guess who was arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour. No, not Lucian Jones or Kyle Gilmore, and not even Evil Gringo or The Chav... no, it was Jimmy Tsunami. The young man, after the dedication night to Gringo, went out and got far, far too drunk and ended up throwing stones at police officers when they were called in to escort him from a bar. The crazy kid was let go the next morning with a stiff warning that it better not happen again, and may be linked to his jobbing to Roko during XTV this week...

Source: Mave Deltzer.

09-03-2011, 03:06 PM

This week we saw an interview take place with Deadman where he made some rather cutting edge comments about Johnny Rockefeller. Apparently TWOstars are running the series of interviews to try and create an aura like Deadman’s genuine (but not really) “Voice of DM” messages that broke out years ago when the feud between Ex-Rev and TWOstars was at its most heated. Whether it works or not, I’m sure it’s going to be very entertaining to hear what the legend has to say…

Christopher Ryan Eagles lost the Television title this week, once again. Bookers made the decision because the team of B&B (not bed and breakfast) seems to be gaining a lot of popularity, and everyone knows Gower is more than able to carry anyone to a decent match.

TWOstars is looking into starting a massive advertisement campaign to get as much exposure for WrestleNova as possible – they are pulling out all the stops as WWE continues to do the same.

I’ve heard rumours, already, about next year’s Hall of Fame…

Roster numbers might be dipping again, although I’ve not been let into who specifically might be disappearing. Hopefully, whatever it is, the whole thing can be held off until at least ‘Nova.

If you were watching CSI: New York carefully this week, you might have noticed none other than former Quadruple champion Craig Van Dam popping up. He’s a fan of all the CSI series – even the British one – and was able to score a bit part… as an already dead corpse. Apparently he was thrilled though and only got happier when told how much fake blood he was going to get covered in (and the ‘cut off hand’ effect was only a bonus). Good to see the ex-champ having fun, although don’t expect him to flee for Hollywood now.

Jason Bell is officially gone from the company. The reason being given is “we had nothing for him”, but since he just started an entire new persona I would be willing to bet that there might be something a bit more suspect going on. Although it’s not certain, or fact yet, but apparently Portia might be following her real life boyfriend out the door…

Apparently things got quite heated when Lucian L. Jones and Angus McDonald started arguing about who was the better man. Of course, as is to be expected, it wasn’t a tough man contest and was rather over their skills at ping pong… if the guys get their way then they’re going to try and organize a roster-wide tournament. If this comes about, I’ll be sure to let you know the results…

Source: Mave Deltzer.

21-04-2011, 11:10 AM

With the recent success of "Z! True Long Island Story" - Zack Ryder's youtube show - TWOstars are looking at capitalising on the character with somebody of their own. Sounds like it could be fun...

The video we saw two weeks on XTV may have had a comedy twist, the injury that Christopher Ryan Eagles talked about was completely legitimate. He injured himself, as a lot of people noticed, during the match at Night of Legends and isn't going to be back for quite some time. He's apparently happy about the break, ready to spend some time with his family and finally get off the road. The last break he took saw him return in top form, so hopefully this can repeat itself whenever we finally see him back.

Last issue I talked about arguments between Angus and Lucian over ping-pong skills and the possibility of a tournament taking place. Well, over the weekend of Night of Legends, it happened with some surprising results. Lucian was, in a shock result, sent out in the first round by Jenny McKellen. The tough-woman got to the finals to finally be beaten by out-of-nowhere underdog Steve Austin, better known to you and I as Work-Experience Boy.
Apparently Lucian and Angus were gracious in defeat and celebrated by pouring beer all over WEB.

There has been quite a bit of heat backstage on Edward Samson - apparently the wrestler is getting a lot of flak over his face turn with it being called a "failure"... interesting times...

The story that's starting to develop in the Women's division is apparently being left in the lady's hands. The story is going that Pink and Purple have no idea what their respective trainers have in mind for them over the coming weeks... and I don't know whether that gets me more excited or leaves me worried.

The rumours that Matt Denton's new direction of moaning about being overlooked all the time is a covered-up nod at certain wrestler's attitudes backstage is untrue says a source... hmm...

