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The Shadow
16-08-2002, 04:16 PM
Welcome to Behind The Curtain, a look behind the scenes at TWO Superstars, this regular feature will bring you news and rumours from TWO Superstars.

Management have been very impressed with the performances of Acid Christ, he may be slightly insane but huge things are predicted for him in TWO Superstars.

Great dubut from Andy last week on Raw, I for one am looking forward to the former Man Beast Rhynos feud with the impressive AJ Styles.

Will we see any more from Deadman in TWO Superstars, he has a very colourfull history with both KJ and Pabster, and would certainly bring something extra to TWO, the question is though will he bring any of the stars of his own fedreation with him?

Jerichoholic and The Crippler have a lot of history between them, I for one am not surprised this has blown up again here in TWO Superstars, this situation could get very ugly very soon.

Now that Latino Reheat is officially back, will KJ be tempted out of retirement to try and rid his federation of the man who likes to be called "Inferno", one things for sure KJ would love to get his hands on Latino but would his back hold up?

As we head into RessureXtion, the only question is just who will be picked for the Tournament? With Pabster already in there, he must fancy his chances if he gets a good draw.

Nicole has been impressive in the womens division, a womens championship will be introduced after RessureXtion, so Nicole will be needing some competition.

Speaking of new championships, plans are underway to introduce a secondary championship to TWO Superstars within two months.

Finally, the first two weeks of TWO Superstars have been a success, hopefully the good work can be continued and tis organisation can be taken to the next level.

I'll see you next time for Behind The Curtain.

The Shadow.