Well this is exactly what it says on the tin... the US Forum. Your US Scene Forum Leaders are Jimmy Redman and dsrchris. In addition TPIB, G2G, John Hancock and Paul will oversee its running. The forum is basically here for you to talk about anything to do with the US wrestling scene, past, present and future, whether it be WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, NWA, RoH or anything else for that matter (Canadian promotions included too). This is basically here just as a guide so you all know the deal. If you don't read it and break a rule, you only have yourself to blame.


TWO operates a simple 2 day spoiler rule - no spoilers are allowed outside the official show discussion threads (unless clearly marked without any spoilers in the title!) on the forum until 2 days after the show has aired in the UK.

I.e Instead of having "Santino wins WHC", put "WHC spoilers from (show x)

Here's the above made simpler...

Air Date Monday night/Tuesday morning
Spoilers until Wednesday night

WWE Smackdown
Air Date Friday night
Spoilers until Sunday night

TNA Impact (Now on Challenge TV)
Air Date Sunday night
Spoilers until Tuesday night

Air Date Sunday night / Monday morning
Spoilers until Tuesday night

Air Date Wednesday night
Spoilers until Friday night

The "until day" means than any spoilers before this day must be clearly marked/tagged

If you break this rule, expect infraction points (which are explained later on)

RAW/SmackDown/NXT/TNA Impact/Pay Per View Threads

There will be Official threads to discuss that weeks RAW, SmackDown, NXT and TNA Impact on the forum, please keep basic discussion about the shows in that specific thread.

Please CLICK HERE to read and make note of an announcement concerning Official Threads

Prediction League

The Prediction League is held every PPV. Basically, you...predict. The person who predicts the most results right will win, and over the year, the points will pile up. There are 3 seasons per year, the forum member with the highest score each season wins a 20 gift voucher for an online store.

Deleted/Closed/Moved Threads

If your thread has been deleted, then most likely it was of no use to our forum, was pointless and verging on spam, or has already been done in the not-so-distant past.

If a thread is closed, it will be because the thread has spiralled out of control with flaming or spam, can go no further or already exists. Usually a reason will be posted as to why it was closed.

If your thread was moved, it will be because it belonged in another forum, and not this one. But most likely, a redirection link will be left so you can still access it from here.

Hotlinking to images on WWE.com and WWE owned websites

Effective immediately, there is a zero tolerance policy on anyone who posts a picture directly from WWE.com or other WWE owned websites - by this, I mean using the picture whilst hosted on WWE.com or other WWE owned websites instead of from another source. This not only drains WWE's resources but can lead back to us, which doesn't make us look very good.

In future, save any pictures you wish to use, and upload them at http://www.imageshack.us or search Google from "free image hosting"

Note that this doesn't mean we've prohibited linking to WWE's site. What it means is that you can't post images from WWE's websites without hosting them onto your own space first. Images linked to WWE's websites take up WWE's bandwidth, which they pay for. When they crack down on people image leeching, that's when relationships get nasty. We don't want our relationship with WWE to get nasty.

Linking to the site is fine. Even posting a link to the URL of the imagine would be OK, for instance http://www.wwe.com/raw/cena.jpg wouldn't make hundreds/thousands of TWO users download the picture to their PC from WWE, so it's not stealing bandwidth. If you were to put a link to a WWE picture in Image tags, that's when the rules are being broken.

This is not an idle threat. Be warned.

Breaking Rules

These are the forum rules: http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum-rules.php

Breaking them will result in either a warning or an infraction. Warnings will be issued for "first time offenders" Further offending will result in an infraction

As of 25th September 2006 a new infraction system has been implemented. (Click the link to find out more)

One rule we're strong on in here is flaming of people's opinions. No matter who you are, whether me, mods of another forum, or regular posters, we emphasise that everyone's opinion is valid, as long as it is presented in an understandable manor. No one is an idiot for liking Hulk Hogan. No one is an uneducated pr*ck for thinking RAW is the better brand over SmackDown. Threads will be closed and warnings issued to anyone in violation of this. We're serious. Challenge an opinion, but don't knock it unless totally necessary. Do debate, don't berate.

Useful Links


www.wrestlezone.com (ditto)

Well that's it.

With that in mind, get posting, and enjoy