Portia Ferrara's beating at the hands of The Chav had brought a sackload of complaints to the mail room of TWOstars. However the buzz online is that people were simply waiting for something to happen to Portia after Jason Bell left the company and so the core audience was fairly unphased by it all. More than one source has commented that Portia herself became a nightmare to work with after her "partner" Jason Bell was fired but that she is already negotiating with Shimmer and other promotions about immediately returning to the ring.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

30-04-2011, 11:19 AM

Keegan - of Guerilla Radio fame - is getting day in and day out messages asking if he's going to respond to the Chav's challenges. So far the radio star is playing it down, and saying that he is aware that Chav has been calling him out but isn't going to be dragged into it...
Reports are saying that the twitter campaign to "Get Keegan To WrestleNova" is getting a lot of interest and was actually trending earlier this week.
I can't wait to see how this plays out.

We've got some very happy news from outside the company - the first ever Triple Crown champ has a new title that he's even prouder of and that is "fiancée". That's right, I'm very happy to announce that everyone's favourite 21st century hippy, Twiggie, is engaged to be married. He broke the news only yesterday but everybody has been very positive and sent a lot of well wishes; he joked that he's "just worried one of his crazy ex's will turn up at the service".
Congratulations from all of us at the Dirt Sheet!

We're about halfway to WrestleNova and apparently the general feeling in the locker room is positive. Personally I'm very happy to see a lot of angles developing nicely and think there's a lot of potential over the last few weeks - a specific nod to Deadman who seems to be throwing absolutely everything he's got into selling this show, and rightfully so.

TWOstars have been scouting a new wrestler to join the ranks. All I'll say is that he's very different from anything they have on the roster right now.

Spoilers have leaked through that the main event to the next PPV is going to be an Elimination Chamber... but apparently it's not going to be as simple as it might first appear. Let's just hope we don't end up with another "Extreme Elimination Chamber" :eek.

Keep an eye on Logan Saint - the company apparently have big plans for her. She's been winning people over in the back with various magic tricks that she knows which is nice to hear - especially since the wrestling locker room can be such an unfriendly place.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

11-05-2011, 10:29 AM

The big story this week is that the fireball which was used by Logan Saint to set Jenny McKellen 'on fire' may have done more damage than was intended. Apparently some of her hair caught fire - although was quickly put out by the medics on scene - and there may be some slight burns to her face. She hasn't left the hospital since the day of the event, but sources say is in good spirits and is pushing to be released in time for the next show.
Let's just say that creative are examining exactly how to fit this in to the feud...

The fan that nearly got beaten up this week by Randy Roko is an independent wrestler from Virginia. TWOstars contacted a local wrestling school and asked for anybody wanting a chance and, unsurprisingly, there were volunteers to spare. I just hope the kid who won doesn't think this is going to lead to a full time contract - the company will see the free ticket as reward enough.

Talking about disappointment - Reno Taylor has been making a lot of snide comments about being called up to compete in a TV title match before being dropped to 'punch dummy'. For those who don't know, Reno has been a long running main eventer down at the training academy so is probably feeling frustrated at being messed around like this. The kid's attitude is well known to people in the back, and apparently is one of the reasons he's not been brought up full time yet.

The music that was used during the Purple/La Hija montage might have sounded familiar to a certain boxing movie theme but I can tell you it wasn't. When the company contacted the distributors of the Rocky films, TWOstars were told no a thousand times unless they were willing to pay a "ridiculous sum of money". This led to a familiar wink-wink version written by one of the leading forces behind many of TWOstars' themes.

The Boyo doll that was used this week was a rather clever bit of marketing by the company - it is one of ten "Hall of Fame" action figures that are being released. The others, unsurprisingly, are Jimmy Redman, Mitchell Jones, Acid Christ, Brett Banner, Retromark, The Incredible Holt, Twiggie, Sickness and Evil Gringo and each comes with a replica Hall of Fame trophy.

