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04-01-2008, 08:49 AM
Fed Details.

TWO-Superstars (shortened to TWOStars) is a federation where the emphasis is on match writing skill and promotional ability, we are open to all orignal character male and female.

There are 4 senior members of staff who deal with booking and organisational issues; Omega, Andrew, JobberJoe and Darkstar.

Currently JobberJoe holds the position of Head Booker and is in charge of the Triple Crown and Television championship. Andrew is looking after the ERE title and Omega is running the Women's Division. Darkstar continues to overlook everything within the fed and is there to sort out any major issues that occur.

We have 4 titles at the moment; the TWOStars Triple Crown which is our main title and the ERE title, The TV and Women's title.

Each week there will be a Booking and Creative thread where the card for the coming week will be posted. From there you can ask to take a match, ask people to collaborate with you or simply give feedback to those who have written matches or promo's.

We encourage everyone, no matter how long they have been with us, to give feedback. It's an important part of writing to be given feedback by your peers.

Our Kayfabe TV crew consist:

Good ol' JR and Paul Heyman as commentators.
Tood Grisham, Josh Matthews and Christy Hemme as backstage interviewers.
If you have a specific staff member you wish to use then that is fine.
We have a selection of jobbers which you can punk out and beat up backstage, a list of ex-members who act as road agents who aren't there to be beaten up but can be used in skits etc.
Referees are by match writers choice unless specified by booking.

The show in Kayfabe is shown on a Friday with PPV's appearing to happen on the following Sunday.

Darkstar is the kayfabe GM in the meantime. Speak to DS about characterisation of the Darkstar and use him to announce matches or build feuds.



Creative thread will be posted containing the week's card.


Show Start will be posted.
The writer of this is decided in the booking & creative thread and is open to pretty much anybody on the roster. It is positively looked upon if you take a show start and are relatively new - it's an incredibly important part of the show as it sets the feeling for the entire evening.


Show time! Post matches on the days stated in the creative thread and post promos at any time. Please do your very best to use common sense and space the promos out over the show, so that we're not left with a billion backstage skits and one match followed by another hundred skits. If it can wait until later on, then please do that.

No shows and late matches will result in action being taken, we try to make it fun but there's got to be some rules!


Once a month (or so) there will be a PPV which will be posted on a Wednesday. Matches are to be with us by no later than the Sunday night before the PPV to allow us to put the show together and sort out formatting issue etc.

All matches MUST be submitted in a format that opens in microsoft word or at the very very outside in notepad.

You are responsible for all bold tags, colour tags and image links. If you make it red in word it will be black and white on the PPV unless it has the [[color]] tags in it...

How do you Progress?

The fed works by our writers writing promotional pieces and by writing full matches each week. The bookers decide on feuds and angles for writers but the emphasis on shaping those plans is in your hands. Those who regularly post great matches and promos as well as chip in with good ideas and helps out with writing other peoples matches will be at the top of pile when it comes to title shots. Those who regularly fail to take matches, write promo's, post late or not at all will obviously not be considered for top roles and will assume the role of enhancement talent, you have been warned!

Title shots are not given out lightly, if you get a PPV shot then consider it pat on the back for your work whether you win or not. If you seem to be jobbing to other writers don't automatically assume that means we don't rate you, it can just be a case of you being up against a higher card writer. Just because Shelton Benjamin has talent doesn't mean he'll be beating HBK!

Useful Links.

Training Board - www.twostars.proboards30.com - This is where you post your initial profile and go through our training process to get you used to how we work

Profile Site - http://ewrestling.wikia.com/wiki/TWOStars - This is where tyou can post your finished profile. You must have a full copy of your profile up before we will include you in any match booking. If you find creating your basic profile difficult please ask in the appropriate thread for help.

[email protected] - Email address to send your PPV matches to.

The 3 Strike Rule

If a roster member messes up severely (the reasons can be varied so there's no point in setting out a list - extended absence of posting, missing matches, going against booking, etc. etc.) and the booking team feel it necessary, we will serve them with a "strike".

Each strike will be judged on an individual basis depending on the conditions of the 'crime', and a majority in the booking team must agree with it (one will raise the desire for a strike and 2 out of the remaining 3 must give it the okay).

One of us, probably me, will PM you personally to let you know that you've been given the strike and explain why it happened.
Strikes are only the business of yourself and the booking team.

If you get three strikes then it has been decided that you will be asked to leave the fed, and it will down to the booking team to write out your character.

This may seem harsh but trust me the strikes are a last resort and will not be used lightly - and we cannot continue to let people just fall in and out of the fed as they wish.

If you receive a strike and then shape up, it is possible for it to be erased at a later date - in which case, again, a member of the booking team will let you know that you've got a clean slate.

Obviously, as with everything, good reasons will be accepted and that's why we have to take the strikes on a case-by-case basis.