Christopher Ryan Eagles is due to be part of a Dave Lagana podcast this week talking about his time in the business, his on/off relationship with TWOstars and his real life friendship with Craig Van Dam. It's going to be two parts - spanning close to four hours - but this is a guy who has been on the road a long time and seen a lot of things. I'd highly recommend listening to it if you can spare the time.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

13-07-2011, 07:55 PM

The biggest news story of the week, and indeed of quite some time, is the sad passing away of Barry Gower. The former TWOStars champion was diagnosed a matter of weeks ago with a brain tumour. That week Barry dropped the Television Title to Evil Gringo in order to take time away for treatment. Unfortunatly the treatment failed and Gower passed on two days ago.

The Dirt Sheet sends our best wishes to the family. A collection is being made for the family of Mr Gower to support them as best we can. If you wish to donate please do so at www.pleaserememberthisisonlyadirtsheetstorythereal gowerisstillaliveontwo.com

At the ending of the last episode of XTV the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that Angus McDonald was in fact a stand-in. Angus had been constantly late for shows, when he bothered to turn up, and rude to many members of arena staff. The final straw came when Angus swore live on childrens TV. Darkstar sacked the Scotsman on the spot and drafted a local wrestler to portray the beaten and bloodied Angus.

Angus isnt the only TWOStars roster member to leave. Recently we have also seen the last of Edward Samson. The masked giant was burnt out from the hectic schedual that included booking duties as well as in ring work. The split from TWOStars was amicable and he knows there is always a job open for him should he wish to return.

On a posititve note TWOStars have recently promoted Cari Dee. The petite Welsh woman has signed a new contract that includes not only in ring work (and a promise of a push in the male divisions) but also Talent Relations, training and with the potential to become a trainee booker.

The current storyline involving the end of the TWOStars womens division is based entirely around fact. Multiple groups have complained about the way that women have been portrayed in pro wrestling as a whole. Darkstar took the decision to merge the two rosters into a single one where everybody would be treated equally regardless of their gender. Many of the women are unhappy about this, but it is known that Cari Dee is very excited about going up against new opponents.

Chris Eagles is currently popular with certain members of the backstage crew, many suspect he is currying favour in an attempt to get a new push. His recent teaming with CVD as part of Team Million is certainly a good way forwards if this is the case.

A new talent has been spotted in MMA, Darkstar is said to be quite keen to sign the multi year MMA pro, but we have yet to see if this deal can go ahead, or even if he is able to make the change.

And finally reports have emerged saying that Draven Cage has bought a small vineyard with the aim of making his own braded wine.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

31-07-2011, 02:19 PM

News first from the end of the womens divison. As was allouded to on the show there are still questions marks over where some of the former female stars will be ended up but The Dirt Sheet has been able to uncover where th future of several of the women lies.

Stormclous Chihiro is going back to the land of the rising sun where she's be signed up for several movie deals remaking well known anime/manga series. Her partner Miss Sunshine is returning to her home in Alabama to begin a career in the country music scene. Miss D Meanor has signed up with Shimmer for the immediate future.

Pink and Purple have kept a low profile after MSND but there are rumours that both girls are signing up for a new MTV reality series following them post-wrestling. Logan Saint is also expected to return to TV after what was a slightly dissapointing run in the company. She scored highly for brand recognition but the audience felt she was a "wrestler" and so didn't take to her.

Portia's appearance was a one off and as many pointed out she'd be quite aggressively written out a few monthes back. Expect her to also be appearing in the likes of Shimmer and possibly TNA in future.

Apparently Lindy Roses Playboy cover isn't a work. Playboy are toying with the idea of release "niche fetish" related magazines from time to time and this will be the first experiment in that direction. Rumour has this could be the first black sleeved edition of the veteran publication.

Two girls who definitely aren't leaving are Cari-Dee and Angel, both relatively unsurprising. Whilst Cari will continue in the ring there is talk of Angel returning to her role as a manager/valet after the strong showing of Brice Perrino recently.

Jenny McKellen is apparently in negotiations with several companies including potentially entering mixed martial arts which has been a major passion of hers for a long time. Our spotters recently saw her training in a gym with Christine "cyborg" Santos. Alexis Chang is also expected to make the move to MMA given her sheer size and power.

La Hija De Estrelles is returning to Mexico. Apparently homesickness is a factor here and she has family in Mexico and can now negotiate a contract that allows her more home time now she;s broken the US market.

The global financial crisis is still biting and TWOStars has not been unaffected. There has been a lot of talok about seriously reducing the road time of the company to save thousands of dollars. there's also talk of changing contracts so that superstars reduce their workload and also aren't retained on very long expensive contracts. Expect to see more "part time" stars coming in for shorter stints or droppingn in and out of angles as they are needed.

The Chav has opened his own wrestling school. Whilst there is no official ties to TWOStars it's expected that the ring veteran will have a good chance to get his students a shot at a TV deal. again this helps relieve the workload for the exisiting training academy where we've heard that both Robert Heard and Edward Samson have recently be relieved of their extra roles to save some cash.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

29-09-2011, 12:42 PM

MASSIVE NEWS!! It has only just come to my attention that during the build up to this months PPV the Board of Directors at TWOstars have approved an agreement to sell of a controlling stake in the company to an as yet unidentified 3rd party. Arron Winter has sold his complete set of shares in the company as he looks to move out of the wrestling business and into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The other shares appear to have come in part from various board members wishing to cash in whilst the going is good and the rest coming from various private sales of stock gifted to current and former talent as part of various contract and severance negotiations.

Darkstar is said to be pleased to be taking less of a hands on role with the company and concentrate on various projects he has lined up. There is no word currently if he will stay on with his on screen GM role or whether he will step aside to allow the new stock holder to make their mark on the product.

All wrestlers were sent both an email and written memo stating their contracts will be up held, that their are no changes financially to the company itself and that any one who wishes to leave the company would be allowed to without incurring the standard 90 day release clause. This could either be hard ball from the new owners or a clause from one of the departing board members to protect the careers of the wrestlers they have built up.

No news yet on anyone taking up the offer to leave but one departure that is certain is Waylon McDade who sadly was primed for his debut recently but suffered a ruptured ACL during a training incident. The initial prognosis is that McDade will be sidelined for a minimum of a year and that possibly he will never be able to wrestle again.

TWOstars Training Academy was recently sold back to Fill. The former world champion had a clause in his contract to buy out the lease on the academy and he has done so. The academy will continue to run with the same staff as always but simply the students are no longer fast tracked directly to TWOstars and can join any promotion who takes an interest.

We hear strong rumours that Cari-Dee may be pregnant. Cari has always been reticent to reveal anything of her off screen love life but she has been spotted stood in front of several Mothercare stores looking dewy eyed at baby grows and prams.

Draven Cage and Angel are off on a second honeymoon but the notoriously tight Scotsman apparently booked them economy class to Benidorm which apparently wasn't exactly what the Red Headed Vixen was hoping for. Sickness requested they bring him back a donkey.

TWOStars recently hired it's first professional video production team. Previously all video and graphics was being handled by an outsourced art team but in an effort to avoid extra expense a young hungry team has been hired in an attempt to internalise as many processes as possible.

Source: Mave Deltzer.

21-08-2012, 02:33 PM

The reason for Kyle Gilmore's unexpected absence at last nights show was that he was attending the birth of his latest child. Calias Marvel Irene Gilmore was born at 9:11 pm weighing 6 lbs 5 oz. Twitter has been abuzz with congratulations from all corners of the wrestling industry wishing Gilmore all the best after over-coming some personal difficulties during TWOstars brief hiaturs from our screens.

Word is that the reason last nights show ran so short was that a lot of the athletes were nursing injuries after going hell for leather at MSND. It is worth noting that Randy Roko, Famous and Bryan Dammage all worked last night despite taking so very hard knocks. Famous especially is known to have partially dislocated his shoulder after taking his bump from the turn-buckle to the floor.

Twostars has been on a spree signing up a lot of unsigned talent to boost their ranks. Expect to see a fair few débutantes in the coming weeks to strengthen the roster of TWOstars veterans.

Finally a dirt sheet would not be complete with finding out what Chris Eagles did this week but thankfully TWOstars longest serving wrestler was not out raising hell and instead was seen leading an outing of kids to Disneyland as part of the Make A Wish Foundation. Eagles is said to spend large amounts of time for the foundation and management are happy to have him bring the company good press with his good work even if it is not strictly in character